How to Plan a Destination Bachelorette Getaway

How to plan a destination bachelorette getaway

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Planning a destination bachelorette getaway can be a lot of work, time consuming and really stressful. I know the pressure and stress you are under trying to plan the best destination bachelorette trip for the bride-to-be.

Here are tips and ideas on how to plan a destination bachelorette getaway the bride and the squad will totally enjoy and can’t stop talking about.

1. Consult the Bride for Her Expectations

Before going ahead with the bachelorette trip planning, you need to get together with the bride and ask for her expectations for the bachelorette getaway. Ask the bride for the city/state she would like the destination bachelorette getaway to hold, the activities and things she would like to do during the trip. Would she prefer to go to clubs and bars or would she prefer a spa weekend? What items or activities are off-limits?

The bride will also be the one to give you the guest list do not make assumptions when it comes to the guest list, let the bride provide the guest list. You can get the email addresses and phone numbers of the friends she wants at the bachelorette trip and start sending out emails or invitations.

2. Set Budget

Set a budget for the weekend getaway. Usually attendees pay for their own accommodation, food and drinks so let attendees know how much they will be paying.

Brainstorm on locations you can use, hotels or home rentals, get an estimate of these costs. Try to also get an estimate of the costs of food and drinks, fun ideas and activities, flights or whatever means of transportation you will be using, gifts for the bride, decorations, t-shirts and come up with the budget. Discuss the budget with attendees so each person can get an estimate of how much she will be spending on the bachelorette trip.

Don’t forget to include the bride’s tab in the budget as the bride should never have to pay for the getaway herself so her tab is split between the attendees.

3. Location

The location you decide to choose for the destination bachelorette getaway is dependent on several factors like

Budget – Can everyone afford the hotel you have chosen, you have to put this into consideration because each attendee will be paying for their accommodation

What the bride wants – What kind of destination does the bride want? What type of accommodation can you get around that place

Where do guests live – Are you willing to consider the convenience of guests while choosing the location? Do most guests live close to the destination or not? How easy will it be for most attendees to get to the location? Do one of the attendees live in that area? If yes, can you use her house?

Hotel or home rental – Which will guests prefer, hotel or home rental. If you are trying to stay within budget home rental might be a better choice as you will have access to a kitchen so you can cook thereby saving costs.

4. Pick the Date

Choosing a date that would work for all guests including the bride-to-be is very important. You can send an email to all guests giving them three dates to pick one that works best for them from. Then you can pick a date that works for everybody or almost everybody from their reply. Make sure the bride-to-be would be available during this date. Bachelorette parties are usually held between three months to about one to two weeks before the wedding.

Whatever time you choose to host the bachelorette party, try not to host the bachelorette party close to the wedding so as not to stress the bride and guests especially when it involves travelling.

5. Ask for Help with Planning

Bachelorette party planning can be very stressful and time consuming. You can make the planning process easier by delegating tasks. You can ask everybody to choose what part of the planning process they would like to take charge of or you can assign tasks to each person. If you are assigning tasks try to give tasks that you know people are good at and can complete to them so you don’t end up taking on these tasks yourself at the last minute and becoming even more stressed.

6. Confirm RSVPs

Confirm with guests if they will be coming for the bachelorette trip. Get a final head count for the bachelorette party so you can start booking for accommodation, transportation and make restaurant reservations etc. The earlier you start the booking process the better chances you will have of booking cheaper flights, the restaurant and hotel of your choice

7. Book Accommodation

This is the time to book for accommodation. The type of accommodation you book is dependent on the budget and what the bride wants, you can either book a hotel or a rental house. If there is only a small group of attendees you can consider booking a rental house as this will be cheaper and also help save costs of feeding as you can cook yourselves because you have access to a kitchen.

This is also the time to purchase tickets for bachelorette party activities and book any talent that will be at the bachelorette party.

8. Book Transportation

This is the time to make transportation arrangements. Depending on the budget and location of the bachelorette bash you can either book flights or rent a bus. Booking a flight is more time efficient and can also be cost effective if you book months before the bachelorette party. If you would like to do some sight-seeing and maybe even pick up on the route to the bachelorette party location you can consider renting a bus.

9. Plan Meals

If you are having the bachelorette party at a rented home, you can decide to cook most meals and eat out for some meals- this will also help save some money. Talk to guests and the bride about their food preferences and dietary restrictions so you can be aware of this while making reservations at restaurants and while grocery shopping.

Make sure to make restaurant reservations well in advance.

10. Create an Itinerary

The key to having a fun bachelorette party is planning fun activities for the bachelorette weekend. Plan fun activities you can have and places you can visit during the weekend. It’s always advisable to plan these activities before going on the trip so you don’t waste time during the trip looking for things to do. If you have no idea of what activities you can plan for the trip, you can ask other guests for their suggestions.

Remember to be flexible with your itinerary, you do not have to plan every hour of the bachelorette bash just have a flexible itinerary of what the group will do and try not to schedule too many activities. Also factor in time for people to get ready in the itinerary.

It’s a good idea to share the itinerary with guests before the trip so the guests can have an idea of outfits to bring along for the trip.

11. Purchase Party Items

Purchase items you will be needing during the destination bachelorette getaway. Purchase bachelorette party accessories like tattoos, sash, tiara or veils for the bride, to save costs consider getting a bachelorette party kit that has all these accessories.

If the group will be wearing matching outfits like t-shirts, swimsuits during the bach getaway now is the time to purchase these outfits like t-shirts, swimsuits.

Also remember to buy bachelorette swag, decorations, favors and games if you will be playing any during the getaway.

Planning a bachelorette trip can be stressful and time consuming but it’s worth it if the trip is well planned and the group especially have fun while on the trip. Make sure to always to always be in communication with the guests all through the planning period so everybody can be aware of what’s happening and what to expect during the destination bachelorette getaway.

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