How to Throw a Couple’s Shower: Best Ideas for a Co-Ed Bridal Shower

How to throw a couples shower

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The bridal shower is a pre-wedding tradition that was born out of earlier dowry practices. The bridal shower was a way of showering bride-to-be’s with gifts for their future domestic duties as a wife.

These days things are changing and modern brides are veering away from the classic girls only bridal showers and toward a more male-friendly approach by getting the groom involved in the tradition by throwing a couple’s bridal shower.

If you are planning a co-ed shower, read on to learn how to throw a couple’s shower

What is a Couple’s Shower and How is it Different from a Bridal Shower?

A couples shower party table

A Couple’s Shower is a modern pre-wedding celebration that honors both members of the couple, not just the bride.

Unlike a traditional bridal shower, which is typically a women-only gathering focusing on the bride, a Couple’s Shower is a coed event where both partners can celebrate their upcoming union with a wider circle of friends and family members, inclusive of all genders. Here are the main differences

  • Hosts: While there can be overlap in who hosts, a Couple’s Shower often includes friends of both partners in the planning.

  • Guests: The guest list for a Couple’s Shower is typically coed, welcoming all genders, as opposed to the female-only attendees at many Bridal Showers.

  • Timing and Venue: Timing for both events is similar, often a few months before the wedding. The venue can range from someone’s home to a public venue, applicable to both types of showers.

  • Gifts and ActivitiesGifts at a Bridal Shower are often centered around the bride or the couple’s home. At a Couple’s Shower, the presents might cater to shared interests. The activities can be more diverse and inclusive, reflecting the hobbies or preferences of both individuals.

With the evolving dynamics of celebrations, the Couple’s Shower is a testament to the more inclusive and shared nature of modern relationships, breaking away from the gender-specific roots of traditional Bridal Showers.

Black and White bridal shower games

Planning the Perfect Couples Shower

Co-ed party table setup

A Couples Shower is an exceptional event that celebrates both partners as they prepare for their upcoming nuptials. It is essential to consider the wedding planning timeline, striking location, inclusive guest list, and a detailed checklist to ensure a seamless celebration.

Choosing the Right Location

The choice of location is pivotal in setting the tone for the couples shower. Options may range from an intimate backyard gathering to a sophisticated event at a local venue.

One should choose a site that resonates with the couple’s personality and party theme. For instance, a nautical-themed event might be best set at a yacht club or even on a boat. Make sure to consult with the couple and the guests to choose a date that is convenient for both the couple and the guests.

Creating a Thoughtful Guest List

An inclusive guest list is key to a memorable couples shower. Consider inviting friends and family who are significant to both individuals. The list should reflect the couple’s social circles and ensure that all guests feel comfortable and valued.

Additionally, you can suggest the couple create a wedding registry to help guests in selecting gifts that would be most appreciated.

Setting a Timeline and Checklist

A timeline and checklist are the backbones of the planning process. They maintain organization and ensure nothing is overlooked. Here is an example checklist to consider:

  • 3 Months Out: Choose location, set the date, create the guest list.
  • 2 Months Out: Send out invitations, plan decorations, decide on the menu.
  • 1 Month Out: Confirm RSVPs, finalize activities and games, and purchase favors.
  • 1 Week Out: Check weather for outdoor events, confirm with vendors, create a schedule for the day.

Keeping a well-organized checklist aligned with the wedding planning timeline can make the difference between a frantic event and a flawlessly executed celebration.

Choosing the Couples Shower Theme

When planning a couples shower, the theme is the heart of the event. It should resonate with the couple’s personalities and set the stage for decorations, invitations, and activities.

Choosing a Couple’s Shower Theme

A couples wedding shower theme should be mutually enjoyable and reflective of the couple’s interests. From rustic charm to modern chic, options are abundant.

When picking a theme for a coed shower it is helpful to consider both the bride and the groom since the shower is now for the couple and not for the bride alone.

Make sure you pick a theme that is more gender neutral and the couple would love. When planning to throw a couple’s shower here are themes that will work well

Pool Party

Get the fun on by throwing a pool party! Let guests take a swim and set up diving board contests. Set up a grill and have guests take the couple’s signature drink.

Send guests home with gifts such as glassware, portable grills

Barbecue Theme

Not cut out for indoor parties? An outdoor barbecue is the answer. Plan the barbecue complete with a hot grill and a cooler of cold drinks.

Give guests gifts such a barbecue equipment, serving items.

Entertainment Couple’s Shower Theme

Have guests dress up as famous characters and bring gifts like their favorite movies, CDs and books to help the couple start their entertainment library.

Sports Theme

It’s time to bring the game on! Organize a sports shower and let guests enjoy themselves playing games such as basketball, volleyball, tennis etc.

While playing this games you can have the girls on one team and the guys on the other team to keep physical contact at the barest minimum and make everyone comfortable.

Game Themed Co-Ed Shower

Let guests have fun by playing fun shower games such as He Said She Said, What’s in Your Phone and so on. You can also incorporate board games into the shower.

Invitations and Accessories for a Jack and Jill Party

The invitations should give guests a hint of the shower theme. For a garden party, opt for invitations with floral prints or botanical motifs. Accessories could include:

  • Custom name tags accented with greenery designs
  • Themed photo booth props for capturing memories

Co-ed Wedding Shower Invitation Wording

The wording on co-ed wedding shower invitations needs to be inclusive and inviting. Highlight that it’s a celebration for both individuals as a couple.

Phrasing like “Join us to celebrate the future Mr. & Mrs.” sets the tone for a couples shower. Ensure the details about the event are clear and concise, offering a warm welcome to guests of all genders.

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Decorations for Couple’s Bridal Shower

Bride and groom sash
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If you’ve picked a theme the decor should be an easy one as all you need do is to tie your décor with the theme.

If you haven’t picked a theme or won’t have a theme for the Jack and Jill party try to go with more gender neutral decor.

Incorporate items like mason jars for a rustic feel or geometric shapes and metallic finishes for a modern look. Use a consistent color palette and thematic elements to transform the venue. For the garden theme, consider:

  • Table Centerpieces: Small potted plants or floral arrangements with greenery
  • Lighting: String lights or lanterns to evoke an enchanting outdoor setting

Co-Ed Shower Entertainment and Games

A group of people playing games and enjoying entertainment at a lively and festive jack and jill party

Couples showers are a splendid opportunity to celebrate the union with friends and family, and selecting the right mix of entertainment and games can greatly enhance the enjoyment of all attendees.

Ideas for Co-Ed Shower Games

The ideal couples shower includes a variety of wedding shower games that are both engaging and inclusive. Here are games to consider for the couples shower.

  • Bingo: A timeless choice, where cards can be filled with wedding-themed prompts. 
  • Pictionary/Charades: Energize guests with acting and drawing and offer a lively atmosphere.
  • Trivia/Jeopardy: Test guests knowledge about the couple’s journey together.
  • Board games: These are always a welcome addition to game night.

You can also go for gender neutral games like he said she said game, what did the groom say, what’s in your phone and other games like these.

Incorporating Music and Activities

Music sets the tone of any event. Hiring a DJ allows for a curated playlist that can adapt to the mood of the party. For a more immersive experience, a live band can provide a background of classics and favorite hits, delighting guests and encouraging spontaneous dancing.

Integrating activities like dance-offs or sing-alongs can add another layer of interaction, ensuring that every moment of the couples shower is filled with amusement.

Catering and Beverage Ideas

A table adorned with an array of elegant appetizers and cocktails, surrounded by happy guests mingling and toasting

In planning a couple’s shower, the food and drink arrangements are a central element that can make the event memorable. Customizing the menu and beverages to suit the couple’s tastes encourages a personalized touch, while incorporating interactive elements like specialty bars adds a fun and engaging aspect to the celebration.

Food and Drink for Couple’s Wedding Shower

The food and drink selection at a couple’s shower should cater to a wide range of preferences, while also reflecting the couple’s favorite flavors. Options can include:

  • Appetizers: Cheese platters, gourmet sliders, and sushi rolls.
  • MainsArtisanal sandwichesthemed food stations, or a buffet featuring cuisine that resonates with the couple’s culinary journey.
  • Desserts: A diverse dessert table with a collection of sweets such as mini pastries, chocolate fountains, and cupcakes.
  • Beverages: Non-alcoholic choices like fruit-infused water or signature sodas alongside alcoholic options like mimosas, beer from a local brewery, and a variety of wine.

Specialty Bars and Tastings for Couple’s Shower

Specialty bars and tastings bring an interactive twist to the event:

  • Cocktail Bar: A mixologist can prepare custom cocktails, including classics and couple-themed drinks.
  • Wine Tasting: A sommelier-guided wine tasting offers guests a sophisticated experience, pairing wines with specific appetizers or dishes.
  • Brewery Corner: Featuring a selection of craft beer from a local brewery, possibly with a guided tasting session.
  • Popcorn and Snack Bar: A casual twist with gourmet popcorn flavors paired with the couple’s favorite casual beverages, such as root beer or lemonade.
  • Leis and Libations: Incorporating a tropical theme with colorful leis for guests and tropical mixed drinks.

By thoughtfully selecting an array of food and drinks and integrating unique bar experiences, a couple’s shower can be transformed into an event that’s enjoyed by all attendees, with the added benefit of celebrating the couple’s individual tastes and personalities.

Favors for Couple’s Shower

If you are hosting a co-ed party choose prizes and favors that are gender neutral as men are not likely to appreciate a hair tie or bracelet.

Here are gender neutral favors guests will appreciate

  • Coffee mugs
  • Gift cards
  • Bottle of wine

Etiquette and Tips for Hosting a Co-Ed Bridal Shower

When planning a co-ed bridal shower, it’s vital to adhere to etiquette that ensures both members of the couple feel celebrated. Proper planning for invitations, gifts, and festivities tailored to all guests will create an inclusive and memorable event.

Shower Etiquette for a Co-Ed Bridal Shower

  • Invitations: Ensure that both sides of friends and family are invited.
  • Activities: Opt for games and entertainment that appeal to a wide audience and foster interaction between guests.

Gift-Giving at a Couple’s Wedding Shower

  • Collective Gifts: Suggest group gifts where multiple guests can contribute to a larger, more substantial present.
  • Defined Needs: Encourage the couple to specify their preferences to prevent unnecessary or duplicate items.

Helping the Couple with Their Wedding Registry

  • Registry Creation: Recommend they create a registry that reflects their combined needs and interests, ensuring product diversity to suit various budgets.
  • Sharing Information: Integrate registry details into shower invitations or a wedding website to make it easily accessible for all guests.

Co-Ed Bridal Shower Guest List and Invitations

  • Expanding the List: Invite friends, family, and acquaintances of both individuals, avoiding exclusion of significant relationships.
  • Clarity on Invitations: Use inclusive language and address invitations to all members of a household or partnership if applicable.

Hosting a Co-Ed Bridal Shower Brunch or Cocktail Party

  • Menu Selection: Provide a diverse menu that caters to different dietary restrictions and preferences.
  • Venue Atmosphere: Choose a versatile venue that supports both brunch and cocktail options, ensuring that the ambiance aligns with the desired level of formality.

This is everything you need to plan the perfect co-ed shower so go ahead and throw a couple’s shower the bride, groom, and wedding party would love!

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