25 Unique Bridal Shower Themes

25 unique bridal shower themes

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Bridal shower themes can turn a wedding shower celebration into a fun, unique and unforgettable event. As the bride-to-be prepares to embark on a new chapter in her life, a unique and thoughtfully chosen theme can reflect her personality, interests, and love story, making the bridal shower a personalized and joyous occasion for all who attend.

Whether you’re leaning towards a classic tea party, a bohemian brunch, or a glamorous spa day, the theme sets the tone for the decorations, activities, and even the gifts.

In this blog post, we’ll explore 25 fun and unique bridal shower themes that promise to inspire hosts and delight future brides.

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Fun and Unique Bridal Shower Themes

1. Derby Party

Glass cups with cocktails for derby wedding shower party

Is the bride a southern belle? You can throw a derby party. Get a silver trophy and fill it with the bride’s favorite flowers.

Make mint julep, add the bride’s favorite bourbon brand and make the brides favorite cookies in the shape of a horse.

Don’t forget to add a derby style hat to the dress code

2. Travel Inspired Bridal Shower Theme

Have a bride who wants to see the world or is an avid traveler? You can throw a travel inspired bridal shower for the bride. Decorate the venue with banners, signs and maps.

You can design the menu according to her next destination or favorite destination. The cake can also be made with a map design.

Give out world map luggage tags as favors to guests.

3. Bohemian

Throwing a bridal shower for a lady who loves the bohemian style? Flower crowns, bouquets out of unique blooms like anemones are must-haves for a bohemian party.

Throw in some metallic vases and candle holders.

Send guests home with colorful vases and the flowers you used at the party as favors.

Don’t forget to send out beautiful floral bridal shower invitations to guests.

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4. Picnic

Picnic wedding shower

Who says picnic bridal showers can’t be fun? Set a table with wine glasses and dinner wares, complete the table setting with beautiful floral centerpieces for a fun picnic party.

5. Dîner En Blanc 

Diner en blanc wedding shower theme

Looking for a formal outdoor bridal shower theme? A diner en blanc is the answer. Send out chic white invitations.

Set up a fancy dinner with people eating under the stars. Ask guests to come dressed in white. Give out personalized wine glasses as favor.

6. Pajama Party

Pajama wedding shower

Just want a simple theme? Nothing beats a Pajama wedding shower. Have a girl’s night in with plenty to eat and drink.

Throw on matching pair of pajamas and set up food bar with pizza, fresh fruits, popcorn and drinks.

You can decide to binge on Netflix and play some bridal shower games.

7. Rustic Bridal Shower Theme

Rustic party wedding shower

Thinking of a rustic shower? Set the stage with a rustic bridal shower invite. Set up the party with rustic wall decorations, plants, flowers, rustic candle votives, distressed signage and driftwood.

8. Beach Themed Bridal Shower

Outdoor bridal showers are fun. Have the bridal shower on a sandy beach complete the decor with a nice centerpiece and flowers. Give out cute sea shell bottle openers as favors.

9. Tropical

Get a feel of the tropics by throwing a tropical themed bridal shower. Start by announcing the bridal shower to guests with a tropical themed invitation.

Set the scene with palm leavespineapple centerpieces, coconuts, bright flowers and balloons. Have some tropical cocktails and food. Pineapple luggage tags are perfect favors for this theme.

10. Vintage

Vintage party bridal shower from green in may blog

If the bride loves vintage, consider throwing her a vintage bridal shower. Fill the bridal shower venue with pretty vintage decor.

Have some beautiful flower arrangement, vintage vases, beautiful vintage table wares, candles, vintage lanterns and vintage candle holders

11. Nautical

Nautical bridal shower from Green In May blog

Did the bride spend her childhood summers on the cape? Throw her a party with a theme based around water. Try decor like ships, anchors, seashells and aquatic animals.

Use navy, gold and white color accents.

Something blue bridal shower games

12. Tea Themed Bridal Shower

This tea bridal shower theme is perfect for the dainty bride. Set up the tea bridal shower decorations with some lace table runnersburlap signs and flowers.

Set up a table with different flavors of teas, scones and sandwiches.

Send guests home with tea favors and tea bag caddy and don’t forget to send guests cute tea themed invitation cards for the bridal shower

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13. Movie Themed Bridal Shower

Throw a movie themed bridal shower for the bride-to-be. Set up the food bar with fruits, sandwiches, popcorn and drinks. Serve the popcorn in cute popcorn boxes.

Make a selection of great movies throughout the bridal shower. Decorate the bridal shower with movie quotes posters.

14. Spa Night In

 Want an indoor bridal shower? Grab some matching bathrobes, face masks, and some spa treatments and throw a spa night in shower.

Have some perfect pear soap favors for guests to take home at the end of the shower.

Remember to send the spa themed invitation early enough so guests have enough time to plan for the bridal shower.

15. Champagne Tasting 

champagne tasting bridal shower

Let your taste buds loose with a champagne tasting party. Serve bowls of fruit, fresh pastries, and plenty of chilled champagne.

Follow up with some games after having a few glasses of champagne.

Stemless wine glasses are perfect shower favors for this bridal shower theme

16. Fiesta Bridal Shower

Is the bride-to-be obsessed with tacos, tequila and margaritas? Throw her a fiesta themed bridal shower.

Set up the tables using bright colored table runnerstable wares and mini maracas.

Set up a self-serve margarita bar complete with Mexican sodas, salsa and chips.

Mini pizza cutters make for a good favor for a fiesta themed bridal shower.

17. Pool Bridal Shower

Do you have access to a pool, either a private or community pool?

Help the bride relax and ease off the wedding planning stress by throwing her a pool bridal shower.

Use some fun and colorful floats, the more creative the floats the better the pictures.

Bring a cooler of cold beers, fruity cocktails and things to munch on. Make towels available for guests.

You can also set up a small bar with sunscreen and sunglasses. Have guests take the sunscreen and sunglasses home as favors.

18. Camping Bridal Shower Themes

Is the bride a camping enthusiast? A camping or glamping bridal shower would be your ideal and unique bridal shower theme.

Get enough food and drinks to last you the entire time you would be spending camping.

Set up tents and decorate the tents with centerpieces and colorful flowers.

19. Bright and Bold Bridal Shower Theme

Throw a colorful and bold bridal shower. For a bright and bold theme these are the bridal shower ideas we recommend.

Use a mix of bright and bold colors like orange, pink and purple. Use colorful table waresbackdropstable coversflowers and centerpieces.

20. Floral Bridal Shower Theme

Want an easy bridal shower theme, then throw the bride-to-be a floral themed bridal shower. Use flowers as table centerpieces and backdrops.

Complete the decor with some beautiful silverwares and plates. Send guests home with some of the flowers as wedding shower favors.

21. Disney Bridal Shower Theme

Who says you can only have fairy tale weddings. Throw a fairy tale bridal shower for the bride.

Set up a happily ever after banner, use some cartoon princesses and mouse ears as decorations.

Throw in some Disney bridal shower games to play at the shower such as Disney love songs game.

22. Brunch Bridal Shower Themes

Are you holding an afternoon affair? You can consider hosting a brunch bridal shower. Set up simple decoration with lace table runners and flowers.

Set up mimosa stations and waffle bars. Use some mimosa bridal shower decorations for the bar.

Complete the food station with peaches, berries, grapefruits and champagne. Have this heart measuring spoons on ground for guests to take home as bridal shower favors.

23. Sports Themed Bridal Shower

Got a bride that loves sports? Consider throwing her a sports themed bridal shower.  Use the colors of her favorite team for the décor.

You can also decorate using items from the sports she loves. For example if she likes football, use football shaped centerpieces and dessert toppers.

You can also bake a cake and cookies in the shape of a football.

24. Couple Bridal Shower Theme

If you have a bride-to-be that wants to involve the groom in the bridal shower then consider throwing them a couple shower.

When it comes to the decoration consider using gender neutral colors like white, yellow, green, orange.

Give wedding shower favors such as wine glass, bottle stopper as these are favors for both women and men would like.

Ditch the traditional bridal shower games like toilet paper game for games such as what did the groom say about his bridewhat’s on your phone.

Lemon bridal shower games

25. Barbeque Bridal Shower Theme

Lay down some blankets or arrange some furniture at your backyard and have an outdoor barbeque shower.

Have a menu with burgers, pulled pork, ribs, hotdogs, or opt for more sophisticated dishes like barbecued chicken, brisket, steak, or seafood. Have fun eating and playing games.

25 fun bridal shower theme ideas

These are our favorite bridal shower themes. Pick one and remember to have fun. Don’t be too caught up in getting all the details right, bridal showers are all about celebrating the bride and having fun while doing that.

Remember that in choosing unique bridal shower themes you have to consider what the bride loves as the bridal shower is all about her. You have to make sure the bride approves of the theme you select.

Also make sure guests are also aware of the theme chosen so they would know how to dress and get gifts that fits the theme.

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