Bridal Shower Host Etiquette: The Answers to All Your Bridal Shower Hosting Questions Answered.

Bridal shower host etiquette

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Hosting a bridal shower and feeling overwhelmed?  You’ve got so many questions but no answers. Questions from who hosts a bridal shower to who should be invited. Hey, you need not worry about these bridal shower hosting questions because we’ve got answers.

Read on to discover bridal shower host etiquette that will help you throw a memorable bridal shower party!

Bridal Shower Host Etiquette – Answers to Your Hosting Questions

Who hosts a bridal shower?

The bridal shower is usually hosted by the maid of honor, bridesmaids or a relative of the bride. If the bridal shower isn’t being hosted by a relative of the bride the maid of honor or bridesmaid can host one.

If the maid of honor decides to host the bridal shower she might ask the bridesmaids to co-host and the bridesmaid have a right to accept or decline.

No matter who is hosting the bridal shower be sure to communicate so you don’t end up planning two separate bridal showers.

Who pays for the bridal shower?

The person hosting the bridal shower is responsible for paying for the bridal shower.

If the bridesmaid are co-hosting the shower, the cost should be split between the bridesmaids. Bridal showers differ from bachelorette parties in terms of those responsible for paying for the shower.

For a bachelorette party each attendee pays her own way at the party.

When should the bridal shower be held?

The bridal shower is usually held between three months and two weeks before the wedding.

Make sure to consult with the bride and the guests to choose a date that is convenient for both the bride and the guests.

Where should you hold the bridal shower?

Bridal showers are most often held at the home of the host. They can also be held at a hotel, park restaurant or somewhere more specific if the shower has a theme or anywhere you like.

Should the shower be a surprise?

The date and time of the bridal shower should be communicated to the bride.

The guest list can also be obtained from the bride but the bride should be kept out of the rest of the planning.

Who should be invited to the bridal shower?

The guest list should be limited to those invited for the wedding.

The maid of honor and mother of the bride can come up with a guest list or you can ask the bride for a list of guests she would like to invite. The bride should be kept out of the rest of the planning.

What should you do at a bridal shower?

Usually a bridal shower follows this outline; Food and drinks, play games and the bride opening her gifts. Some people choose to have an activity-oriented shower such as a spa day, crafting class etc.

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Should the bridal shower have a theme?

This decision is totally up to you. You can decide to either have a themed shower or not.

Can you have more than one shower?

Yes you can have more than one shower so far the guest list doesn’t overlap with the exceptions of your direct relatives and bridesmaids.

If multiple people offer to throw a bridal shower for you, you can accept so far the people are from different spheres of your life so the guest lists doesn’t overlap.

Can I throw a co-ed shower?

Yes you can throw a co-ed shower but this decision should be made by the bride and groom.

Can the groom come to the shower if it’s not co-ed?

Usually the groom should not attend the bridal shower if it’s not co-ed. It is now becoming a trend for the groom to make an appearance at the end of the shower bringing the bride flowers and saying Hi personally to all the guests.

These bridal shower host etiquette will help you throw the perfect bridal shower for the bride-to-be. Whatever you decide to do make sure you plan a party that interests the bride because the bridal shower is all about the bride.

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  1. Mona Fields

    What kind of gift is appropriate to give the maid of honor for hosting a bridal shower or a party?

    1. Bunmi

      Hi Ms. Fields.
      There are many gifts you can give the Maid of Honor for hosting the bridal shower depending on your budget. Gift ideas you can give range from Gift box with wine and wine glass, scented candles, kitchen equipment, flower vase. You can even decide to bake cookies/cake if you like baking and send it to her with handwritten note letting her know how much you appreciate her planning the party. No matter the size or price of the gift you decide to get her do not forget to let her know how much you appreciate her planning the party.

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