How to Write a Bridal Shower Thank You Note

How to write a bridal shower thank you note

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Did you have a bridal shower you totally enjoyed? I bet you did! You had a fun and memorable because some people took out time to plan the party and friends, family and loved ones also decided to take to honor you with their time by attending the bridal shower bearing gifts and cards.

Now is the time to show appreciation for their time, effort and gifts and let them know how much you enjoyed the party. How do you do that I can hear you say? You can show your gratitude to them by sending them a thank you note.

Don’t know how to go about writing the bridal shower thank you note? No worries, we’ve got you covered. Here’s how to write a bridal shower thank you note.

What You’ll Need to Write a Bridal Shower Thank You Note


A set of thank you notes or note cards will do. When choosing the thank you notes, you can buy thank you notes that either go with the bridal shower colors or those that match with the bridal shower invitations.

You can check your local stationery store for these items. Online stores such as Amazon, Zazzle or Minted are also great for finding beautiful stationery.


There are many options of pens available. Just go with a pen with nice tips and colors (blue and black are totally fine too)

List of Guests

A list of guests who attended the bridal shower, the gifts each person gave you and their addresses. This list should also include guests who couldn’t attend the bridal shower but sent a gift.

What to Write in a Bridal Shower Thank You Note

The role played by the recipient of the thank you note during the shower will determine what you write in the bridal shower thank you note. Did the person organize the bridal shower? Did the person bring a gift? Did the person attend the bridal shower? You should take these things into consideration while crafting the thank you note.

You might also consider writing a rough draft of the bridal shower thank you message first and then transferring this to the stationery once the draft is complete. Doing this would ensure that you do not waste the bridal shower stationery when you make mistakes while writing the thank you message.

Here are the steps to follow to write the perfect bridal shower thank you note and message.


You should start with a personalized introduction. Address the recipient by her name in the introduction and avoid using generic words.  

Use “Dear (Name),” e.g. Dear Barbara,

Thank Them

Let them know how great it was seeing them at the shower and thank them for the role they played at the shower.

If the person planned and hosted the shower, tell them how much you appreciate the time, effort and resources they spent in putting the shower together and talk about specific details you liked about the bridal shower.

If she brought a gift thank her for the gift and let her know what you liked about the gift and maybe how you intend to use it. If the person couldn’t get you a gift but was in attendance, thank her for attending the bridal shower.

This is also a good chance to mention something specific about your discussion with the guest at the shower.


Close the letter by saying thank you and letting the guest know how much you appreciate her time, love and support. If the guest will be attending your wedding, you can add that you look forward to seeing her. Then sign off the letter.

Examples of Bridal Shower Thank You Messages and Notes Wording

Thank You Notes for Attendees

Dear _____,

Your presence at my bridal shower truly made my day. Thank you for participating in all activities and making the shower a fun and memorable one. I feel blessed to have you be a part of such an important time in my life. We can’t wait to see you at the wedding.

Warmest thanks,

Thank You Notes for Gifts

Dear _____,

Thank you so much for coming to my bridal shower and for the lovely gift. My bridal shower would not have been the same without you. I absolutely love the place mats they will add more color to the dining table. We can’t wait to see you at the wedding.

With Love,

Thank You Notes for Planning and Hosting

Dear _____,

I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am for organizing such a fun and memorable bridal shower. Thank you for the extra effort you put into planning. I loved everything about the shower from the decorations to the food, everything was perfect and beyond what I hoped for. My bridal shower was truly beautiful and I can’t thank you enough for it.


Message for Someone Who Couldn’t Attend

Dear _____,

Thank you so much for the vase, it is really beautiful and the perfect addition to the living room. You were really missed during the bridal shower, I would have loved for you to be there. Thank you so much for the gift. Can’t wait to see you at the wedding.

Many thanks,

Bridal Shower Thank You Cards Etiquette

When writing the bridal shower thank you note these are the etiquette to keep in mind.

When Should You Send the Bridal Shower Thank You Card?

Bridal shower thank you cards should be sent not later than two weeks after the bridal shower.

Who Signs the Bridal Shower Thank You Card?

The bridal shower thank you card should be signed by both the bride and the groom. Why you may ask? This is because most bridal shower gifts are for the couple, so the couple should sign the thank you cards even if the groom didn’t attend the bridal shower.

The only exception to this rule is when the bride receives a gift that’s meant for her alone e.g. lingerie, makeup kit etc.

Can I Combine the Bridal Shower and Wedding Thank You Cards?

No, you can’t combine the bridal shower and wedding thank you cards. A different thank you card should be sent to each guest for each event attended regardless of the fact that the guest attended both events.

You should send the bridal shower thank you card not later than two weeks after the bridal shower and send the wedding thank you card after the wedding.

Should the Thank You Card be Handwritten?

Yes, the thank you card should be handwritten and not typed. A handwritten note adds more thoughtfulness to the wedding shower thank you card and will be well received.

Should I Send a Gift Along With the Thank You Card?

Yes you can. You might want to send a gift to the bridal shower host(s) for helping you organize and host the bridal shower.

What Should I Do If I Don’t Like the Gift?

Most times bridal shower gifts are bought from your wedding registry. You might have one or two people who didn’t buy the gift from the wedding registry and bought gifts you don’t like.

If you received a bridal shower gift you don’t like, you still need to send a thank you card to the person. Be specific about the gift and let the giver know that you appreciate it. Don’t be critical or negative about the gift. Do not also indicate that you plan to put it in your re-gift box as most people don’t set out to give gifts that will be unappreciated.

Bridal shower thank you notes etiquette

When you have family and friends who love and cherish you enough to plan and attend the bridal shower you have to show them that you appreciate their time and effort. So get on with writing that bridal shower thank you note and writing it in a timely manner!

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