How to Throw a Couple’s Shower

How to throw a couples shower

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The bridal shower is a pre-wedding tradition that was born out of earlier dowry practices. The bridal shower was a way of showering bride-to-be’s with gifts for their future domestic duties as a wife.

These days things are changing and modern brides are veering away from the classic girls only bridal showers and toward a more male-friendly approach by getting the groom involved in the tradition by throwing a couple’s bridal shower.

If you are planning a co-ed shower, read on to learn how to throw a couple’s shower

How to Plan and Host a Couple’s Co-ed Shower

1. The Venue

Before choosing a venue for the bridal shower you have to determine what the group of people coming for the shower like.

Depending on what the guests like the shower can be held at the couple’s favorite restaurant, a friend or family member of the couple’s backyard or at the beach.

Just like a regular bridal shower the shower should be held between three months and two weeks before the wedding.

Make sure to consult with the couple and the guests to choose a date that is convenient for both the couple and the guests.

2. Couple’s Shower Themes

Although it’s not a must to pick a theme for the wedding shower, nevertheless picking a theme helps tie all the different elements (like decoration, food etc.) of the party together.

When picking a theme for a coed shower it is helpful to consider both the bride and the groom since the shower is now for the couple and not for the bride alone.

Make sure you pick a theme that is more gender neutral and the couple would love.

When planning to throw a couple’s shower here are themes that will work well

  • Pool Party

Get the fun on by throwing a pool party! Let guests take a swim and set up diving board contests. Set up a grill and have guests take the couple’s signature drink.

Send guests home with gifts such as glassware, portable grills

  • Barbecue

Not cut out for indoor parties? An outdoor barbecue is the answer. Plan the barbecue complete with a hot grill and a cooler of cold drinks.

Give guests gifts such a barbecue equipment, serving items.

  • Entertainment Shower

Have guests dress up as famous characters and bring gifts like their favorite movies, CDs and books to help the couple start their entertainment library.

  • Sports Shower

It’s time to bring the game on! Organize a sports shower and let guests enjoy themselves playing games such as basketball, volleyball, tennis etc.

While playing this games you can have the girls on one team and the guys on the other team to keep physical contact at the barest minimum and make everyone comfortable.

  • Game Shower

Let guests have fun by playing fun shower games such as He Said She Said, What’s in Your Phone and so on. You can also incorporate board games into the shower.

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3. Decorations for Couple’s Bridal Shower

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If you’ve picked a theme the decor should be an easy one as all you need do is to tie your décor with the theme.

If you haven’t picked a theme or won’t have a theme for the party try to go with more gender neutral party.

4. Guest List

Wondering who to invite to the party?

Just because it’s a co-ed bridal shower doesn’t mean you have to invite everyone, keep the shower intimate and invite close friends of the couple, both sets of parents, siblings and bridal party.

Remember that everyone invited for the shower must be invited to the wedding

5. Co-ed Bridal Shower Gifts

The best gifts to give at a couple’s shower are gifts the couple can enjoy together.

Steer clear of giving gifts like lingerie, make up kit instead give gifts like kitchen appliances, barbecue equipment, electronic appliances etc.

Just make sure you give gifts both the couple can enjoy.

6. Favors for Couple’s Shower

If you are hosting a co-ed party choose prizes and favors that are gender neutral as men are not likely to appreciate a hair tie or bracelet.

Here are gender neutral favors guests will appreciate

  • Coffee mugs
  • Gift cards
  • Bottle of wine

7. Games to Play at Co-ed Shower

Often times than not showers always involve some sort of games as these games help break up the ice at the party.

Instead of playing traditional shower games like toilet paper wedding dress game or guess how many kisses, go for games that are more gender neutral like he said she said game, what did the groom say, what’s in your phone and other games like these.

Have prizes for winners at the end of the games.

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This is everything you need to plan the perfect co-ed shower so go ahead and throw a couple’s shower the bride and groom would love!

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