Bridal Shower Planning Checklist

Bridal shower checklist

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Your gal is getting married and you are thinking of hosting a bridal shower for her. But you don’t know where to begin or even how to begin? No worries, we’ve got you covered.

We’ve made bridal shower planning very easy with our step-by-step bridal shower checklist with timeline which breaks down all the steps to throwing a fun and memorable shower party.

Bridal Shower Planning Checklist: 3 Months Before

Bridal shower planning, get together with the bride.

Consult the bride for her expectations and wishes for the bridal shower:

The bridal shower is all about celebrating the bride and therefore has to suit the bride’s taste. Consult the bride about the type of bridal shower she would love to have.

Compile a guest list with the bride and gather addresses: 

Ask the bride for list of guest’s she would love to have at the party and their addresses. Remember not to invite people who won’t be invited to the wedding to the bridal shower

Choose a date and time, make sure VIP guests are available:

Choose a date and time that would work for all guests including out-of-town guests.

Gather bridal shower ideas, decide theme:

Although bridal showers don’t have to have a theme if you decide to have a theme choose a bridal shower theme that goes with the bride’s personality and start gathering ideas for decor, food, games etc.

Set budget:

Set budget for the bridal shower party. The budget would inform the decisions you make concerning all the aspects of the bridal shower.

Choose and reserve venue:

Choose a venue that best suits the bride’s taste and that will work with your theme and budget. The shower can be held at your backyard, at an outdoor location etc.

Design or order invitations:

Design and order invites for the shower. If you have a theme, the invitation can tie with your theme.

Bridal Shower Planning Checklist: 6 – 8 Weeks Before

Table arrangements

If co-hosting the shower, meet and assign tasks:

If you are co-hosting the shower, meet with co-hosts and assign tasks to each person

Plan the menu, book now if using a caterer:

Plan bridal shower menu, the menu depends on the time the bridal shower holds, if the bridal shower is a brunch, luncheon or dinner. Book menu if using a caterer.

Plan decor, centerpieces and favors:

Plan the decor, centerpieces and favor. These have to go with the shower theme.

Plan the activities and games, hire entertainment if desired:

Make a list of fun shower games, activities and music the guests will enjoy. If you want entertainment this is the time to hire one.

Order cake and other dessert:

This is the time to order cake and desserts so the baker would have enough time to make them.

Email out-of-town guests to let them know dates for travel:

It’s important out-of-town guests get to know dates for travel so they have ample time to prepare.

Order tables, chairs, linens and other rentals:

Order tables, chairs, linens and all rentals needed for the shower.

Bridal Shower Planning Timeline: 1 Month Before

Gift table

Address and send invites:

Address the shower invitations and send out the invites. You can also decide to send Evites instead of physical invites. Give guests enough time to plan for the shower by sending it out early.

Draft an order of activities for the shower:

Include games, food and drinks, music, opening of gifts into the shower activities.

List all needed supplies on the shopping list:

Write out your shopping list.

Purchase decorations, favors, game supplies, prizes and tableware:

Purchase decor, games, tableware, favors. Pick creative games and favors guests will appreciate.

Purchase shower gift and outfit:

Pick creative shower gifts and outfits for the shower.

Bridal Shower Planning Timeline: 1 – 2 Weeks Before

Floral arrangements

If co-hosting, confirm assigned tasks have been completed:

Confirm tasks assigned to co-hosts have been completed.

Share party schedule with co-hosts and other helpers:

Let co-hosts and helpers know about the party schedule

Confirm with venue, catering, rentals and/or entertainment:

Confirm venue, catering, rentals and entertainment are all set.

Request help for shower day duties:

Reach out to bridesmaids for help on shower day and assign duties for shower day

Finalize the party timeline:

Finalize the time of the party, if you want it to be held in the morning, afternoon or evening.

Finish any DIY decor projects:

If you are DIYing any decor, make sure you finish it now as you will get busier as the bridal shower draws nearer

Assemble the party favors:

If the party favors require gift wrapping or assembly, put these together.

Organize party supplies and prepare activity/game materials:

Get all party supplies and game materials ready.

Call guests who did not RSVP:

If you have guests who did not RSVP now is the time to call them and confirm if they will be coming for the shower.

Shop for non-perishable food and drinks:

If you are making your food, shop now for non-perishable food and drinks

Order flowers:

Pick up flowers to avoid stressing over it during the day of the shower.

1 Day Before

bridal shower checklist, arrange table

Prepare any menu items or prep work that can be set up ahead of time:

If you are making the shower food yourself, now is the time to get all menu items

Decorate the venue:

Put up some beautiful decor, if you have a theme let your decor tie with the theme.

Get favors and games prepared:

Put finishing touch to all favors and games

The Day

bridal shower planning checklist

Prepare food and refreshments:

Prepare food and drinks

Arrange tables:

Set tables with centerpieces, flowers etc.

Set out favors:

Put out favors.

Planning a bridal shower has many steps involved, so it’s important to start far in advance to work out all the details.

We encourage starting the planning 3 months before the bridal shower and remember to have fun while at it!

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