Bridal Shower Day – Schedule of Events

Bridal shower day schedule of events

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You have set everything in motion for the perfect bridal shower. You have sent out invitations to bridal shower guests, you’ve bought decorations, favors and games but you don’t know how to plan the bridal shower day schedule of events. You have questions like when should you start the bridal shower games? When should guests start eating? When should the bride start opening her bridal shower gifts? This is where a bridal shower day schedule of events comes in.

The bridal shower order of events help keep the shower organized and make sure that all events are covered and no event is missed. This post will help you create a perfect bridal shower day schedule of events and answer important questions such as what happens at a bridal shower? How long should the bridal shower last?

What Happens at a Bridal Shower?

The bridal shower is a way for the bride’s family and friends to celebrate her and shower her with gifts. Most of the gifts given at the bridal shower comes from a registry created by the couple. Usually a bridal shower follows this outline; Food and drinksplay games and the bride opening her gifts. Some people choose to have an activity-oriented shower such as a spa day, crafting class etc.

How Long Should the Bridal Shower Last?

Bridal showers usually last between two to four hours. Any bridal shower longer than this might make guests get bored and not fully participate in the wedding shower.

Bridal Shower Order of Events

Here is a sample bridal shower order of events you can use when designing your own bridal shower day itinerary.

1:00 pm                       Guests Arrive, Bridal Shower Starts

1:15pm – 1:45pm      Serve Food, Introduce Guests to Each Other

1:45pm -2:30pm        Bridal Shower Games

2:30pm – 2:45 pm      Serve cake or desserts and award prizes to games winners

2:45pm –3:15pm       Toasts to the Bride

3:15pm – 4:00pm     Gift Opening Bride-to-be opens presents (make sure someone keeps a note of the gifts as this list will be required when writing the thank you notes)

4:00pm                      Give out favors to guests as they leave and let them say goodbye to the bride-to-be.

This sample bridal shower agenda is just a guide to help you plan the bridal shower day events. Feel free to adjust it to fit your need. Remember not to make the bridal shower too long so guests don’t lose interest.

Event Day Schedule

Now that we have seen a sample bridal shower schedule, below are the sub-sections that should be included in the event day schedule.

On the day of the bridal shower, it’s important to have a clear schedule of events to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Arrival and Welcome

As guests arrive, they should be greeted with a warm welcome and directed to the appropriate area. The host should have a designated area for guests to place their gifts and any other items they brought with them. This is also a great time to offer guests refreshments and snacks.

Opening Remarks

Once all guests have arrived, the host should give opening remarks to welcome everyone and thank them for attending. This is also a good time to introduce the bride-to-be and any other special guests that are present.

Games and Activities

After the opening remarks, it’s time to start the games and activities. The host should have a few games and activities planned to keep guests entertained throughout the event.

These can include traditional games like bridal bingo or unique activities like a DIY flower crown station.

Black and White bridal shower games

Meal and Refreshments

Depending on the time of day, the host should provide a meal or refreshments for guests. This can be as simple as a light brunch or as elaborate as a full buffet.

It’s important to take dietary restrictions and preferences into account when planning the menu.

Gift Opening

After the games and activities, it’s time for the bride-to-be to open her gifts. The host should have a designated area for the gift opening and ensure that the bride has enough space and time to open each gift and thank the gift-giver.

Closing Remarks

Once all gifts have been opened, the host should give closing remarks to thank everyone for attending and to wish the bride-to-be well. This is also a good time to remind guests to take any leftover refreshments or favors with them.

Having a clear schedule of events for the bridal shower day will help ensure that everything runs smoothly and that guests have a memorable time celebrating the bride-to-be.

Post-Event Activities

After the bridal shower ends, there are a few important tasks that need to be completed. In this section, we will discuss the post-event activities that need to be taken care of.

Gift Management

After the shower, it is recommended to assign someone to help the bride-to-be with the task of managing the gifts she received. The gifts should be sorted, and there should be a record of who gave what, this list should be handed over to the bride-to-be.

This will make it easier for the bride-to-be to write the thank you notes and keep track of the gifts. If there are any duplicate gifts, they can be returned or exchanged.


Cleaning up after the bridal shower is another important task. It is recommended to assign a few people to help with this task. The venue should be left clean, and all the decorations, dishes, and utensils should be put away. If there are any rented items, they should be returned promptly.

Venue Exit

The final post-event activity is to exit the venue. It is essential to make sure that everything is cleaned up and all the items are packed up before leaving. The venue should be left in the same condition as it was before the shower. If there were any damages, they should be reported to the venue manager immediately.

The post-event activities are crucial to ensure that the bridal shower is a success. Managing the gifts, cleaning up, and exiting the venue are essential tasks that need to be taken care of promptly.

Bridal shower feud game

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the typical timeline for a bridal shower?

A bridal shower usually lasts for two to four hours. The exact timeline may vary depending on the host’s preferences, but generally, guests arrive and mingle for the first hour, followed by food and drinks, games, and gift opening.

What are some fun and meaningful activities for a bridal shower?

There are many activities that can make a bridal shower fun and memorable. Some popular options include creating a DIY flower crown station, having a photo booth with fun props, or having a cocktail or wine tasting.

Another fun idea is to have guests write down their favorite recipes and compile them into a cookbook for the bride-to-be.

How many guests should be invited to a bridal shower on average?

The number of guests invited to a bridal shower can vary depending on the bride’s preferences and the host’s budget.

Typically, a bridal shower is an intimate gathering of close friends and family, so the guest list may range from 10 to 30 people.

Who traditionally pays for the bridal shower?

Traditionally, the maid of honor and bridesmaids are responsible for planning and paying for the bridal shower.

However, in modern times, it is not uncommon for other family members or close friends to offer to host or contribute to the cost of the shower.

What are some popular games to play at a bridal shower?

There are many fun games that can be played at a bridal shower, such as “Bridal Bingo,” “He Said, She Said,” or “Guess the Bride’s Age.”

Another popular game is “The Newlywed Game,” where the bride-to-be answers questions about her fiancé, and guests have to guess her answers.

Lemon bridal shower games

What is the suggested arrival time for guests at a bridal shower?

The suggested arrival time for guests at a bridal shower is usually 15 to 30 minutes before the start time. This allows guests to mingle and settle in before the festivities begin.

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