How to Host a Bridal Shower Tea Party

How to host a bridal shower tea party

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A bridal shower tea party is an elegant way to celebrate the bride-to-be’s upcoming wedding surrounded with family and friends.

If the bride-to-be is a romantic then a tea party bridal shower is just perfect for her. From the tea or fancy cocktail guests get to sip to nibbling on small bites, a classic bridal shower tea party is timeless and will make everybody whether young or old feel comfortable and welcome

To host a bridal shower tea party you have to decide on the tea party bridal shower venue, the guest list, games and favors and of course food and drinks.

In this guide we talk of everything you need to know to host a bridal shower tea party that the bride-to-be will love.

How to Plan and Host a Bridal Shower Tea Party

1. Venue

The venue you choose for the bridal shower tea party is dependent on the number of guests you will be having at the bridal shower.

If the guest list is small, typically under 20 people you can choose to host the bridal shower at your home if you have a large home.

If you have a larger guest list you can choose to host the shower at a nice restaurant or a rent-able hall space.

If you are going for more of an outdoor event you can choose to host the bridal shower tea party at your backyard or garden or rent an outdoor space.

2. Invitations for Bridal Shower Tea Party

Bridal shower invitations are used for communicating the bridal shower date, theme, location and wedding registry details with guests.

For a tea bridal shower you can send out some tea themed invitations to guests for the bridal shower.

3. Guest List

You can ask the bride for a list of guests she would like to invite to the bridal shower. If you don’t want to ask the bride for the guest list, you can come up with a guest list together with the bride’s mother or sister.

Bridal shower guest lists usually include the bride’s family and her closest friends.

Most bridal showers have around 30-50 people for a large party while they have around 10-15 guests for a more intimate shower.

For a large tea party you can have a tea buffet.

Remember that everyone invited to the bridal shower has to be invited to the wedding.

4. Bridal Shower Tea Party Decorations

For the tablecloth use beautiful lace or floral tablecloth. Look for napkins in eye-catching patterns and colors. Tie each napkin with a ribbon bow.

For centerpieces fill antique-style vases or pitchers with garden flowers and fresh flowers and petals around.

5. Food and Drinks

A wedding shower tea party is not really a food-focused event it’s more of a time for the guests to celebrate the bride and spend time with her before she says I do. Light snacks are usually shared at a bridal tea party.

Bridal tea party foods are usually budget friendly as you need to serve just light snacks and a selection of desserts.

Tea sandwiches are a must at a tea party. Prepare tea sandwiches such as cucumber tea sandwiches, egg salad sandwiches, smoked salmon sandwiches.

Devilled eggs are also a staple at wedding tea parties. You can also serve fruit salad.

You should also make shortbread, scones. You can also serve desserts such as chocolate cookies, strawberries dipped in chocolate and cheesecake bars.

On beverages to serve, teas are a must, it’s called a bridal tea party for a reason. Hot tea as well as iced tea should be served.

You should serve a selection of tea such as chamomile, peppermint and Earl Grey and English Breakfast.

If you want to serve alcohol at the bridal shower, try preparing a cocktail with prosecco for a bubbly drink. A Bellini cocktail made with peach nectar and prosecco is also a great choice.

6. Favors

Favors are a way to say thank you to guests and will help them remember the bridal shower party.

Send guests home with tea infusers and boxes of tea. Boxes of cookies or candy will also be appreciated.

Guests will also appreciate little potted plants, tea bags stuffed in teacups.

7. Games

Bridal shower games help break up the ice at the shower party, allows guests get to know each other and most of all people have fun playing the games.

Have a few bridal shower games to play at the party. Would she rather, how well do you know the bride, advice for the bride are fun games that you can play at the wedding shower tea party.

Black and White bridal shower games

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