Bridal Shower Ideas

Best bridal shower ideas

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If your loved one is getting married, a way of celebrating and honoring the bride-to-be before the D-day is to throw her a bridal shower.

If you have been tasked with the honor of organizing the bridal shower, do not fret! We are here to help you throw the best bridal shower ever for the bride-to-be.

To help you throw the perfect wedding shower, we have compiled a list of over 140 bridal shower ideas so you are not short on ideas and inspiration for the shower party.

From bridal shower themes to decorations, food, games, favors and more, here’s everything you need to plan the best party, all you have to do is pick a theme the bride-to-be likes, decide on the bridal shower decorations, food, games and favors that will go with it.

We’ve divided the bridal shower ideas into categories to make reading easier. Go ahead and click on any of these links, and you’ll be taken to that specific section.


The first step to planning a bridal shower is choosing a bridal shower theme. A theme will make other aspects of the bridal shower planning process easier as it would help narrow down the choices you have to make when it comes to other bridal shower ideas like food, decorations, favors, games and activities to play at the shower.

All you have to do is choose the decorations, food and activities that go with the theme.

Take a look at the bridal shower themes and pick a theme that goes with the bride-to-be’s personality and are sure she would love

Best bridal shower themes

Nautical Bridal Shower Theme

Nautical bridal shower theme
Nautical Bridal Shower Theme

Nautical bridal shower theme is a popular bridal shower theme and you don’t need to be on a ship or yacht to pull off this wedding shower theme. Build a theme based around water.

Think bridal shower ideas that includes anchors, navy stripes, ships and aquatic animals for decorations. Use navy, gold and white color accents.

Garden Bridal Shower Theme

Does the bride like outdoorsy events? Then consider throwing her a garden bridal shower.

Set up a canopy, transform the canopy by draping with greenery and add beautiful fresh flowers.

Keep the decor colors clean and classy and try to include white in the decor. You can decide to go with a white tent too.

Winter Wonderland Bridal Shower Theme

Throw a winter wonderland bridal shower by using white decorations and throwing in some rustic accents into the decorations.

You can also try setting up your decor like the traditional Christmas decor with the reindeer, pine cones and lights. Set up a tea/coffee and donut bar.

Tea Bridal Shower Theme

This tea bridal shower theme is perfect for the dainty bride. Set up the tea bridal shower decorations with some lace table runners, burlap signs and fresh flowers.

Set up a table with different flavors of teas, scones and sandwiches. Send guests home with tea favors.

Rustic Bridal Shower Theme

Rustic bridal shower theme is becoming more popular by the day. These are the best bridal shower ideas for a rustic bridal shower. Set up the decor using rustic wall decorations, plants, flowers, rustic candle votives, distressed signage and driftwood.

Derby Bridal Shower Theme

Is the bride a southern belle? You can throw a derby party. Get a silver trophy and fill it with the bride’s favorite flowers.

Make mint julep, add the bride’s favorite bourbon brand and make the brides favorite cookies in the shape of a horse.

Travel Bridal Shower Theme

Do you have a bride-to-be who loves to or would love to travel? Take the bride round the world with a travel themed bridal shower.

Make a bridal shower food menu that comes from different parts of the world. Decorate the bridal shower venue with travel themed decorations, maps, globes and suitcases.

Couple Bridal Shower Theme

If you have a bride-to-be that wants to involve the groom in the bridal shower then consider throwing them a couple shower.

When it comes to the decoration consider using gender neutral colors. Ditch the traditional bridal shower games like toilet paper game for games such as what did the groom say about his bride, what’s on your phone.

Tropical Bridal Shower

Get a feel of the tropics by throwing a tropical themed bridal shower. Set the scene with palm leaves, pineapple centerpieces, coconuts, bright flowers and balloons. Have some tropical cocktails and food.

Brunch Bridal Shower Theme

Are you holding an afternoon affair? You can consider hosting a brunch bridal shower. Set up simple decoration with lace table runners and flowers.

Set up mimosa stations and waffle bars. Complete the food station with peaches, berries, grapefruits and champagne. You are sure to have a blast with these bridal shower ideas

Sports Themed Bridal Shower

Got a bride that loves sports? Consider throwing her a sports themed bridal shower.  Use the colors of her favorite team for the décor. Y

ou can also decorate using items from the sports she loves. For example if she likes football, use football shaped centerpieces and dessert toppers. You can also bake a cake and cookies in the shape of a football.

Disney Bridal Shower Theme

Who says you can only have fairy tale weddings. Throw a fairy tale bridal shower for the bride. Set up a happily ever after banner, use some cartoon princesses and mouse ears as decorations.

Throw in some Disney bridal shower games to play at the shower such as Disney love songs, Disney Couples game.

Bohemian Bridal Shower Theme

Do you have a boho bride? A bohemian bridal shower theme is the perfect bridal shower theme for her. Flower crowns, bouquets out of unique blooms like anemones are must-haves for a bohemian party. Throw in some metallic vases and candle holders.

Pajama Bridal Shower Theme

Just want a simple theme? Nothing beats a Pajama shower. Have a girl’s night in with plenty to eat and drink.

Throw on matching pair of pajamas and set up food bar with pizza, fresh fruits, popcorn and drinks. You can decide to binge on Netflix and play some bridal shower games.

Floral Bridal Shower Theme

Want an easy bridal shower theme, then throw the bride-to-be a floral themed bridal shower. Use fresh flowers as table centerpieces and backdrops.

Complete the decor with some beautiful silverwares and plates. Send guests home with some of the flowers as wedding shower favors.

Spa Bridal Shower Theme

Want an indoor bridal shower? Grab some matching bathrobes, face masks, and some spa treatments and throw a spa themed bridal shower. If you don’t want to go the DIY route you can hire a masseuse

Barbeque Bridal Shower Theme

Lay down some blankets or arrange some furniture at your backyard and have an outdoor barbeque shower.

Have a menu with burgers, pulled pork, ribs, hotdogs, or opt for more sophisticated dishes like barbecued chicken, brisket, steak, or seafood.

Beach Bridal Shower Theme

Outdoor bridal showers are fun. Have the bridal shower on a sandy beach complete the décor with a nice centerpiece and flowers.

Diner En Blanc

Looking for a formal outdoor bridal shower theme? A diner en blanc is the answer. Set up a fancy dinner with people eating under the stars. Ask guests to come dressed in white.

Pink Theme

Pink is a soft and beautiful color often associated with romance, this makes it a perfect color to use at a bridal shower. Create décor using pink flower garlands, pink flowers, metallic vases, beautiful pink table runners and silverware and plates.

Vintage Bridal Shower

If the bride loves vintage, consider throwing her a vintage bridal shower. Fill the bridal shower venue with pretty vintage décor.

Have some beautiful flower arrangement, vintage vases, beautiful vintage table wares, candles and vintage candle holders.

Camping Bridal Shower

Is the bride a camping enthusiast? A camping or glamping bridal shower would be your ideal bridal shower theme.

Get enough food and drinks to last you the entire time you would be spending camping. Decorate the tents with centerpieces and colorful flowers.

Bright and Bold Bridal Shower Theme

Throw a colorful and bold bridal shower. For a bright and bold theme these are the bridal shower ideas we recommend.

Use a mix of bright and bold colors like orange, pink and purple. Use colorful table wares, backdrops, table covers, flowers and centerpieces.

Aloha Bridal Shower

Looking for bridal shower ideas for a colorful tropical themed shower? Host an aloha bridal shower using colorful flowers, pineapple centerpieces, pineapple decorations and balloons.

Fiesta Bridal Shower

Is the bride-to-be obsessed with tacos, tequila and margaritas? Throw her a fiesta themed bridal shower.

Set up the tables using bright colored table runners, table wares and mini maracas. Set up a self-serve margarita bar complete with Mexican sodas, salsa and chips.

Pool Bridal Shower

Do you have access to a pool, either a private or community pool? Help the bride relax and ease off the wedding planning stress by throwing her a pool bridal shower.

Use some fun and colorful floats, the more creative the floats the better the pictures. Bring a cooler of cold beers, fruity cocktails and things to munch on. You can also set up a small sunscreen bar and make towels available for guests.

Picnic Bridal Shower

Who says picnic bridal showers can’t be fun? Set a table with wine glasses and dinner wares, complete the table setting with beautiful floral centerpieces for a fun picnic party.

Champagne Bridal Shower Theme

Let your taste buds loose with a champagne tasting party. Serve bowls of fruit, fresh pastries, and plenty of chilled champagne. Follow up with some games after having a few glasses of champagne.

Movie Themed Bridal Shower

Throw a movie themed bridal shower for the bride-to-be. Set up the food bar with fruits, sandwiches, popcorn and drinks.

Serve the popcorn in cute popcorn boxes. Make a selection of great movies throughout the bridal shower. Decorate the bridal shower with movie quotes posters.

Unicorn Bridal Shower Theme

If you have a bride-to-be that wants a one-of-a-kind bridal shower, throw her a unicorn themed bridal shower.

Put up a unicorn balloon garland, set up tables with beautiful white table runners and unicorn colored dinner wares. Have a food bar with a unicorn shaped cake, cookies and colorful cocktails.


Bridal shower decorations are the backbone of the bridal shower, the bridal shower decor can either break or make the bridal shower. W

ithout classy and elegant bridal shower decorations all the stress of planning the bridal shower can go to naught.

Whether you are the maid of honor or the bride’s sister or the bride’s mother we want to help make sure all the effort, time and resources you put into planning the bridal shower does not go to naught by rounding up a list of the best of the best bridal shower decoration ideas to make the bridal shower bash a huge success.

From bridal shower banner to table decorations here is a list of essential bridal shower decorations you need for a perfect bridal shower party.

Best bridal shower decorations

Bridal Shower Welcome Sign

Give the bride and guests a warm welcome with a beautiful personalized bridal shower welcome sign.

Bridal Shower Banner

Help the bride say bye to the single life and travel from Miss to Mrs. with a bridal shower banner.

Bridal Shower Guestbook

Let the bride have special memento from the bridal shower and remember everyone who attended the bridal shower with a personalized bridal shower guestbook.

Flower Garland

Add a classy touch to the bridal shower venue with flower garlands. They are just the right bridal shower ideas and decorations needed to transform the bridal shower venue in a matter of minutes just hang them down from the ceiling or across the ceiling from one end to the other.

Flower garlands are also perfect for hanging across the entryway, back of chairs or tabletops.

Flower Backdrop

Make sure guests can take beautiful pictures for the gram with a beautiful flower backdrop. Flower backdrops are always great bridal shower ideas.

Table Runners

Table runners not only add charm to the bridal shower decorations they also make the bridal shower cleaning process easier as they protect the tables from getting dirty during the shower.

No matter your bridal shower theme color you are sure to get a color that goes with the theme

Bride-to-be Balloons

Incorporate balloons into the bridal shower decor. Make the bridal shower venue pop by using latex and bride to be balloons. The balloons can also double as a bridal shower photo prop.

Flower Arrangement

From centerpieces to floral arrangements on cake table and dessert tables, flowers are an important part of wedding shower ideas and decorations.

Flower Vases

Flower vases add elegance to the bridal shower decor. Arrange some flowers in the vase and use them as centerpieces.

Photo Booth Frame

Let bride feel extra special and people have fun while taking photos with these personalized bridal shower photo booth frames.

Photo Booth Props

Photo booth props are great photo accessories to have at the bridal shower. Let people have fun and remember the bridal shower for a long time to come by using cute photo booth props.

DIY Floral Chandelier

If you want to go the DIY route, consider making this cute DIY floral chandelier, all you need is a hula hoop, florist tape, fishing line and fresh flowers.

Bachelorette party games bundle

Balloon Garland

Create a beautiful backdrop for the bridal shower with a beautiful balloon garland.

Bride to Be Sash

Bridal showers are incomplete without a bridal shower sash. The bride will definitely fall in love with this cute bridal shower sash.

Paper Lanterns

Paper lanterns are just the perfect bridal shower decoration needed to brighten up a room. Simply assemble and hang them.

Diamond Ring Balloon

Diamond ring balloons are the ultimate bridal shower photo props. These engagement ring balloons add more fun and class to the bridal bash photos.


Tableware can take the bridal shower decoration from just there to awesome. Make sure the table wares match with the bridal shower ideas and theme color.

Cake Stand

Let the cake sit pretty on this beautiful cake stand.

Mimosa Bar Backdrop

Mimosa bars have become a regular feature at wedding showers. If you decide to setup a mimosa bar you can make your own mimosa bar backdrop using this tutorial

Dessert Stand

Display the bridal shower desserts using this beautiful bridal shower dessert stand.

Sequin Table Runner

Is the bride a lover of all things bold and sparkly? Consider using sequin table runners instead of using the regular table runners.

Champagne Flutes

Complete the table set up with wine and champagne flutes.

Wine Bowl

Keep the wine and champagne cold by using a wine bowl. Fill the bowl with ice and place the wines inside the bowl.


Let people fall in love with the bridal shower napkins. Use napkins that go with the bridal shower ideas and theme colors.


Keep the bridal shower venue smelling great by burning some candles during the shower.

The candles can also be incorporated into the bridal shower decorations by using them as centerpieces, just place them in cute candle holders.

Candle Holders

Candle holders can be beautiful yet functional. Incorporate these beautiful candle holders into the bridal shower decor.

Cake Topper

This glittery cake and cupcake toppers is all you need to decorate the cake and dessert table.

Drinking Straws

Let guests sip their cocktail and drinks with these biodegradable drinking straws while enjoying the bridal shower party.

Diamond Ring Confetti

As we all know diamonds are a girl’s best friend and as such they have to be included in the bridal shower decor. Scatter these diamond ring confetti on the bridal shower tables.

DIY Paper Fans

These super cute DIY paper fans are a great addition to the wedding shower decor. They are easy to make and require just a few materials. Get some decorative papers, glue sticks, ribbons or threads.


No party is complete without food! When thinking of what to serve at the bridal shower, the theme and time of the bridal shower will determine the food and drink to serve.

The theme can help inspire your food options and be incorporated into your serving presentation. The time of the party will help you decide whether it is a brunch, lunch, or dinner.

Brunch and lunch bridal showers are perfect for serving a breakfast and lunch menu. Themes like tea party, garden party work well with this type of menu.

Evening bridal showers tend to be more formal and require a more extensive menu (dinner, dessert, drinks).

Whatever theme or time you decide on, here are some simple and creative bridal shower food and drink ideas to choose from that will help you plan a great party.

Best bridal shower foods and drinks

Deviled Eggs

Deviled eggs are perfect bridal shower food ideas
Deviled Eggs

Deviled eggs are bridal shower parties favorite. The fact that you can create different variations makes this a perfect bridal shower food.

Watermelon and Feta

No one can resist the taste of sweet watermelon combined with the salty and creamy taste of feta cheese.

Watermelon and feta is a great wedding shower food idea for summer and spring showers because watermelon are always readily available during these seasons.


Waffles are the perfect food for a bridal shower brunch. Enhance the waffles with fruit, nuts, or syrup.


Who doesn’t like pizza? Pizza is perfect for a bridal shower brunch or lunch. You can decide to order in or make some homemade pizza. All you need is flour, cheese, tomato sauce, pizza stone, salt, sugar and pizza peel.

Popcorn Bar

A popcorn bar is a perfect bridal shower snack idea. Just get some popcorn boxes for people to serve themselves with.

Tea Sandwiches

Tea sandwiches are quick and easy to prepare so this makes it bridal shower menu favorite. Spice them up by adding different fillings and cutting them into cute shapes like heart, cones.


Falafel are great for serving with a dips and spreads and they are always a hit with guests, vegans and vegetarians inclusive. This food is sure to work with other bridal shower ideas.


No fiesta themed bridal shower is complete without a taco bar. Even if you are not throwing a fiesta bridal shower tacos are a winner anytime, any day.

Have both soft and hard tortilla shells available for guests and large bowls for those that might want a taco salad.

Fried Chicken

Fried chicken are yummy wedding shower finger foods.
Fried Chicken

Fried chickens are easy to make and always a favorite finger food at bridal showers. They are perfect for picnic bridal shower.

Mac and Cheese

Who can say no to rich and creamy mac and cheese? Use shredded cheddar, mozzarella, and cream cheese instead of powder for a richer flavor.


Cooked or raw oysters are super trendy. Just make sure to provide plenty of clean tea towels and oyster knives.

Pitas and Hummus

Pitas and hummus is a great alternative to chips and guac. They are easy to make and are very health too. Surprise people at the bridal shower with this easy food.


Donuts are perfect bridal shower dessert and you can easily make them at home. All you need is flour, yeast, sugar, butter, milk, salt, donut cutter, oil for frying.

Mini Quiches

Mini quiches are the perfect bridal shower appetizers. They are healthy, vegetarian and gluten free and the best part is you can make different combinations and flavors.

 French Onion Dip

French onion dip is the perfect wedding shower dip. This is the perfect dip to serve with bread, crackers, potato chips or corn chips.



Sushi is a great vegetarian food. You can order this or decide to make sushi at home.


We love meatballs because they are easy to prepare and can be used for just about anything. They can be used as appetizers, dippers and the ever popular spaghetti and meatballs.

Pasta Salad

Pasta salad are fairly easy to prepare and the fact that there are so many recipes is a plus. Cold pasta salads are absolutely our favorite, just remember to make meatballs or grilled meat available too.

Potato Salad

Potato salad is a great side dish to serve at the shower. You can make your own variation either creamy with a lot of mayonnaise or sweet and spicy with a lot of herbs.

Fruit Salad

These are perfect as either side dishes or desserts. You can also extract their juice and serve it in liquid form.


Cupcakes are a common feature of bridal shower dessert tables. Bake cupcakes using colors that work with the bridal shower.

To make them more special you can bake them in different shapes, just grab a handful of cupcake molds.

Chocolate Coated Strawberries

Strawberries plus chocolate is just so yummy. This is just the perfect treat to add to the bridal shower food.


Cookies are great bridal shower desserts. You can decide to go with some store bought cookies or bake some yourself.

Yogurt Bar

Looking for a food bar idea that is easy to setup? Then a yogurt bar is the answer. It is very easy to setup and requires just a few ingredients.

Even if you have guests that are vegan they would love this bridal shower yogurt bar. Just get a few flavors of yogurt, varieties of fruits, nuts, some jars and spoons.

Peach Prosecco

This bubbly peach Prosecco punch is perfect for any type of bridal shower. Prepare with peach nectar and fresh fruit. Serve in a big beverage dispenser so everyone can serve themselves.

Smoothie Bar

A smoothie bar is a great option for a lunchtime bridal shower. You can spice it up by allowing people add their favorite alcohol.

Sherbet Punch

Looking for a quick and easy bridal shower drink idea? Make a sherbet punch. This colorful punch drink requires just a few ingredients that are available everywhere.

Mimosa Bar

Mimosa bars have become a bridal shower brunch bar staple. Set up a mimosa bar and let guests have fun time pouring the bubbly and splashing some juice.

Sangria Bar

A sangria bar is the perfect bridal shower drink bar to have at the bridal shower. No one can say no to a sangria punch from the wine lover to the fruit drink lover.

Using a dispenser let guests fill their glasses with some spirit-infused fruit, add some wine, and finish with a splash of soda

Bloody Mary

The Bloody Mary is not only a well-known ultimate hangover cure this spicy vodka drink is also a perfect bridal shower brunch cocktail. What more you can mix it up and add toppings just to get the right drink for you, the bride and guests.


You’ve put in all effort in planning a fun and memorable bridal shower, you’ve got the venue, decor, theme and food put in place, the only thing left to put in place are fun and interactive bridal shower games and activities.

Here is list of interactive bridal shower activities and games.

Best bridal shower games and activities

Advice for the Bride

This bridal shower activity will be cherished by the bride. Hand out blank index cards or if you would like to add a more personal touch to the advice cards, hand out pre made advice cards to guests. Ask each guest to share their advice for a happy marriage.

Guests’ advice can range from a poem to a story, and so on. Whatever the guests’ advice may be, you the host should encourage the guests to give thoughtful and helpful advice.

At the party, guests take turns reading their advice to the group. When the cards have all been read, the host can gather and compile the cards in a scrapbook as a keepsake for the couple.

Two Truths and a Lie

In this bridal shower game, each guest introduce herself and tells the shower group three things about herself: Two are true, and one is a lie. The audience then writes down or shouts out which one they think is a lie.

Emoji Pictionary

In need of great bridal shower ideas and activities? Play the emoji Pictionary game. We use emoji every time but can we guess what they mean when used to represent wedding related words?

This fun emoji Pictionary trivia tests your knowledge on the meaning of wedding related word or phrase when written with emoji? Guests will surely have a nice time playing this game.

Charades: Wedding Movies Edition

Divide the bridal shower guests into two groups. Write names of popular wedding movies on cards.

Players from each group would act out titles to their own team members, each group must guess the answer in three minutes or less. The group that guesses the most answers wins!

What’s in Your Purse?

Guests each get a card with a list of items often found in people’s purses/handbags with points value assigned to each item. The person with the most points wins!

Pen a Poem

Pass a blank sheet of paper and ask a guest to write a single line of a poem dedicated to the couple. Then fold the paper over the portion of the poem the guest wrote and pass the paper to another guest with the same instructions.

Pass the paper around until all guests have written something. Once everyone is done read the poem to the bride.

Who Knows the Bride Best?

Before the bridal shower, have the bride answer the questions in the game and keep that as your “answer key.”

Then, as guests arrive, give each guest a card. For each question, the guests write the answer. The bride can read the questions out loud and say what her answer was.

Whoever gets the most answers correct, based on the answers the bride provided wins!

Cold Feet

Place a bunch of toy rings inside buckets or bowls of ice water. Guests must plunge their feet into the icy water and pull the rings out with their toes.

Whoever can get the most rings out in two minutes wins!

Match the Disney Love Songs

Is the bride a Disney fan? You can incorporate this Disney game into the bridal shower activities to play at the shower.

Guests will match each Disney movie with its famous love song. The guest with the most correct answers in the shortest amount of time wins.

Guess the Cake

Set up a cake bar with bite-size cake pieces of different flavors, write out each cake flavor on a card and place in an envelope behind each cake.

Blindfold each player using cute sleep masks and walk each player down the table, ask them to taste each cake and guess the flavor. Note down each players answer.

The player takes sips of champagne/drink between bites to cleanse the palate. Whoever guesses the most flavors correctly wins.

Bridal Bingo

Start by handing out each guest a bingo card when they arrive. Guests then fill out the squares with the items they think the bride-to-be is going to receive for gifts.

Then, start the game when the bride starts opening presents – make sure she calls out what each item is. The first person to get five in a row wins a prize.

Guess the Dress

Hand out white pencils and cards to the guests and ask them to draw the dress they think the bride will wear on her wedding day.

Paint Party

This is one of our favorite shower activity. Buy canvasesacrylic paint in different colors and paint brushes. You can either have a picture of something easy for guests to paint or let guests have a free hand and paint whatever they like.

When people are done with the activity you can compile the paintings and send the bride home with the sweet and beautiful mementos or you can have guests take their paintings home as a shower favor.

Date Night Jar

Hand out blank index card or date night idea cards to guests. Ask everyone to write down their favorite date night suggestion for the couple.

At the party, guests take turns reading their date night advice to the group.

When the cards have all been read, the host can put the cards in a big jar for the couple to draw from when looking for fun ideas. The cards can also be compiled and put in a scrapbook for the couple.

Toilet Paper Wedding Dress

Divide guests into teams, each team should comprise of 3 to 5 people, each team should choose a bride. Place each team in different areas of the room.

Supply each team with toilet papers. They have to create a gown using only the toilet papers provided within a given time period.

At the end of the given time, vote for the best and funniest wedding dresses.

 What’s in Your Phone?

Guests each get a card with a list of items often found in people’s cell phones and points value assigned to each item. The person with the most points wins!

 Put a Ring On it

Hand out plastic rings to guests at the beginning of the shower. Whenever a guest says “bride” or “wedding”, another guest is allowed to steal her ring. Whoever has the most rings at the end of the shower wins.

Why Do We Do That (Wedding Traditions)

This is a fun and unique bridal shower game that you get to learn something from. This game tests the knowledge of guests on popular wedding traditions and why we do them.

Make a list of wedding traditions and their answers. Make sure not to arrange the answers in the correct order.

Let guests match each wedding custom question to the reason for doing them. The person who guesses the most correct answers wins!

Celebrity Wives

Round up the names of your favorite celebrity wives, then write each name on a single index card.

Ask each guest to tape a card to her forehead without peeking, then have others describe who the celebrity guest she has taped to her forehead is until she guesses right.

Over or Under

Make a list of funny statements related to the bride, groom and the wedding. Let the couple give the correct answer to the statements before the shower begins.

During the shower ask guests to give the correct answers to these statements. Whoever has the most point wins! You can also use pre-made over or under cards

Wine Tasting

Do the bridal shower guests have an exotic palate? Have a wine tasting party.

You can choose to have an expert from a local wine boutique or have a DIY tasting. Whichever route you choose to go just make sure guests have fun.

Wine tasting Party Kit Printable

Beauty Station

If you are having an all-girl shower party this shower activity is perfect for you. There are many fun and interesting activities guests can do.

You can set up a bath bomb barlip gloss barnail polish barfragrance bar or sugar scrub station.

With this activity guests will get to learn something new and get to take home whatever they have made as favors.

How Old Was the Bride?

Gather 10 pictures of the bride growing up. Glue them to a poster board. Make sure you mix the pictures up, do not arrange them in a chronological order.

Number each picture from 1-10. Have your guests make their guesses for each picture and record the answers in the game card. The person with the most correct wins.


Hand out recipe cards during the bridal shower and ask guests to share their favorite recipes with the bride-to-be.

Would She Rather

Compile a list of Would She Rather questions about the bride. Ask guests to choose option they think the bride would rather choose.

When the guests have all answered the questions, the bride will reveal her answers. Whoever gets the most correct answers wins. You can also use pre-made game cards.

Who Can Make the Best Cocktail?

Divide the bridal shower guests into teams. Set up a full bar, label all ingredients with cards, and have teams compete to concoct the best wedding cocktail.

The bride can then choose her favorite drink and the team who made the cocktail chosen wins.

Does the Bride Know the Groom?

This is a great bridal shower game. Compile a list of tricky questions about the groom. Have the guests answer how many questions the bride will be able to answer correctly.

Whomever guesses the most questions correctly wins! You can also use pre-made does the bride know the groom game cards.

 Tie the Knot

This is a great bridal shower game. Give each guest a little bowl of cherries and see who can tie the most knots with cherry stems in two minutes.

Clothes Pin Bridal Shower Game

As guests arrive at the bridal shower venue, hand a pin to each guest and have them attach it to a noticeable place on their clothing.

Tell them your pre-selected “forbidden” word. You can choose a word like “bride”, “wedding” or whatever you want. 

If another guest catches any of the guests using the forbidden word, they will have to turn over their pin to that guest. The person who has the most pins when the game ends will win a prize.

Flower Arranging Class

This is a perfect shower activity for a floral themed shower. You can bring an expert in to teach guests how to arrange flowers or you can go the DIY way and let guests arrange the flowers themselves.

To cut down on costs you can let guests pick from the flowers you used in decorating the venue and arrange the flowers themselves.

Send guests home with flowers they have arranged as favors. This way you get to save money on favors and save the flowers you used for decorations.


Bridal shower favors and game prizes aren’t a bridal shower requirement but a small gift goes a long way to show your appreciation to guests for attending the shower.

Great bridal shower game prizes and favors shouldn’t be forgotten after the celebration is over.

The same types of gifts work for both bridal shower favors and game prizes.  Here is a list of unique bridal shower game prizes and favor ideas that are affordable and will be appreciated by the guests.

Best bridal shower favors and game prizes


Towels are great wedding shower favors and game prizes. Get the towels in sets to save costs.

Manicure Sets

Let the guests have perfectly groomed nails by giving them manicure sets as party favors

Tea Basket

Tea baskets are also perfect bridal shower favors and game prizes. This works especially well if you are throwing a bridal shower brunch or tea party.

Fill a basket with a beautiful tea cup, a selection of tea bags in different flavors and some cookies.

Succulent Favors

Plants are popular shower gifts for guests, so consider giving them out at the bridal shower especially if you are throwing a garden themed shower or flower themed shower.

On a table, set up a display of various plants. You can decide to give each guest a different plant.


Handmade soaps make beautiful gifts for any occasion, so you could give soap out as a bridal shower favor. You can add personalized tags to each soap.

Cookie Cutters

Cookie cutters make good bridal shower favors. You can make homemade cookies and package them in cellophane bags. Print out the recipe. Attach the recipe and a cookie cutter to each cellophane bag.


Coasters are inexpensive bridal shower ideas and favors that people love and appreciate.

Beauty Bar

Throwing a spa themed shower? Consider setting up a beauty bar. Set up jars filled with lip balmsnail polishesbath bombssample-size moisturizers, and more. Let guests pick and choose their pampering goods.

Bottle of Wine

The party doesn’t have to end at the shower, let the party continue! Give out wine as shower game prize. Everybody loves wine so it makes for a good shower game prizes and favors.

You can choose to get red or white wine or get a mixture of both. Just remember to work within your budget.

If you are going to be giving out a number of wine bottles as gift prizes, buy the wine by case to keep costs low.

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Personalized Necklaces

Every girl loves jewelry! Make the bridal shower guests feel special by giving them a personalized necklace.


Who doesn’t love cakes? You can make any cake flavor and color. Place each cupcake in a box. You can even choose to co-ordinate the cake color with your bridal shower theme color.

Key Chains

Let guests never lose their keys again by sending them home with these colorful key chains.


Books are fantastic shower favors. You can choose to give themes that work with the bridal shower theme.

You can also choose to give books written by the brides’ favorite authors, inspirational/self-help books, cookbooks or poetry collections. The choices are endless.

Picture Frames

Look for great and unique picture frames to give guests.

Birthstone Necklace

Make your guests feel special by giving each guest beautiful birthstone necklaces. To make the favor extra special give each guest a necklace of her birth month.


Vases are great favors and game prizes especially if you are throwing a garden or flower themed bridal shower.


Who doesn’t like candles? Why not give candles out as favors. With candles you can choose from many different colors and smells.

You can choose candle colors that work with your theme.


You can make homemade cookies in different shapes and package them in cellophane bags.


Boxes of chocolate are always good shower prize gifts or favors. You can never have too many choices when it comes to chocolate.

Get different flavors of chocolate and let the game winners pick the flavors they like. They are also perfect as shower favors.

Tea Cups

Having a tea party shower? Continue the theme with teacups stuffed with a packet of tea each. Set them out on a table with cute signs.

Bouquet Station

Throwing a flower themed shower? Take it a step further by providing a bouquet station where guests can build their own bouquet and take home with them.

Bottle Stoppers

Are you throwing a garden party? You can complete the party by giving out this cute bottle stoppers.


These beautiful sunglasses are perfect party favors and game prizes.

Bottle Openers

These credit card openers are great party favors. Make them more special by personalizing each credit card with the bridal shower crew names.


How cute are these corkscrews that you can take along with you wherever you go! These wine corkscrews are excellent party favors.

Trinket Dish

Every girl has some pieces of jewelry so they will appreciate monogrammed trinket dishes.

Personalized Wine Tumblers

No one can say no to personalized gifts and these personalized wine tumblers are no exceptions.

Luggage Tags

Throwing a travel themed bridal shower? Let guests keep remembering your bridal shower for years to come by giving them this personalized luggage tags.

Hair Ties

Don’t let guests hair hold them back, let this hair tie hold their hair back. These hair ties are super cute and affordable. This comes high on our list of affordable bridal shower ideas.

Wine Glasses

Looking for inexpensive yet special favors to give to guests? These wine glasses make for a perfect bridal shower favor.

These are our best bridal shower ideas. Choose the bridal shower ideas that you think the bride would absolutely love.

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