How to Plan a Bachelorette Party on a Budget

How to plan a bachelorette party on a budget

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The bachelorette party is a fun way for the bride to be to let down her hair and have some quality time with her friends before she says I do.

Bachelorette parties tend to be wild, fun and expensive as the money spent in giving the bride-to-be an unforgettable lifetime experience adds up quickly.

Now that you have been tasked with planning the bachelorette party, you are thinking of all the expenses involved in throwing a bachelorette party and thinking of ways to throw the bachelorette party on a budget while still making it a fun and memorable one for the bride-to-be.

In this article we show you how to cut down on costs and throw a fun and luxurious bachelorette party on a budget.

1. Set Budget

The first step to throwing a fun bachelorette party on a budget is to first set the budget. Get across to everyone that would be attending the bachelorette party and find out how much each person can comfortably afford for the bachelorette party.

Keep in mind that the group is also responsible for paying the expenses of the bride for the bachelorette party so this should also be factored into the budget.

2. Location

An easy way to cut down on bachelorette party expenses is to stay local as you can avoid the out-of-town travel costs.

This method is especially effective if most or all attendees live in the same town. Look around the town for fun places and activities the bride and the group will enjoy.

You can have fun crawling the bars in town or hit up the beach or pool. You can also have a nice spa getaway or have a nice time at the new restaurant in town.

The idea is to look for fun places and activities you can do locally that will make for a memorable bachelorette party for the bride-to-be.

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3. Host a Sleepover

Instead of splurging money on some fancy restaurant and bar why don’t you host a sleepover?

Think popcorn ( just buy some cute popcorn boxes to serve it with), snacks, the bride-to-be’s favorite movies maybe some booze and staying up all night to celebrate the bride-to-be’s last days as a single person.

In the morning you can decide to make breakfast or head out for breakfast.

A sleepover or slumber party is a great way for bonding.

4. Think Outdoorsy

Is the bride-to-be the adventurous type? Then get your shoes on and get your bags packed and get involved in some fun outdoor activities.

There are many outdoor activities that are fun and free or almost cot nothing. Picnicking, hiking, camping are fun bachelorette party activities that cost little or nothing.

Make sure you pack enough food and drinks to get you through the activities. Remember to also take some photos for the gram.

5. Get Your Game On

Can a bachelorette party be complete without some games? We think not! Plan some fun games and activities for the bachelorette bash.

You can try playing some board games, or fun bachelorette games.

Games are great for getting guests settled and get to know each other and they are also a great way to fill extra time and accompany the cocktail hour.

6. Just the Must-haves

We get the fact that you are trying to throw the perfect bachelorette party for the bride-to-be but buying those personalized hats, sunglasses and so on can add up pretty fast.

Skip the bachelorette party supplies that are not essential and stick with the must-haves only.

Buy just the bachelorette decorations and supplies that are totally essential, this will free up more money for you to spend on fun games and activities that the bride will really appreciate.

7. Keep Bachelorette Party Favors and Gifts Simple

To keep the bachelorette party on a budget instead of splurging on favors and gifts you can make homemade gifts and favors.

You can decide to bake cupcakes, make your own lip gloss or body scrub and give these as favors.

While trying to throw the bachelorette party on a budget you must also think about the bride-to-be’s interests so you can plan activities and events that she would love and enjoy and fits her style.

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