24 Best Baby Shower Themes

Baby shower themes

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Are you planning a baby shower and can’t decide on the baby shower theme to use? Here are some unique baby shower themes and ideas!

Choosing a perfect and unique theme for a baby shower should not be a daunting task. Before picking a theme, consider what the parents-to-be like and choose a theme that is close to this. For example, if they love travelling, you can choose a travel baby shower theme.

Let’s take a look at some unique baby shower themes

Best Baby Shower Themes

1. Nautical baby shower theme

women smiling and standing beside table

A nautical theme baby shower is an excellent idea if the parents-to-be are fans of sea animals, traditional colours and everything related to the sea. Create a magical atmosphere that will be memorable. This is a gender-neutral baby shower theme that is fun and interesting.

Decorate the venue with fishing nets, nautical themed banner and balloons, fishbowl centerpieces, blue colored tableware.

Boat-shaped sugar cookies, ocean themed cupcakes, jello sailboats, fruit boats are also great food options for nautical themed baby shower.

Send the guests home with favors such as bath bombs, nautical themed cake pops, nautical themed candy, whale key chains.

2. All white themed baby shower

Who doesn’t love white? The white themed baby showeris an excellent and a unique idea. It is a perfect gender-neutral baby shower theme. White is always classy and it gives a modern minimalist touch.

Decorate the venue with white balloons, white flowers, multi-colored ribbons, white tablecloth, white banner.

Bake or order for White fondant cake and white cupcakes.

Give outdiaper shaped cookies, small white candies, diaper key chains as party favors

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3. The adventure begins baby shower theme

What’s more adventurous than welcoming a newborn baby into your life? As soon as the baby comes, life changes and the adventure begins. So, why not plan an adventure begins’ theme baby shower. Let’s look at the options of decor, food and favor. It’s an excellent baby shower idea for parents-to-be that are adventurous or love traveling.

Use “let the adventure begin” banner, balloons, flowers, adventure themed signs in decorating the venue

Set up separate tables for food and desserts

Mini suitcases with mini candies, fake mini passports, mini globes, adventure awaits stress ball are a few of adventure themed favors guests will love.

4. Succulent themed baby shower

If you can’t decide on any theme, a Succulent theme baby shower is a great idea. You can set up the room with succulents and flower arrangements and unleash your creativity with this unique theme. You can try pairing green Succulent with fluffy white flowers

Decorate the room with welcome signboard with succulent plants, floral garland, decorate the chair with flowers and have floral themed table runner.

You can bake white cake with green flowers. You can also have green cupcakes also.

Give out small succulent as favor.

5. Tea themed baby shower

various desserts on a table covered with baby blue cover

If mama-to-be is a great tea lover, then a tea baby shower theme will be a great theme for her. If you want a more relaxed tea baby shower a mid-day brunch tea is ideal; for those who are nature lovers, tea in the garden is a great option, if you have a fun-loving mom-to-be then a classic English tea party would be a perfect choice.

Having a separate tea station is always a great idea! Have a variety of tea options so each guest can have whatever they want. Set out a beautiful dining or seating area.

Here are a few food and tea options you should serve at the baby shower; Hot tea, iced tea, sandwiches, cookies, cakes.

Herbal tea bath sachets, bags of rock sugar, personalized tea blend are great favors for a tea themed shower.

6. Cowboy themed baby shower

We all love cowboys – so how about a themed baby shower? This is a unique baby shower idea if the mom-to-be is having a baby boy.

Set up the venue with bales of hay, cowboy hats, paisley prints table covers, burlap signs, red and blue lanterns, mason jar centerpieces filled with fresh flowers and “it is a cowboy” banner.

Fried chicken, potato salad, cowboy casserole, Jelly beans and liquorice are great food options to serve at the cowboy baby shower.

You can bake or other cowboy themed cupcakes and give them out as favors

7. Harry Potter themed baby shower

Who isn’t a fan of Harry Potter? This one is best if the parents-to-be are a Harry Potter fan. You can be creative in so many ways and celebrate your Harry Potter themed baby shower. You can play different games, like dumb charades featuring Harry Potter characters. Send an adorable invitation by adding “Attention All Muggles” we have a baby shower. Be creative and make the baby shower memorable.

For Harry Potter themed décor, make adorable Hedwig balloons using simple white balloons, hang a clothesline with some hand-made onesies, display some Harry Potter customised props and use white candlesticks.

For food options Harry Potter themed cake, juice in potion bottles, scarves and broomstick cupcakes, Hedwig’s cupcakes, chocolate wands, caramel covered apples are a few options to consider.

Bertie Bott’s every flavor beans is a great favor to give guests

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8. Woodland themed baby shower

A fun woodland baby shower is one theme that can make the shower memorable. Brighten up the venue with cheerful animals, leaves and whimsical trees.

Bear rug, beeswax candles, animal balloons, woodland animal centrepieces are also great decoration ideas.

Serve the food on wooden platters and also have animal shaped cupcakes for everyone to enjoy.

Animal key chains and woodland animal figures are a few of favors to give guests.

9. Bee themed baby shower

This gender neutral baby shower is so unique that all the lady bees in the hive won’t stop buzzing about it. Your mommy to “bee” is all ready to venture into motherhood. Start by sending out some unique mama-to-bee inspired invitations.

Here are some excellent décor ideas; Mom-to-be sign, bee balloon garland arch, sunflower bouquet, bee tablecloth, bee banner, bee fairy string light.

Waffles, deviled eggs, honey glazed chicken skewers, honey lollypop, lemon loaf, cheeseboard, popcorn, honey strawberry lemonade, honey Iced tea are a few food options you should consider serving at the shower.

Bee themed gift box, honey, honeycomb coasters, honey dipper are great favor ideas for a bee themed baby shower.

10. Space themed baby shower

A space themed baby shower is a unique and fun idea as it is filled with details of elegance and grace. You can be creative with this theme and make a memorable baby shower.

Here are some ideas for decoration.

Rocket inspired table setting, moon menus, blue linens table covers, gold sequin runners, chalkboard globes, “Prepare for landing” signs.

For the food you can have space cake, planet pops, alien cookies, hummus rockets, caprese skewers etc.

For favors, other worldly blooms, maps are a few ideas you can consider.

11. Vintage themed baby shower

If the mommy-to-be loves the vintage vibe, this unique baby shower theme is definitely for her. Pick out some classic cool colors, or you can choose her favourite decade and decorate accordingly.

For the décor, lily flower centrepieces, vintage toys, vintage style plates, watercolor portraits are a few options you can consider using.

For the food, you can have cupcakes with vintage themed toppers and popular from her favorite decade

For the favors give guests small vintage packed gifts.

12. Moustache themed baby shower

The popularity of moustache themed party won’t be dwindling soon. As the name suggests, this is a fun baby shower idea for boys. The more creativity you unleash, the more fun. Start by sending an invitation with “a little mister coming soon”. Then, let’s see the decor, food and favour ideas.

For the decoration use “little man” banner, paper moustaches, moustache glass jars, plates with moustache prints, black and white balloons with moustache drawing.

For the food you can have a little man cake, customized moustaches cupcake, black Oreo cookies and sandwiches set out on the table.

Candies and sweets in moustaches box will make for the perfect baby shower favor

13. Wonder woman baby shower themes

All women are wonder women so why not celebrate the mom-to-be with this beautiful baby shower theme? Wonder woman’s baby shower will also be a great idea if the mom-to-be will be having a baby girl.

For the décor, have a wonder woman themed banner displayed. Hang stars and red balloons all around the venue and do not forget to get a tiara for the mom-to-be.

Serve a variety of food like sweet fruit dip with strawberry, sandwiches, carrot juice, wonder woman themed cake and cupcakes.

Favor ideas like wonder woman key chains and figures will be appreciated by the guests.

14. Garden themed baby shower

Garden baby shower theme

If the parents-to-be would like a more relaxed baby shower then consider throwing them a garden baby shower.

For the décor, consider using flower photo backdrop, floral print table runners, mason jar vases and baby’s breath centerpieces.

Here are a few food ideas to serve at the party. Carrots and hummus pot, cookies, cupcakes with butterfly toppers, fruit salad and punch.

Succulents, flower seeds, garden starter kit and handmade soap are some of the favors we think guests would love.

15. Mermaid themed baby shower

One more fish is about to be added to the sea! This magical theme would be an excellent idea for a baby shower. Start by sending a mermaid themed invitation as this will help set the tone for the party. Then, throw the splashiest mermaid baby shower and create memories!

Consider using Mermaid banner, mermaid garland, mermaid balloons and cake toppers as decorations for the baby shower.

For the mermaid baby shower theme, starfish sandwiches, ocean dipped strawberries, octopus cake pops, coral reef veggie dip, clam cookies, pretzels, watermelon pirate ship, octopus dip dish are great food options.

Seashell candles, mermaid hair ties, mermaid enamel pins, bath bombs, mermaid shaped coasters will make for great favors.

16. Safari themed baby shower

Safari themed baby shower is an excellent idea for someone who loves nature and animals.

Set up the baby shower venue with jungle animal backdrop. Hang green and gold balloons around the venue. Use palm tree leaves hanging chandeliers and decorate the table with large vases filled with giant leaves. You can also use safari animal figures as centerpieces.

For the cake, have a Safari cake baked and use safari animals toppers.Hummus with fresh veggies, chicken skewers and dipping sauce, self-serve popcorn bars, animal crackers, mini-meatballs and fruit salad are perfect food ideas for this theme.

Elephant bottle openers and animal keychains are great favor options

17. Halloween themed baby shower

two jack o lanterns

Go wild and plan a Halloween themed baby shower where food can be fun and spooky, the decoration can also be freaky and creepy.

Welcome guests with peek-a-boo welcome sign. Decorate the event venue with purple and black balloons, pumpkin centerpieces, spooky banner and have fun and spooky photo props available for people to take pictures with.

Food ideas for the party includes pig in blanket, chocolate candy apple, pretzel ghosts, and a black and purple cake

For the favor, you can write a sweet note on a pumpkin and have people take them home.

18. Disney themed baby shower

Throw a classy, gender-neutral Disney themed baby shower. Make the Disney themed baby shower magical and refresh all memories of your guests about all things Disney. You can choose to build your theme around the mom-to-be’s favorite Disney movie or choose to go with a general theme like Disney princesses nor Minnie Mouse if the couple are expecting a girl or Mickey Mouse if it is a boy.

For the decorations the easiest thing to do is to buy a decorating bundle featuring the Character or movie your theme is about. The decorating bundle will come complete with banners, balloons, table runners etc.

Set up the food station with Disney cake, cookies, bread, rice Krispie treats on a stick and assorted deli meats cut into the shape of the character of your theme.

For the favors you can give out figures of the Disney character your theme is on. Cookie-cutter in the shape of your character is another great favor idea.

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19. Friends (TV show) themed baby shower

Friends is one of the most popular TV shows in the world. This show is loved by many people. So if your mama-to-be is a friends’ fan, then this baby shower idea is for her.

Here are décor ideas you can use; “the one where the baby comes” banner, lavender apartment door, yellow framed spy hole, “hi” sign with Ross’ picture, Pheobe’s guitar. With this theme you are allowed to be as creative as you like.

Food ideas includeRachel’s trifle, coffee (recreate central Perk Coffee shop if you can), central Perk logo, Joey’s meatball sandwiches, lasagne, Chandler’s mac and cheese, Cheesecake.

Favor ideas to give include; we were on a break’ kitkat, lobster keyring, Frankie say relax T-shirt.

20. Fall baby shower theme

If the parents-to-be are expecting their bundle of joy in the fall, a fall themed party might be perfect for the baby shower. You can do a lot of creative things with such this theme.

Here are décor ideas you can consider “little pumpkin” banner, orange and brown balloons, glass vases with Chrysanthemum flowers, pumpkin centerpieces.

For the food you can consider pumpkin pie, cranberry brie pecan, bacon cheeseburger slider, pumpkin spice latter, cranberry chicken salad, apple nachos

For the favors you can bake pies and put them in fall themed boxes.

21. Winter themed baby shower

Welcoming a baby in any season is undoubtedly a delight but doing it in winters gives a unique and magical vibe. For the décor, you can try bright whites, pops of shimmer, deep greens, blues and pink tones.

For the decoration you can put up baby, it’s the cold outside banner and decorate the venue with white trees, polar bears stuffed animal and snowmen. You can also use twinkling lights, winter snowflake and white and blue balloons

Here are some food options you can serve at the shower. Candy apples, cinnamon rolls, snowball doughnuts, hot cider and snowman/woman cake.

Favors you can give include candies (include a thank you snow many” card), lip balm, snowflakes shaped keychains, mini stuffed animals.

22. Unicorn themed baby shower

Celebrate this magical baby shower including rainbow colours, shimmer, glitter and unicorns. Give an enchanting feel by adding rainbow cakes and much more.

Decorate the baby shower venue with bright balloons, small unicorns, pink and purple flowers, unicorn piñata and do not forget to include a “dream big little unicorn” banner

Foods you can serve at the party are unicorn cakes, colorful cupcakes, colorful lollipops and pastel treats.

For favors Macarons and unicorn keychains are perfect favors guests will appreciate.

23. Winnie the pooh baby shower

If the mom-to-be is a fan of Winnie the pooh then this unique baby shower idea is the one that she will love.

For the décor put up a Winnie the Pooh banner, balloon arch, honey pots, lantern hives. Do not forget to use decors with  yellow, pink and blue colors

Foods you can serve are macarons, honey lemonade, rabbit vegetable garden, chocolate covered strawberry, piglets in blankets.

Send guests home with favors like honeycomb soap, honey scented candles and honey bear jars .

24. Princess themed baby shower

As the name suggests, this baby shower is for a girl. If the parents-to-be are expecting a cute little princess, then this might be a perfect theme for their baby shower.

For the décor you can use a Castle backdrop and integrate glittery and sparkly items into the decoration. You can stick with a pink, purple and gold colour scheme and do not forget to get the mom-to-be a gold tiara.

Have tiara shaped cookies, tiara cupcakes and a princess themed cake on the dessert table for guests.

Send guests home with personalized lip balms, star-shaped soaps or even some baked goodies.

25. Sunflower baby shower themes

If you want to throw a bright, sunny baby shower, this theme is the best one. Sunflower baby shower has always been popular.

Set the tone for the party by decorating the venue with shades of yellow. Put up a “baby is blooming” banner, hang yellow balloons and use centerpieces with fresh sunflowers in vases

Mac and cheese casseroles, hummus and pita and cupcakes with sunflower toppers are a few food you can serve at the party.

Sunflower keychains and sunflower seeds make the perfect favor for this baby shower theme.

Best baby shower themes

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