Bachelorette Party Planning Checklist

Bachelorette party planning checklist

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Where the bridesmaids at? Planning a bachelorette party and need help planning the bash. Follow this bachelorette party planning checklist to plan the perfect bachelorette bash.

Whether you are planning a typical girls night out or destination getaway this bachelorette party planning checklist will help you plan and host a fun and perfect bachelorette bash.

Bachelorette Party Planning Checklist: 3 Months Before

Consult the bride for her expectations and wishes for the bachelorette party:

Consult the bride about the type of bachelorette party she would love to have. Things she wants to do.

Would she prefer to have a night out at the club or a spa weekend or a beach bachelorette party or tropical retreat? What items or activities are off-limits?

Compile a guest list: 

Ask the bride for list of guest’s she would love to have at the party and their addresses. The bride’s closest girlfriends plus all bridesmaids and the bride’s sisters are usually invited to the bachelorette party.

Remember not to invite people who won’t be invited to the wedding to the bachelorette party

Choose the party date:

Choose a date that would work for all guests including out-of-town guests, make sure all guests would be available during this date.

Bachelorette parties are usually held between three months to about one to two weeks before the wedding.

Whatever time you choose to host the bachelorette party, try not to host the bachelorette party close to the wedding so as not to stress the bride and guests especially when it involves travelling.

Brainstorm ideas and discuss the budget with attendees:

Brainstorm on locations you can use, fun ideas and activities, food and drinks for the bachelorette bash and discuss how much these things will cost with the attendees

Set a budget:

Set a budget for the bachelorette bash. Usually attendees pay for their own food and drinks, so let attendees know how much they will be paying.

Entertainment costs should be covered by the hosts. The bride’s tab is split between everyone as the bride should never have to pay for herself.

Send a save-the-date email to attendees

Bachelorette Party Planning Checklist: 2 Months Before

Select a party theme:

Although bachelorette parties don’t have to have a theme if you decide to have a theme choose a bachelorette party theme that the bride will approve of  and goes with the bride’s personality.

Plan entertainment, activities and games: 

Plan fun activities and games to have at the party. Make sure to stay within the bride’s expectation.

Reserve venue/entertainment/purchase tickets for activities:

If you will be renting a venue for the bachelorette party or going out of town, make reservations, order tickets and deal with lodging and transportation details.

This is also the time to purchase tickets for bachelorette party activities, also book any talent that will be at the bachelorette party.

Make transportation arrangements:

This is the time to make transportation arrangements if you will be needing transportation.

Bachelorette Party Planning Timeline: 1 Month Before

Send out bachelorette party invites:

Bachelorette party invites should be sent now especially if the bachelorette party involves travelling or celebrating for more than one night.

Invites should be sent on time so as to give time to people to plan ahead.

Finalize the itinerary and share with guests:

Make all the necessary arrangements for everything you will be doing at the bachelorette starting from the beginning to the end depending on whether you are having a night out or a weekend getaway.

Don’t forget to include the breaks you will be taking too. Share this itinerary with guests so they can know what you have planned.

Plan games, decor and party favors:

Make a list of games you would like to play at the party. Plan the decor and favors you will be needing at the party.

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Bachelorette Party Planning Timeline: 2 – 3 Weeks Before

Purchase outfit:

Purchase bachelorette party outfit like t-shirts, swimsuits and other bachelorette party accessories like sash, tiara or veils and any additional props.

Buy bachelorette swag, decorations and favors:

Buy bachelorette party swag, decorations and order bachelorette favors.

Make restaurant reservations:

If you intend to start the bachelorette bash with dinner at a restaurant now is the time to make restaurant reservations.

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1 Week Before

Confirm with venue, catering and rentals:

Confirm venue, catering, rentals and entertainment are all set.

Confirm RSVPs and transportation arrangements:

Get a final head count for the bachelorette party also confirm transportation details.

Confirm entertainment:

If you are using entertainment such as DJ etc. confirm entertainment.

Create a party playlist:

Create a playlist for the bachelorette party.

Make a list of party activities, games and their rules:

Make a list of all activities and games you will play at the party, instructions on how to play the games and the rules guiding the games.

1 Day Before

Prepare swag, decor, game supplies and favors for the party:

Prepare bachelorette swag, put up some beautiful decor, if you have a theme let your decor tie with the theme, put finishing touch to all favors and games.

Remind guests of meeting time and place:

Get across to guests and remind them of the bachelorette time and meeting place.

The Day

Let down your hair and have fun.

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