Rustic Bridal Shower

Rustic bridal shower ideas

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Planning a bridal shower for a bride who doesn’t want the frills and pinks of a regular bridal shower? Consider throwing her a rustic bridal shower.

From the wooden signs to Mason jar decorations, games, favors and food the bride would fall in love with this bridal shower theme. If the bridal shower will be held during summer you can have an outdoor rustic bridal shower using wood slices, rustic vases and flower arrangements.

Here is how to plan and throw a rustic bridal shower the bride would love.

Black and White bridal shower games

1. Invitation

Let guests know about the bridal shower by sending them rustic bridal shower invitations.

Guests would totally love this rustic bridal shower invitation. From the background of the invitation to the greenery details this is the perfect rustic invitation.

2. Decorations

The bridal shower decoration can either make or mar the bridal shower. A rustic bridal shower decoration is incomplete without the wooden, burlap and mason jar decorations. Here is how to incorporate these items into the bridal shower decoration.

Welcome Sign: Welcome guests and grab their attention with a rustic wooden chalkboard sign. Get your creative side out and craft a beautiful welcome message for guests.

Guestbook: The guestbook is a special memento and helps the bride remember everyone who attended her bridal shower. Replace the traditional guestbook with a rustic tree frame guestbook.

Banner: This bride-to-be burlap banner is a great rustic bridal shower decoration. Simply hang the banner and let guests gush over it.

 Backdrop: Make sure guests can take beautiful pictures for the gram with a beautiful rustic backdrop.

Tablecloth:  A white lace tablecloth is perfect to infuse more color into the different shades of brown of the decoration and the lace gives a classy edge to the decor.

Centerpieces: For the centerpiece you can use distressed wooden flower box that comes with mason jars. Fill the mason jars or flower box with a bunch of baby’s breath flower.

Dinnerware: Set up some rustic or wooden plates and cutlery with some glass mason jars for drinking, the mason jars can be used in place of regular cups.

3. Food

The bridal shower food is always a great way to depict any bridal shower theme and the rustic bridal shower food is no different.  For the food options you can make chocolate covered strawberries, chicken salad sandwiches, meatballs, chips and salsa. You can also set up a popcorn bar, get some cute popcorn boxes and let people serve themselves.

When it comes to the drinks you can serve lemonade and iced tea. Provide mason jars for guests to serve themselves with.

For dessert you can bake a cake with no frosting or simple white frosting. You can also bake plain cupcakes using rustic cupcake wrappers.

You can label each food and drink using cute chalkboard signs.

4. Games and Activities

We believe a bridal shower is incomplete without some bridal shower games to keep guests entertained throughout the party. Bridal shower charades, bridal bingo, would she rather, who knows the bride best are popular bridal shower games guests will sure enjoy.

5. Favors

Bridal shower favor is a way of letting guests know you appreciate their gifts and time for attending the wedding shower. Here are some great and affordable rustic bridal shower favors and game prizes guests would appreciate.

Soap Favors: These soap favors are perfect because they not only come in different colors and scents but the rustic labels can also be personalized.

Burlap Bags: If you would be giving out favors such as cupcakes, candies or cookies, these burlap bags are perfect for packaging these gifts with.

Key Shaped Bottle Openers: These antique bottle openers are perfect wedding shower favors. What more they come with a cute rustic favor tags.

Mini Bucket Favors: We can’t get over these mini bucket favors. They are perfect for holding trinkets, small plants, candy.

Picture Frame: Who wouldn’t appreciate a picture frame. Guests would appreciate this rustic picture frame.

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