Bachelorette Party Ideas – 10 Clean and Classy Ideas

Bachelorette party ideas

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When you think of bachelorette parties you think of destination bachelorette weekends with wild fun parties hopping from one bar to the other. But what if the bachelorette party crew can’t afford a destination weekend or if the bride doesn’t like the wild bachelorette parties and would like some clean, classy bachelorette party ideas that don’t involve strippers?

Here are alternative bachelorette party ideas that are affordable, classy and clean.

1. Spa Day

What better way to help the bride relax and take off the stress of wedding planning by having a spa date. The spa date would also help the bridesmaids relax. Spend the day getting manicures, pedicures, facials, massages and treatments. If you are holding the bachelorette party close to the wedding date, it’s also the perfect time to spend on products to help get the bride ready for her big day.

2. Wine Tasting

Has wine always been the bride’s way of celebrating? Then throw her a wine tasting bach bash. You can either book at a vineyard or winery close to you or you can have a wine professional come to the bachelorette party venue and show you how a wine tasting is done. If the bride would just like a quiet wine tasting party at home you can choose to have a DIY wine tasting party.

3. Cooking Lesson

Is the bride a foodie? Then taking a cooking lesson might be a perfect bachelorette party idea for her. To make this bachelorette party activity extra special you can book a chef to make a special meal and give the bride a cooking lesson.

4. Cabin Getaway

Is the bride an outdoorsy person? Then, treat her to a fun cabin weekend getaway. Book a nice cabin in the woods and let the bride let her hair down, take some time off wedding planning and enjoy some time with her friends. Remember to pack the bachelorette survival kit.

5. Go Camping

This is one of our favorite bachelorette party ideas. If the bride prefers to rough it out camping to having a cabin getaway then you should absolutely have a camping trip. Bring along tents, sleeping bags and backpacks. Make sure to have plenty log of woods to keep yourselves warm and also roast food.

6. Paint Party

Is the bride a creative? What better way for her to spend the bachelorette party day than letting her creative juice flow by having a paint party while drinking glasses of wine. Buy canvasesacrylic paint in different colors and paint brushes. If the bride would rather not have a paint party, you can join an art class close to you and spend time creating items the bride can take along to her new home.

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7. Girl’s Sleepover

This is a beautiful way of celebrating the brides last days as a single woman with the bride having a fun night surrounded with her friends. Get matching bachelorette party pajamas, open up some wine, order some snacks and binge on movies. The maid of honor can host the sleepover or if she can’t any of the bridesmaids can host the sleepover.

8. Sight Seeing

Has the bride always longed to visit a city? Now is the time to help the bride achieve that dream. You can rent a bus and take a road trip to the city. Look online for fun places and things to do while at the city.

9. Music Concert

Do you have a music loving bride? Check around town for music concerts by the brides favorite artists. If you can’t find one you can opt for a band the bride likes and go watch them perform.

10. Exercise Class

Help the bride stay fit and trim for the wedding day by having an exercise class. You can choose to go with the brides favorite workout method. Or you can choose to go bowling, take a yoga class or have play a round of golf.

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