Bridal Shower Activities that are not Games – Alternatives to Games

Bridal shower activities that are not games

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You’ve put in all effort in planning a fun and memorable bridal shower, you’ve got the venue, decor, theme and food put in place, the only thing left to put in place are fun and interactive bridal shower activities. But you aren’t just ready to have people play another set of bridal shower games at the party or you just want to mix things up and add some other fun bridal shower activities to the bridal shower games.

Whatever the case may be we are here to help you achieve your aim with this list of interactive bridal shower activities that are not games.

1. Advice for the Bride

This is a very thoughtful gift the bride will cherish and a perfect alternative bridal shower game.

Hand out blank index cards or if you would like to add a more personal touch to the advice cards, hand out pre made advice cards to guests. Ask each guest to share their advice for a happy marriage.

Guests’ advice can range from a poem to a story, and so on. Whatever the guests’ advice may be, you the host should encourage the guests to give thoughtful and helpful advice.

At the party, guests take turns reading their advice to the group. When the cards have all been read, the host can gather and compile the cards in a scrapbook as a keepsake for the couple.

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2. Paint Party

This is one of our favorite shower activity. Buy canvases, acrylic paint in different colors and paint brushes.

You can either have a picture of something easy for guests to paint or let guests have a free hand and paint whatever they like. When people are done with the activity you can compile the paintings and send the bride home with the sweet and beautiful mementos or you can have guests take their paintings home as a shower favor.

3. Date Night Jar

Hand out blank index card or date night idea cards to guests. Ask everyone to write down their favorite date night suggestion for the couple. At the party, guests take turns reading their date night advice to the group.

When the cards have all been read, the host can put the cards in a big jar for the couple to draw from when looking for fun ideas. The cards can also be compiled and put in a scrapbook for the couple.

4. Wine Tasting

Do the bridal shower guests have an exotic palate? Have a wine tasting party.

You can choose to have an expert from a local wine boutique or have a DIY tasting. Whichever route you choose to go just make sure guests have fun.

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5. Beauty Station

If you are having an all girl shower party this shower activity is perfect for you. There are many fun and interesting activities guests can do.

You can set up a bath bomb bar, lip gloss bar, nail polish bar, fragrance bar or sugar scrub station.

With this alternative bridal shower game guests will get to learn something new and get to take home whatever they have made as favors.

6. Flower Arranging Class

This is a perfect shower activity for a floral themed shower.

You can bring an expert in to teach guests how to arrange flowers or you can go the DIY way and let guests arrange the flowers themselves. To cut down on costs you can let guests pick from the flowers you used in decorating the venue and arrange the flowers themselves. Send guests home with flowers they have arranged as favors.

This way you get to save money on favors and save the flowers you used for decorations.

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7. Recipe Cards

We love this bridal shower activity because it allows the couple have a collection of handwritten, tried-and-true recipes. When sending out invitations, include one recipe card for each guest to fill out with her favorite recipe and bring to the shower. You can also hand out the cards during the shower so guests can fill.

Looking for fun and unique games to add to these wedding shower activities? Check out our 15 fun and unique bridal shower games.

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