Bachelorette Party Themes

Bachelorette party themes

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Planning a bachelorette party but don’t know where to start? Choosing a bachelorette party theme is the best way to get started with bachelorette party planning.

Bachelorette party themes help make other bachelorette party planning decisions easier. The bachelorette party theme determines the bachelorette party decorations, location, outfit, food, drinks, activities and games you play at the event.

There are many options when it comes to bachelorette party themes, we’ve rounded up a list of top bachelorette party themes you can’t say no to.

Read through the post and find a theme that fits the bride-to-be’s style and personality.

Best Bachelorette Party Themes

1. Nautical Theme (Last Sail before the Veil Theme)

If your girl likes going on cruises this is a perfect hen party theme for her. With this nautical bachelorette theme you can decide to rent a boat and go on a cruise and let the bride have her lass sail before the veil!

If you would rather have an indoor event grab a couple of custom nautical themed t shirts for the girls and decorate the bachelorette venue with a last sail before the veil banner, some nautical themed decorations.

2. Destination Theme

Destination bachelorette parties are becoming more popular by the day. Pack your bags and go on an overnight or weekend trip to another city or state.

Look up fun places and things to do while in that city. You can also decide to rent a bus and take a weekend road trip with the bride-to-be this will give her time to bond with her girls and take some time off from the wedding planning stress.

3. Karaoke

Looking for a simple bachelorette theme that will help the bride relax and have the best night of her life?

There is no better theme than a karaoke themed bachelorette party. Look up local bars and/or restaurants that have karaoke night.

Choose the bar you like and invite the bride and guests to a night of fun singing and dancing. Make sure to throw on the bride’s sash and tiara.

4. Wine Theme

If sipping a glass of wine while munching on cheese and fruit is the bride’s thing why not consider throwing her a wine themed bachelorette party.

The bachelorette party can involve going to some local wineries decked in wine themed bachelorette t shirts or setting up a DIY wine tasting bar at home, just put wine labels on the wine bottles complete the set up with fruit and cheese for people to munch on.

5. Spa Theme

What better way to help the bride ease of the stress of wedding planning than throwing her a spa themed bachelorette party.

You can book a massages, facials, manicure or pedicure appointment or decide to go the DIY route. Just get some spa towels and kits champagne, crackers and cheese and go ahead to pamper the bride.

6. Fiesta Theme (Mexican Bachelorette Theme)

Will the bride love a colorful affair? A fiesta themed bachelorette party is the way to go. Set up a taco bar with margaritas.

Put up some colorful fiesta themed decorations, throw in some temporary tattoos and don’t forget the bride’s sash.

7. Mardi Gras

From the beaded necklaces to the masks, delicious foods and hula hoop competitions a Mardi Gras bachelorette theme is always a hit.

This is one of our favorite bachelorette party themes, this theme is especially perfect for summer.

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8. Disney Theme

Make the bride feel like royalty by throwing her a Disney themed bachelorette party. Build the theme around a Disney character the bride loves.

Set up Disney themed decorations, set up a food bar with Disney princess shaped cookies and cake. Disney t shirts are perfect for this occasion.

9. Beach Bachelorette Party Theme

Who can say no to sun, sad and booze? A beach themed bachelorette party can never go out of season.

Grab some beach towels, coolers of cold beer or beverages, sunscreen, sunglasses and finger foods and have a fun party at the beach.

You can also throw in some bachelorette party games and a friendly beach ball game.

If you can’t make it to the beach you can have the party at a pool just grab some colorful pool floats and swimsuits.

10. Black and White Theme

Will the bride love a simple yet elegant theme? A black and white theme is simple yet very classy.

Set up the room with some elegant black and white bachelorette decorations with metallic accents. You can also match the decorations with some black and white bachelorette t shirts.

11. Country Bachelorette Theme

If the bride would love a rustic affair then she would love a country themed bachelorette party. Throw on some cute cowboy boots and hats and head out to the country or western bar for a nice time.

12. Drag Show

A drag show themed bachelorette party is fast becoming popular. If the bride loves the glitz and glam of show business she will appreciate this hen party theme.

Let the bride have a time of her life by partying with glamorous drag queens.

13. 80s Theme

If you want a retro themed bachelorette party a 80s themed party is always a hit. Decorate the bachelorette venue with retro decorations.

Guests can come to the party dressed in 80s costume. Make a playlist of 80s music you can dance to at the party.

14. Sports Theme

Help the bride stay fit ahead of the bachelorette party by throwing her a sports themed bachelorette.

Base the bachelorette theme around a sport the bride to be likes. Here are popular sports themed bachelorette ideas the bride might like playing golf, rock climbing, and baseball.

You can divide the party guests into two groups that compete against each other.

15. Slumber Theme

Let the bride enjoy her last few days as a spinster with her girls. A slumber party gives her the chance to spend time with her loved ones.

Get the girls matching pajamas, set up a popcorn bar and binge on some of the bride’s favorite movie.

16. Western Theme

A western theme is perfect for a Nash bash. Think of live music, whiskey, great food, boots, bling and plenty of fun games and activities.

17. Casino

Have a night of fun playing poker at a casino bar while snacking on some bars and sipping cocktail.

18. 70s Theme

Want a blast from the past? Try a 70’s bachelorette theme. Throw on some wigs and get your funk on to some 70s music.

If you will be having the party at home decorate the venue with 70s themed decorations.

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19. Paris Bachelorette Theme

Paris is the city of romance. It’s a perfect bachelorette party destination.

If you would rather not travel to Paris for the bachelorette party for one reason or the other you can bring Paris to you.

Use some Paris themed decorations, set up the food bar with pastries wine, cheeses and fine cuisine. You can also bake a cake in the shape of Eiffel tower.

20. Las Vegas Theme

Las Vegas is the city of fun this makes it a great bachelorette party destination. Can’t make it to Vegas?

You can bring Vegas to you. Get some matching Vegas themed t shirts, set up the venue with Vegas themed decorations.

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