How to Plan a Baby Shower

How to plan a baby shower

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The arrival of a baby is an exciting time and deserves a celebration. A baby shower is a great way to celebrate the mom-to-be and the baby. If you are in charge of planning a baby shower you should try to plan the perfect baby shower for the parents-to-be and also give the guests one hell of a baby shower they will not forget for decades.

To plan a baby shower you should consider some essential things like mom’s personality, what she likes and pick a baby shower theme with this in mind.

Ready to plan and host the perfect baby shower? Let’s dive right into the article!

How to plan and host a baby shower

1. Pick a date and time

Consult with mom-to-be on the date and time she would love to have the baby shower. Most baby showers are held when the mother is about seven months pregnant. This is because the last two months before the birth of the baby can be pretty hectic for the expectant mother. So, throwing a baby shower when mama-to-be is seven months pregnant is quite ideal as she would still be pretty comfortable by this time. This time frame will also allow her to write thank you notes after the baby shower, arrange the baby shower gifts and buy whatever she needs before the baby arrives.

Some parent-to-be prefer the baby shower to be held after the birth of the baby.

Whether the parents-to-be decide on having the baby shower before the birth of the baby or after the birth of the baby just make sure to host a baby shower they will never forget.

Here are some good reasons to have the baby shower before and after the baby’s birth

Before the baby’s birth

  • The expectant parent can have time to decide presents, purchase the missing items and set up the nursery.
  • Mom-to-be will have more time to relax and enjoy the shower instead of changing the baby’s nappies and feeding baby.
  • At this time, mama-to-be can get all of the emotional support that she needs and can have a lot of fun, extra love and comfort.

After the baby’s birth,

baby shower feud game

2. Choose a baby shower theme

Once you have decided the time for the baby shower, now is the time to choose a perfect baby shower theme. Although it is not necessary to choose a theme, a theme can make the party planning process easier.

A baby shower theme can work in tying all the baby shower planning together as it helps you coordinate the food, decorations, invitations and games of the baby shower. If you have a hard time deciding what theme you will choose, think about what mama-to-be is passionate about. Does she like travelling? Plan an adventure-themed baby shower. Does she like Friends TV show? Throw a FRIEND themed baby shower. Choose a theme that reflects the mother’s personality and have fun. You can also check out our list of the fun and unique baby shower themes

3. Determine the guest list and the budget

The guest list is going to be decided by the mother to be. The budget depends on the guest list. Once she has handed out the guest list to you with addresses and emails, now is the time to calculate the budget critically. While determining the budget for the baby shower, keep in mind the décor, the food, the venue, favor and entertainment.

4. Gather Baby shower ideas

Now think of as many baby shower ideas as you can for the theme that has been chosen. Gather ideas for décor, food, favor and entertainment. Decide on the type of décor that will work with the theme chosen. For example, if you are throwing a Harry Potter themed baby shower, then the décor is going to be Harry Potter themed. Food is also one of the essential parts of any event.

The food should alsowork with the theme. For example, if you are throwing a butterfly themed baby shower, you should add butterfly cupcakes to the menu.

5. Choose a venue

Choose the perfect location for the baby shower according to your budget and theme. If you will have a large number of guests, you can choose a hotel or restaurant. If you are throwing a private and intimate baby shower, then your home or that of the expectant mother will work. If you want an outdoor baby shower you can consider a park. It all depends on your budget and you theme.

6. Send out baby shower invitations

Send out invitations and let your guests know the timing date and the venue. You can either send electronic invites or printed ones. If you are planning a themed baby shower, your invitation should tie into the baby shower theme.

Make sure you know the correct address and the contact of the guest that you wish to invite. You should send invitations four to six weeks before the baby shower. Try creating RSVPs as they come in and remind the guests of the baby shower one or two days before.

6. Plan the menu and decor

No party is complete without the refreshments. When planning the menu, try choosing a menu that fits nicely on the theme. Stick with the colour palette of the theme; if you are planning a rainbow-themed baby shower, a rainbow of fruit display will suit the theme.

If you have chosen to have the baby shower at a restaurant, you can ask the restaurant to create a menu for the event. If the baby shower is at home, you can have a list of guests and ask the guests to bring a dish from that list. One food item that is a MUST for a baby shower is Cake!

For the baby shower decoration, stick to the theme while planning the decor. You can be as creative as you want when it comes to decorations. Decorations in a baby shower usually include welcome banners, balloons, centerpieces, garlands and much more. The little details matter when it comes to decoration as it makes it more fun and exciting.

7. Create a party timeline

Creating a baby shower timeline will help you have an organized party and make sure you don’t forget any activity during the baby shower. For example, some activities that usually takes place during a baby shower are eating, drinking, gift opening and games. The guests will be more engaged and entertained if all these activities are done according to a sequence. For example, when the guests arrive, give them about 10 to 15 minutes to say their hellos and settle in and start with all the activities. A baby shower usually lasts for 2 -3 hours.

8. Buy or make baby shower favor and accessories

A baby shower favor acts as a thank you gift to all guests who attended the baby shower. You can buy baby shower favor or you can make your own favor. Popular baby shower favors include jar of sweets, scented candles, soaps and key chains. If you are on a tight budget DIY favors can save you a lot of money.

Do not also forget to buy accessories like sash and tiara for the mom-to-be.

9. Baby shower games and activities

Best baby shower games

Baby shower games and activities can double the fun at the baby shower. The mom-to-be and guests will have a fun time playing games and mingling. Make sure you plan some exciting games and activities. Baby shower games are great for guests to interact and socialize so no one gets home bored. Gather all the needed supplies and gifts for the winners.

10. Have Fun

Now that you know every trick to throw a fantastic baby shower now is time to get to work and have fun planning the baby shower. Make sure you keep the interests of the mom-to-be in mind as you plan the shower.

An essential tip that we can leave you with is to have a lot of fun. Enjoy the baby shower as much as you can!

How to plan a baby shower

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