21 Best Birthday Party Themes for Boys

Birthday party themes for boys

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Themes are always fun for birthday parties, but choosing the right one can sometimes be hard. Birthday party themes for boys can include sports, favorite TV shows or movies, science, space and outer space, pirates, and other adventures.

If you are looking for perfect birthday party themes for boys, here are boys birthday party themes

Best Birthday Party Themes for Boys

1. Arts and Crafts Birthday Theme

pencils in stainless steel bucket

Treat your little boy to a party inspired by the Arts and Crafts birthday party.

Decorations: Decorate the party area with construction paper cutouts, tissue paper pom-poms, and whatever else you think they would like.

You can also make pretty cool things using cupcake liners, clothespins, and other simple items.

Food: If you have time, you can make cupcakes and cookies yourself, if not you can use store-bought cupcakes or cookies and serve them on a fun platter with a construction paper banner that says “Happy Birthday.”

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2. Dinosaur

Dinosaur birthday party theme are great for any boy. His imagination can run wild with the different dinosaur themes popular today.

Decorations: You can keep it simple with a dinosaur poster or go wild with dinosaur footprints on the floor, green streamers, and balloons to make it feel like you’re in a jungle!

Food: For beverages, create a giant volcano punch bowl out of empty 2-liter bottles filled with red punch topped with dry ice “smoke.” You can also serve yummy green gummy worms or jello worms in an ice bucket.

3. Train Birthday Theme

A train party is a great boys birthday party themes.

Decorations: The basic color combination for a train themed birthday party is blue, red, yellow, and black. If you want to add some accents, choose green or brown.

Solid colors are a good choice. Use a table setting that is either red or blue. You can decorate chairs with small balloons tied up with ribbons in the four main colors of the party.

Food: Use blue cake frosting to create a cloudy sky on a white sheet cake. Place little plastic toy trains on top of the cake or use train-shaped cookie cutters to make cookies in various colors that you can place all over the cake. Use chocolate icing to write “Happy Birthday” on each cookie or the cake itself.

4. Superhero Birthday Party Theme for Boys

Superhero parties have become an increasingly popular choice for boys’ birthday parties. From the classic favorites like Super Man and Batman to new heroes like Iron Man, the number of options for themes and games for a superhero party is endless.

Decorations: Decorate the party room with streamers, balloons, and other decorations in shades of blue, red, yellow, and green. Be sure to include the logo of your child’s favorite superhero on the invitations, in the room, and elsewhere at the party for added effect.

Food: Create a fun menu for your guests with food items like super sandwiches, batman burgers, and superman salad. Use cookie cutters to create different shapes for the sandwiches or other snacks. The most important part of any superhero party is the cake, so make sure you choose something special for this occasion. Keep the theme in mind when choosing flavors and decorations. If you are looking to have multiple flavors, then have small individual cupcakes, which will allow you to have different flavors.

5. Baseball Themed

If your son loves baseball, a birthday party featuring this American pastime is the perfect theme. Get into the spirit by decorating the venue with baseballs, baseball bats, and other sports-related items. Serve ballpark-style snacks, play games, and give away sports-related favors such as baseball cards or miniature bats.

Decorations: Decorate the venue with baseballs, baseball bats, and other sports-related items.

Food: Serve hot dogs, popcorn, peanuts, Cracker Jacks, sunflower seeds, soft pretzels, and ice cream Popsicle. Put out a toppings bar with all the fix-ins for hot dogs: ketchup, mustard, pickles, and sauerkraut. Serve drinks in Mason jars or red solo cups decorated with white duct tape.

6. Ninja Turtle Birthday Party Theme for Boys

A Ninja Turtle boys birthday party is a great idea for your little one’s celebration.

Decorations: You can decorate the venue with ninja turtle masks on our chairs and balloons in the party color. The birthday boy can also wear a ninja turtle mask. The masks used in the decoration can also be given as favors.

Foods: Pizza cake, turtles in a pond, worms in dirt, green food coloring punch, and green gummy frogs are great food options to serve at the party. Other ideas include Teenage Mutants in a Half Shell, Mickey’s Moussaka, Turtle Tortellini.

7. Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse is a famous cartoon character of Walt Disney Company. Mickey Mouse is loved by kids and adults alike. You can throw a birthday party for your child in the theme of Mickey Mouse. It will be fun for you and your guests.

Decorations: You can use Mickey Mouse banners. You can also get balloons, centerpieces, garlands, confetti, etc. that are Mickey themed. No matter which decoration items you select, choose items that match your chosen color scheme.

Foods: Pizza is an easy choice, but if you want something more unique, consider making Mickey-shaped sandwiches, pizza, or cookies. You can also use cookie cutters shaped like stars and other symbols from Mickey’s world to make pancakes or waffles that resemble those used in the cartoons.

8. Baby Shark

A Baby Shark Birthday Party is a fantastic choice for your little one! This adorable party theme is all the rage right now with its super catchy song, bright colors, and baby sharks décor!

Decorations: Use baby shark themed décor like balloons, backdrops, table covers etc. You can use a giant baby shark as the photo prop.

Foods: A cake with a baby shark topper is a great choice. You can also have a dessert table with delicious treats like chocolate-covered pretzels, cookies, and cupcakes.

9. Prince Themed

Prince-themed birthday party is a popular choice for boys of all ages.

Decorations: You can decorate with blue and gold crepe streamers and balloons for the party. Cut out cardboard crowns for the walls and hang some royal flags from the ceiling. Paper lanterns in blue, yellow, silver, and gold with some twinkle lights are also a great decoration idea. Look for other prince-themed decorations such as cardboard cutouts of princes, princesses, castles, and even dragons.

Food: Bring some royalty to your table with this yummy menu: Chocolate wands, Ice cream cones served in a glass bowl filled with cotton candy, Ice cream sundae bar.

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10. Fortnite

Fortnite is a great boys birthday party theme.

Decoration: Decorate the venue with Fortnite themed banner, balloons, backdrop, eye Masks and flatware.

Foods: Make a Fortnite cake for the birthday party. Cupcakes are also an option, you can use Fortnite themed toppers.

11. Minecraft

Minecraft is one of the hottest video games out there, and what better way to celebrate your kid’s birthday than by planning a Minecraft themed birthday party.

Decorations: You can get creative with the decorations. From Minecraft banners to Creeper balloons there are a lot of options available. You can also create your own banner using green cardstock paper.

Foods: Here are a few food options to consider; cookies, carrots slimeball, pretzel sticks, chicken nuggets.

12. Toy story

Toy Story is a classic and has been around long enough that it’s still relevant to today’s kids.

Decorations: The easiest way to decorate would be to purchase the Toy Story Decorating Kit, which comes with all of the basic decorations you need, such as cups, plates, napkins, centerpieces, balloons, etc.

Food: Serve something tasty like pizza or burgers for your kid’s party. You can have a cake made with a picture of Woody and Buzz Lightyear on it.

13. Safari

With a little imagination, you can turn your backyard into a Safari for the day. Kids will enjoy searching for wild animals and pretend to be their favorite jungle characters.

Decorations: Welcome your guests to the Jungle by hanging vines over your doorways, or have a friend or relative dress as Tarzan and greet them by swinging down from a tree. Set up hay bales around the yard to form a path leading to the party area. Place small animal toys along the path to make it look as if they are watching your guests as they walkthrough.

Foods: Serve guests safari jungle juice in coconut shells or hollowed-out pineapples with straws made out of dried leaves or wooden skewers. Another option is to serve drinks in paper cups with a picture of a monkey, lion, or tiger taped onto the cup side.

14. Farm Boys Birthday Theme  

Farm birthday party theme is a good choice for your son’s birthday party.

Decorations: To prepare this themed birthday party, you need to collect the necessary items first. It would be best if you had some farm boy toys, such as toy tractors, farm animals, etc. You can use plastic or wooden toys or even simple tools you have in your barn. These items will be used as decorations in your farm boy’s birthday party themes. You can also use some fruits and vegetables commonly found on a farm for decorations. They are so simple to get because you can grow them in your garden or buy them at the market. Put them on your table and make them centerpieces for an eye-catching decoration

Foods: You can have a barbecue with salads and fruits

15. Paw Patrol

Paw Patrol is a popular cartoon show on Nick Jr. Paw Patrol follows the adventures of Ryder and his team of dogs. Each dog has their unique skills and personality. It’s fun to plan a party for your little guy around this theme.

Decorations: With this theme you have the opportunity to play with colors! Choose 1 or 2 main colors and use 2 to 4 colors as accent colors. Put up a big paw patrol banner on the wall and use a lot of balloons to add a festive look to the venue.

Food: Have a paw patrol cake. You can serve pizza, hotdogs, chips. You can also have some no-bake cookies decorated with Paw Patrol stickers and sprinkles for dessert.

16. Lion King

Lion King is a Disney classic that we all love. The great thing about this birthday theme is that children and adults can enjoy it.

Decorations: Decorate the venue with large cardboard cutout of Simba and Nala. Use jungle-themed tablecloths and you can add extra sass by having Safari hats and Animal masks for guests.

Food: You can create a fun menu with items such as Lion stir fry, Hakuna Matata Tuna sandwiches.

17. Circus

The Circus boys birthday party themes is a colorful birthday party theme.

Decorations: Decorating the birthday venue for a circus theme may seem like a huge task, but it is a not so hard task. You can use red and white striped tablecloths with red napkins to give the tables an authentic circus look. You can use red and white balloons everywhere, some performers and animals cutouts on the walls, and an entrance arch made with balloons will create a great carnival atmosphere.

Foods: You can serve hot dogs, popcorn, and cotton candy at the party.

18. Space Boys Birthday Party Theme

The space boys party theme is a great choice for your boy’s birthday party because it can be so versatile.

Decorations: The most important element of your party will be a stellar scene setter. Use metallic streamers and balloons, photo cutouts of spaceships, astronauts, and more to turn the party space into a futuristic setting. Create the illusion of outer space by painting inky black dots onto white balloons and suspending them from the ceiling.

Foods: You can make spaceship cakes, cookies shaped like planets or stars and decorate cupcakes with edible stars. Another popular idea is to get colorful candy and put it into clear plastic cups with lids; then label them “space dust” or “asteroids.” Make sure you have drinks for everyone too!

19. Car Themed Birthday Party Idea

The Disney movie cars is a favorite of many little boys. This movie features fun characters like Lightning McQueen and Tow Mater. You can have a birthday party with this theme.

Decorations: You can have the tables decorated with posters of the characters or actual toy cars that feature their faces on them. You could even use small toy cars as decorations around the room.

Foods: No party is complete without some delicious snacks and meals for the birthday boy and his guests. You could serve potato chips and call them “tires” or serve miniature pizzas and call them “pizza wheels” or “pizza tires,” depending on what kind of pizza you are serving.

20. Winnie the Pooh Birthday Theme

Winnie the Pooh boys birthday party theme is a good for your kid’s birthday theme. Winnie the Pooh is a fictional character that has been well known among people from all over the world.

Decoration: The easiest way to set up the party is to buy a Winnie the Pooh party package, which includes all necessary decorations, plates, cups, streamers, tablecloths, etc. If you don’t want to spend the money on this package and have time to spare before his birthday, you can always make your decorations out of cardstock and construction paper.

Foods: For food, you can serve honey sandwiches, Tigger tails, piglet ears, Christopher Robin’s ice cream cones, and acorn-shaped cupcakes. You can also make cute honey jars filled with gummy bears or honeydew drops.

21. Woodland Birthday Party Theme for Boys

The Woodland Boys Birthday Party Theme is a popular theme. It has a lot of creative freedom to design the party as creative as you want.

Decorations: You can use brown and green tones, wooden decor, moss, tree trunk elements, and plenty of greenery. The color palette can include various shades of green with brown, orange, and red accents. Purchase an inexpensive creature mask for each party guest, allowing each child to become their favorite creature during the party.

Food: Serve a variety of foods that your child likes. Add in some healthy options such as fruits, vegetables, and whole-grain bread to balance the more sugary foods such as cake and cookies.

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Birthday party themes for boys

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