Bridal Shower Game Prizes for Any Budget

Bridal shower game prizes for any budget

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We know planning a bridal shower can be quite strenuous from choosing a theme to menu ideas to games and the list goes on.

You know to have a fun and unique bridal shower party you have to incorporate some games into the shower.

You have decided on the games to play at the party but you are finding a hard time deciding on the bridal shower game prizes.

Here are the best bridal shower game prizes for any bridal shower theme and budget.

Bridal Shower Game Prizes Ideas

1. Cupcakes

Who doesn’t love cakes? You can make any cake flavor and color. Place each cupcake in a box. You can even choose to co-ordinate the cake color with your bridal shower theme color.

If you can’t bake or do not like baking you can also get this yummy bite-sized cupcakes.

Printable bridal shower games

2. Gift Card

Gift cards make for a good bridal shower game prize. Thinking of what kind of gift cards to give?

Give gift cards to popular places like Starbucks, Target, Cinema, Amazon or even gift cards to local beauty salons. Just make sure not to give out a gift card that you can’t afford. Work within your budget.

3. Towels

Towels are great wedding shower game prizes. Get the towels in sets to save costs.

4. Tea Cups

Having a tea party shower? Give out beautiful teacups as wedding shower game prizes.

To make it more special you can stuff the teacup with a packet of tea each.

Black and White bridal shower games

4. Bottle of Wine

Wine are perfect bridal shower game prizes for any budget
Bottles of wine

The party doesn’t have to end at the shower, let the party continue! Give out wine as shower game prize.

Everybody loves wine so it makes for a good shower game prize. You can choose to get red or white wine or get a mixture of both. Just remember to work within your budget.

If you are going to be giving out a number of wine bottles as gift prizes, buy the wine by case to keep costs low.

5. Tea Basket

Tea baskets are also perfect bridal shower favors and game prizes. This works especially well if you are throwing a bridal shower brunch or  tea party.

Fill a basket with a beautiful tea cup, a selection of tea bags in different flavors and some cookies.

6. Manicure Sets

Let the guests have perfectly groomed nails by giving them manicure sets as party favors.

7. Succulent Bridal Shower Favor

Plants are popular shower game prizes, so consider giving them out as prizes at the bridal shower especially if you are throwing a garden themed shower or flower themed shower.

On a table, set up a display of various plants. You can decide to give each winner a different plant.

8. Candles

Everybody loves candles! Why not give candles out as bridal shower game prizes. With candles you can choose from many different colors and smells. You can choose candle colors that go with your theme.

Something blue bridal shower games

9. Chocolate Bars

Chocolate Bars are always good shower prize gifts. You can never have too many choices when it comes to chocolate.

Get different flavors of chocolate and let the winners pick the flavors they like.

11. Coasters

Coasters are inexpensive bridal shower ideas and favors that people love and appreciate.

12. Books

Books are fantastic shower favors. You can choose to give themes that work with the bridal shower theme.

You can also choose to give books written by the brides’ favorite authors, inspirational/self-help bookscookbooks or poetry collections. The choices are endless.

13. Vases

Vases are great favors and game prizes especially if you are throwing a garden or flower themed bridal shower.

14. Picture Frames

Picture frames are perfect bridal shower game prizes. Look for great and unique picture frames to give guests.

Lemon bridal shower games

15. Storage Baskets

If you are in search of unique wedding shower game prizes to give guests, then consider giving them storage baskets

Remember wedding showers are meant to celebrate the bride and not put a strain on your pocket. Make sure to work within your budget.

Whatever the gift you choose to give, guests will appreciate it as it is not really the price of the gift you give but the thought that counts.

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