15 Things Wedding Guests don’t Care About

15 Things Wedding Guests don't Care About

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We all know for a fact that wedding preparation is stressful. With an ever-expanding list of things to accomplish, from the décor to the dress to the food and everything in between, stress may build up at a breakneck pace.

You’re attempting to decide between roses and ranunculus one minute. Instead of obsessing over little things, spare yourself the trouble by understanding what matters to your visitors and, more importantly, what does not.  

In reality, other than terrific music and nice cuisine, most visitors don’t pay attention to the specifics.

If you’re attempting to plan a wedding without taking out a second mortgage on your house, consider saving time and money by skipping the following items that the wedding guests don’t care about.

Things Wedding Guests don’t Care About

1. Calligraphy on Envelopes

Hiring a calligrapher to address your wedding envelopes is a long-standing wedding custom that has recently made resurgence thanks to the availability of hand lettering professionals.

A simple search reveals that envelope addressing, which includes the return address and envelopes, may cost up to $6-8 per invitation. This is for the section of your invitation that will most likely be thrown away as soon as it arrives at your visitors’ houses.

If you appreciate the aesthetic of hand calligraphy, consider spending your money on wedding signs or bridal party presents. If you are on a tight budget, it is ideal to spend your money on items that you can use after the wedding.

2. Flowers

Flower arrangements are nearly always a pleasant touch to your selected location and may inject a bit of your personality into the room.

While no one can deny that golden dip-dyed roses are stunning, they are also a waste of time and money. Whether you’ve picked exotic blossoms from far-flung parts of the world or locally grown greenery, guests will enjoy the thoughtful, aromatic touches.

Rather than spending a lot on expensive flowers, go to your local farmer’s market or florist. Why pay the additional money if your visitors have no idea where your flowers come from?

3. Open Seating

On rare occasions, couples choose to forego the seating chart, believing they are doing their friends a favor by allowing them to choose their seats.

However, for guests who do not know anybody else at the wedding, this might be an awkward situation. It’s quite uncomfortable, and many are forced to stand since there are single seats throughout the place that no one wants to sit in.

4. Wedding Gown

This one may be a little controversial, but I believe that spending your wedding funds on a gorgeous gown to wear once and never again is less than sensible. That’s not to recommend guests won’t recall an outrageous gown, except if the bride is not wearing a wonderfully cut gown, guests won’t notice the absence of a luxury tag.

Before you worry, let me explain that your guests are concerned about your attire. What they will not think twice about is the cost or design of your gown.

So don’t take out a little debt to get a dress with a big brand name in the hopes of impressing your guests, as an alternative select a dress that is a good fit for you.

5. Fancy Centerpieces

While table ribbons and centerpieces add to the general aesthetic of your wedding, the majority of guests will forget whether you used them. At the ceremony, they may obstruct peoples’ view.

Although they are beautiful but if you are on a tight budget then you can choose to forgo these.

6. The First Dance

Most people won’t remember your first dance what they might remember from the first dance might be a mistake you made while trying to impress them with a hard dance routine you have put in weeks of practice to perfect.

Considering this it’s vital to be yourself and take pleasure in the moment. Do a few moves that you feel completely at ease completing, no matter how simple. This is excellent for you, your guests, and your wedding photographs; that way everyone wins!

Have fun, smile, and enjoy the moment. This is a special time for you and your better half, so make the most of it.

7. How the Food is Served

Some visitors prefer a plated dinner over a buffet, while others like the freedom to pick more of what they enjoy and less of what they don’t. However, if a couple is supplying a dinner, most visitors will not mind how it is presented.

To be honest, you might want to give more attention to serving buffet style as this accommodates a wide range of diets/preferences and visitors have the choice of emphasizing whichever aspects they choose.

8. Wedding Cake

Towering tiers of wedding cake, handmade sugar paste decorations, and 24-carat gold ornaments. The elaborately crafted wedding cake is stunning, but guests won’t notice if you choose to go for an aesthetically simple cake instead as long as it tastes well.

You can also dessert bar is an excellent choice. Guests will be just as happy if the cake is replaced with an array of equally delectable cupcakes, macaroons, or ice cream sundaes.

9. Tossing of Bouquets

This custom has grown fairly antiquated in recent years, with many women deciding to forego it entirely. It all depends on what you want but be certain that if you decide not to toss the bouquet, no individual will notice.

Furthermore, less time spent gathering the people for the ceremonial pitch equals more time spent on the dance floor.

10. A Slideshow

A slideshow is a wedding extra that takes a long time to create, but most guests wouldn’t notice if you didn’t have one.

Except for the parents, only half of the guests pay attention, and the slideshow seems to bore some people.

11. Favors for the Wedding

Giving expensive favors such as engraved champagne flutes, personalized candles, and other novelty things is a huge investment for the bride and husband.

Although these favors may look like huge presents but the majority of your guest will most likely just toss the favors in someplace and forget about it when they get home.

Instead of spending so much on wedding favors people might not use you can provide edible favors people can eat and drink.

12. Wedding Speeches

Wedding speeches are lovely; however extensive speeches do not entertain. So, if you want your friends and relatives to deliver speeches, request that they keep them brief.

Don’t make it too long and put folks to sleep.

13. Guestbook

Guest books may be costly, and the cost might increase as you add more details to the guest books. If you must have a guestbook keep things basic.

You may make a DIY guestbook; it won’t matter to your guests that you created it yourself.

Your guests won’t forget it, and on this day, you’ll have hundreds of photos of your family and friends celebrating your important day.

14. Wedding Programs

Wedding programs are intended to be useful. However, once you have completed the vows, they are no longer required.

If you are on a tight budget, save yourself the trouble of making a wedding program since it won’t be useful beyond the vows stage.

15. Alcohol

Some of your wedding guests will be offended if you do not provide the alcohol. What they will not mind is the sort of alcohol you will provide.

If you don’t have a huge budget for alcohol at your wedding, spare yourself the trouble and go for the less costly options.

Allow a professional prepare the drinks, and no one will be able to tell which brand they are drinking.

To save even more money on alcohol, instruct your bartender to open the bottles only after emptying the previous bottle, this way you can return the unopened bottles at the end of the day.

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