How to Build a Bachelorette Survival Kit

Bachelorette survival kit

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We all know bachelorette parties are usually wild with a lot of booze, dancing and partying. To help everyone survive through the wild bachelorette night or weekend we recommend packing a bachelorette survival kit. You can build one giant bachelorette survival kit that everyone can have access to throughout the party or you can build a kit for each attendee.

You can replace the bachelorette favors with the survival kits if you decide to build a kit for each guest. Whether you decide on building a general kit or a kit for each guest here is a list of things you need to build the perfect bachelorette survival kit.

What to Put in Bachelorette Party Survival Kit

1. Start with Packaging

To build a bachelorette oh shit kit you need to start with cute packages for the kit. The packaging is especially useful if you will be giving out the kits to guests as thank you gifts.

Favor Bags: These favor bags are cute and big enough for packing all the bachelorette party favor and goodies and the fact that are re-usable is a big plus.

Tote Bags: These bags are perfect for fitting in all the bachelorette survival kits.

2. Fill Them with Cute Favors

When thinking of bachelorette favors to include in the bachelorette oh shit kits you should consider favors that are cute and can be used during and after the bachelorette party. Here are bachelorette favors to include.

Lip Balm: Dry and Cracked lips are not sexy. Keep your lips soft and hydrated with lip balms.

Eye Masks: To block out the light while sleeping. After a night of partying a good sleep is what you need.

Pens: Just because you might need to write something during the party.

Hair Ties: Keeps your hair out of your face while partying.

Sunglasses: To keep the sunlight out while out with the bachelorette party group and to block the bar lights while partying.

3. Throw in the Hangover Essentials

We all know the bachelorette party will be incomplete without hitting the bar and having one or two drinks too many. Help the girls get through the night of booze by throwing in the following hangover essentials into the kit.

Pedialtye Powder Packs: This helps the girls replace the fluid they have lost and stay properly hydrated after all the booze.

Advil: After partying and dancing all night and the splitting headache that comes with hangovers the girls will sure need a pain reliever. Be sure to throw in some pain reliever into the bachelorette party oh shit kit.

Bottle of water: Considering the amount of alcohol that will be consumed it’s very important for the bachelorette tribe to stay hydrated during the bachelorette party and afterwards. The water might also be needed to take some pain relievers.

Hand Sanitizers: Just because you don’t know where so many hands you touched have been and you need to keep germs at bay.

Band Aids: You can never be too prepared. This comes in handy in case someone falls or get those bad blisters from shoes.

4. A Little Something

Apart from the favors, packaging and hangover kits you also need other things people can drink and munch on whenever they get thirsty or hungry.

Mini Bottle of Vodka: This comes in handy for getting stains and spills out of clothes and the fact that you have access to alcohol doesn’t mean you can’t bring yours!

Shot Glass: In case you decide to drink the vodka.

Granola Bars or Nuts: Perfect for people to munch on if they get hungry.

5. Just In Case

Sewing Kit: You can never tell when you will need a quick dress fix.

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