30 Easy Baby Shower Games for Large Groups

Easy baby shower games for large groups

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Planning a baby shower for a large group can be a daunting task, but with the right selection of baby shower games for large groups, the celebration can become a memorable event for all. To accommodate everyone, it’s crucial to choose super easy and inclusive activities that encourage participation.

From guessing games that challenge guests’ knowledge of baby-related words to creative crafts like inviting guests to decorate onesies with non-toxic fabric markers, there’s no shortage of entertainment. 

Here are easy baby shower games for large groups.

Baby Shower Game Planning

When it comes to planning fun baby shower activities, it’s important to strike a balance between classic and innovative games. The aim is to create an atmosphere of joy and celebration that will be talked about long after the party ends.

Understanding the Crowd: Tailoring Games for Large Groups

Designing baby shower games for a large group means considering a variety of interests and engagement levels. It’s essential to include super easy games that don’t require extensive setup or explanation. 

Guessing games are always a hit, especially when they involve baby names or predicting future traits. Provide game prizes for participants with the closest guesses, adding a competitive edge to the fun. 

Team games are also popular choices for large groups. When guests are divided into teams, the games become more dynamic, encouraging interaction and camaraderie among attendees.

Timing and Rotation: Keeping the Energy Up

Ensuring that no guest is left idle is key to maintaining high energy levels at a baby shower. By setting a clear schedule with set times for each activity, guests can rotate through different games without confusion. This approach allows everyone a chance to participate and keeps the excitement high as people anticipate their turn.

The rotation should be swift to prevent lulls and ensure a steady stream of laughter and enjoyment. Careful timing also ensures that each game receives the attention it deserves, making the experience enjoyable for both the guests and the honoree.

Best baby shower games

Icebreaker Baby Shower Games to Kickstart the Fun

Icebreaker games play a crucial role in warming up the crowd and setting the tone for the celebration. These introductory activities are designed to get guests mingling and laughing from the get-go and encourage new friendships.

Starting with light-hearted, easy-to-understand games can help ease guests into the party spirit, paving the way for more active and engaging games later on. The goal is to create a relaxed atmosphere where guests feel comfortable and ready to celebrate the soon-to-arrive new life.

1. Don’t Say It

This badge-based icebreaker is the perfect way to get guests talking. Upon arrival, each guest receives a badge with a baby-related term or item written on it. The challenge is to refrain from saying the word on their badge while conversing with others.

If someone slips and mentions the term, they must give their badge to the person who caught the mistake. The person with the most badges at the end of the game wins. It’s a fun way to encourage interaction and get everyone in the baby shower spirit.

2. Baby Traits Guessing Game

Baby predictions games are easy baby shower games for large groups
Baby Prediction Cards

Guessing games are a fantastic way to engage a large group, and the Baby Traits Guessing Game is no exception. It involves a series of questions and answers where guests predict various characteristics of the baby-to-be. This can include questions such as eye color, hair color, or even future favorite foods. 

Participants jot down their guesses, and the answers are revealed after the baby is born. A prize for the person who guessed the most traits correctly. This game not only excites guests but also creates a lasting bond as they invest in the baby’s future.

3. Who’s the Baby?

For a hilarious game that is sure to generate laughter, Who’s the Baby has guests matching baby photos to the correct mom and dad. Prior to the shower, the host collects baby pictures of the guests. Each photo is then pinned to a board with a number, and guests use safety pins to attach their guess to their attire. 

As the correct matches are revealed, the excitement builds, creating a fun and interactive experience. This photo challenge is a unique twist on shower trivia and often leads to shared stories and fond memories.

Active and Engaging Baby Shower Group Games

Active group games are the heart of any lively baby shower, inviting guests to get up and move while enjoying a bit of friendly competition. These games serve as the perfect way to energize the crowd and ensure everyone is involved. 

4. Diaper Change Relay Race

Baby doll set
Baby Doll Set

Among the funniest baby shower games is the Diaper Change Relay Race. This is especially great as this is one of the baby shower games that men can also play. Participants are divided into teams, each member racing against the clock to change a baby doll’s diaper before passing it to the next teammate. 

This baby shower diaper game is not only a test of speed but also a hilarious spectacle as guests fumble with diapers and wipes, often leading to unexpected mishaps and bursts of laughter. It’s a playful way to level the playing field and get everyone cheering for their favorite team.

5. Pacifier Scavenger Hunt

Baby doll pacifiers

The Pacifier Scavenger Hunt adds excitement to any baby shower, and is perfect as an outdoor baby shower game. Guests search for hidden pacifiers around the event space, with the individual or team finding the most pacifiers winning baby shower prizes. 

This game encourages exploration and interaction, as guests work together or compete to uncover the most soothers. As the hunt progresses, the anticipation of who will find the next pacifier keeps everyone engaged and entertained.

6. Stroller Obstacle Course

Maneuvering a stroller through an obstacle course is a challenging and entertaining game that tests guests’ precision and speed. Participants push a stroller around cones, through hoops, and over soft barriers, all while trying not to disturb the baby doll nestled inside.

This game not only provides lots of laughs but also gives a lighthearted glimpse into the multitasking world of parenting. It’s a dynamic way to keep the energy high and give guests a memorable experience.

baby shower feud game

Creative Crafts and DIY Challenges

Creative crafts and DIY challenges offer a welcome change of pace from the more active games at a baby shower. These activities allow guests to express their artistic side while creating personalized keepsakes for the parents-to-be. These crafts provide a relaxing environment where guests can chat and collaborate on beautiful projects.

7. Design a Onesie

Design a onesie is one of the creative and easy baby shower games for large groups
Baby Onesie

The Design a Onesie activity is where guests can decorate a plain onesie using fabric markers, stamps, and stencils. It’s a fun game that allows guests to unleash their creativity and provide the new baby with a unique wardrobe. 

Each onesie becomes a one-of-a-kind gift, reflecting the personality and well-wishes of its creator. This craft not only serves as a delightful pastime during the shower but also results in a collection of special garments for the baby.

8. Baby Scrapbook Station

Baby shower scrapbook
Baby Shower Scrapbook

Setting up a Baby Scrapbook Station is a fun game that invites guests to contribute to a collective memory book. They can write messages, add photos, and decorate pages with stickers and drawings. This station serves as a touching tribute to the day’s festivities and a precious keepsake for the parents-to-be. 

The collaborative nature of the scrapbook allows guests to bond over shared experiences and leave heartfelt advice or funny anecdotes for the family to enjoy in the future.

9. Custom Bib Creations

Custom bib baby shower games for large groups
Bulk Bib

Transform a simple bib into a cherished keepsake with Custom Bib Creations. Guests can unleash their creativity by decorating bibs with fabric markers, stencils, and iron-on patches. This activity not only provides a personalized gift for the baby but also serves as a memorable token of the shower. 

It’s a fun way for everyone to express their love and excitement for the new arrival, and the parents-to-be will appreciate the thoughtful and unique bibs for their little one.

Best baby shower games

Hilarious and Fun Bay Shower Game Ideas

Laughter is a key component of any baby shower, and incorporating the funniest baby shower games ensures a joyful time for all. These lighthearted activities break the ice and create an environment where guests can relax, have fun, and make lasting memories celebrating the forthcoming bundle of joy.

10. Baby Food Gourmet

Baby food pouches
Baby Food Pouches

A taste test with a twist, Baby Food Gourmet is a hilarious game where guests sample various baby food flavors and attempt to identify them. Participants will laugh at the unexpected tastes and textures, turning their guesses into a delightful game of culinary discovery. 

This activity not only tickles the taste buds but also brings humor to the table as friends and family venture through the surprising world of baby cuisine.

11. Diaper Blowout Laughs

For a game that will have everyone roaring with laughter, Diaper Blowout Laughs is a must. This baby shower diaper game involves filling diapers with various substances like melted chocolate or mustard, then having guests guess the mystery content by sight, smell, or touch.

The outrageous reactions and expressions make this one of the most memorable diaper games at the shower, ensuring an eruption of giggles and gags.

12. Dress the Baby

In Dress the Baby, teams race against the clock to outfit a baby doll with all the necessary attire. This spirited competition requires coordination and speed, and it often leads to a comical display of mismatched socks and backward diapers. 

It’s a game that not only entertains but also subtly prepares the parents-to-be for the real-life challenge of dressing a wriggly infant under time constraints.

Family fued games

Guessing Games That Excite and Delight

Guessing games are a fantastic way to engage a large group, as they tap into the natural curiosity and competitive spirit of guests. With a variety of questions and answers, these games can range from predicting the baby’s birth date to recalling nursery rhymes. They create an electrifying atmosphere as participants eagerly await to find out if their guesses hit the mark.

13. Baby Item Price Is Right

The price is right baby shower game
The Price is Right Game

Set a timer for a thrilling round of Baby Item Price Is Right, a baby shower game for large groups that tests guests’ knowledge of baby essentials’ costs. With only 10 seconds to make their best guesses, participants will need quick wits and a good sense of value. 

Each guest must determine the price of common baby items like bottles and blankets. This game is not only enjoyable but also educational, as it provides insight into the expenses of parenting.

14. Guess the Baby Socks

Baby socks game is an exciting baby shower game for large groups
Baby Socks

Guess the Baby Socks is a game that puts guests’ matching abilities to the test. Setup a drawer filled with an assortment of baby socks, have as individuals race to pair as many socks as possible within a given time frame. 

This simple yet engaging activity is perfect for large groups and adds a touch of sweetness to the competitive spirit of the baby shower.

15. What’s in the Diaper Bag?

Diaper Bag
Diaper Bag

Knowing what to pack in a diaper bag is an essential skill for any parent, and the game “What’s in the Diaper Bag” turns this knowledge into an entertaining guessing game. Guests feel around in a stuffed diaper bag, attempting to identify items by touch alone.

The one who guesses the most objects wins, and the game provides a practical preview of the everyday challenge that comes with preparing for a day out with baby.

Easy Baby Shower Games for Large Groups

For hosts seeking a hassle-free option, these easy games offer a swift setup and immediate play. These activities allow you to split your guests into competing teams or let them play individually. From word scrambles to shower-themed crosswords, the person with the highest number of guesses correctly filled in takes home the prize. These games are a fantastic way to include everyone without requiring extensive preparations.

16. Baby Bingo

Baby Bingo game cards
Bingo Game

Baby Bingo is an endearing classic that is always a winner. As baby-related items are called out, guests can mark their game sheets in hopes of achieving bingo. 

The first to line up five items in a row and shout “Bingo!” wins. Adding a playful twist, some hosts use plastic babies as markers, elevating the theme and the excitement of the game.

17. Baby Word Searches

baby word search game
Baby Word Search Game

Engage guests in a quest to find hidden baby-related words with Baby Word Searches. This quiet but competitive game challenges players to locate terms amidst a jumble of letters. It’s an excellent way for attendees to focus and have a bit of fun as they hunt down words that celebrate the new baby and all the joy they represent.

18. Nursery Rhyme Fill-Ins

Test guests’ knowledge of classic lullabies with Nursery Rhyme Fill-Ins. Using a computer and printer, create a game sheet with incomplete nursery rhymes for guests to complete. It’s a sweet and nostalgic trivia game that often leads to collective recitations of beloved childhood songs. 

The one who wins the game will have recalled the most rhymes correctly, proving their lyrical prowess and perhaps rekindling fond memories.

Best baby shower games

Sentimental Games to Cherish Memories

Sentimental games at a baby shower create an opportunity for guests to contribute to the lasting memories of the day. These games not only entertain but also deepen the emotional connection between guests and the growing family.

19. Wishes for Baby

Wishes for Baby is an easy game where guests share their aspirations for the child’s future, writing down hopes and dreams that the baby will one day read. 

Whether it’s a wish for happiness, adventure, or wisdom, these personal notes from each attendee become a priceless gift. It’s a beautiful way for everyone to connect with the baby, including mommy or daddy in a circle of love and support that surrounds their little one.

20. Advice for New Parents

Collecting wisdom from guests turns a baby shower into a treasure trove of advice for new parents. Invite attendees to write their best parenting tips on cards, creating a heartfelt repository of guidance. These gems of knowledge can range from sleep-training secrets to maintaining a strong relationship post-baby.

It’s a meaningful activity that not only provides future support for the parents-to-be but also fosters a sense of community among friends and family.

21. Baby Time Capsule

Baby time capsule box
Baby Time Capsule Box

Create a baby time capsule by having guests bring something significant to add to it, like current newspapers, a popular toy, or a letter to the future child.

This capsule will be sealed at the end of the shower and presented to the child on a milestone birthday, offering a snapshot of the world they were born into. This game is not just entertaining but also sets up an emotional and historic gift for the child to appreciate in the future.

Co-ed Baby Shower Games for Everyone to Enjoy

When it comes to co-ed baby shower games, the goal is to involve everyone in the fun. From trivia about baby care to relay races that showcase playful parenting skills, these games break the ice and get all guests laughing and interacting. Remember to consider a range of baby shower game ideas that appeal to various interests and activity levels to ensure that every guest has a memorable time.

22. Battle of the Sexes

A Battle of the Sexes game can lead to hilarious competition as teams of men and women face off in parenting challenges. From trivia about baby products to a stroller maneuvering course, this friendly rivalry will have everyone engaged and learning a thing or two about childcare in the process. It’s a playful way to celebrate the parents-to-be and get everyone involved in the festivities.

23. Team Diaper Duty

Nothing says ‘welcome to parenthood’ like a diaper changing contest. Team Diaper Duty pits men against women in a race to see which team can change packs of newborn diapers the fastest. 

With safety pins in hand, teams must navigate the delicate art of diapering, leading to laughs in the process. Add a fun and active baby shower game to your lineup and watch as competitiveness and camaraderie fill the room.

24. Baby Bottle Bowling

Bottle  Bowling activity
Plastic Feeding Bottles

For a twist on a classic game, set up a baby bottle bowling alley. Guests can take turns rolling a ball towards a formation of baby bottles, aiming to knock down as many as they can.

This co-ed competition is sure to incite laughter and cheer as participants try to strike out. It’s a unique game that’s perfect for guests of all ages and can be played indoors or out, making it a versatile choice for any baby shower.

Refreshing Outdoor Games

Outdoor baby showers provide a wonderful opportunity for games that take advantage of the sunshine and open space. Consider planning a variety of activities that can be enjoyed on the lawn or in a park setting, allowing guests to soak up some vitamin D while celebrating the upcoming arrival of the new baby. From water games to sports with a baby-themed twist, outdoor games are a delightful way to make the most of a beautiful day.

25. Water Balloon Baby Bump

Water balloon
Water Balloon

On a hot day, Water balloon baby bump provides refreshing fun as participants try to mimic pregnancy by stuffing balloons under their shirts. Laughter ensues as they navigate an obstacle course or simply mingle with their faux baby bumps. This game is a light-hearted way to celebrate the guest of honor’s pregnancy and cool off with a splash!

26. Baby Blanket Volleyball

Transform the traditional game of volleyball by using a baby blanket as the net, creating a softer version of the sport. Teams will have a blast trying to keep a balloon aloft, adding an extra element of challenge. This game encourages teamwork and provides plenty of laughs, making it a hit at any outdoor baby shower.

27. Duck-Duck-Prize

Give the classic game of Duck-Duck-Goose a baby shower makeover by renaming it “Duck-Duck-Prize.” As guests play, the person who is ‘it’ can hand out small prizes or favors to those they tap. This playful spin on a childhood favorite is sure to ignite nostalgia and create a lively atmosphere at the shower.

Virtual Games for Remote Attendees

For friends and family who can’t attend in person, virtual games allow everyone to be part of the celebration. Using video conferencing tools, you can plan a variety of interactive and engaging activities that remote attendees can enjoy from the comfort of their own homes. From guessing games to crafty challenges, there are plenty of ways to include all guests in the baby shower festivities virtually.

28. Guess That Baby Tune: Online Edition

Host a virtual game of Guess That Baby Tune where attendees must identify lullabies or songs with ‘baby’ in the title played over the video call. This musical challenge is fun for all ages and can be easily organized for a remote crowd. It’s a great way to involve guests from afar and keep the baby shower spirit alive online.

29. Virtual Baby Shower Trivia

Test guests’ baby knowledge with a round of virtual baby shower trivia. Questions can range from nursery rhymes to baby care facts, keeping everyone on their toes. Provide guests a pen and paper to jot down their answers, and reward winners with virtual accolades or mailed prizes. This interactive quiz is perfect for those planning a baby shower with remote attendees.

30. Live Stream Gift Unwrapping

A live stream of the gift unwrapping allows distant guests to share in the joy and excitement as the parents-to-be open their presents. This virtual event can be scheduled as part of the online festivities, ensuring everyone feels connected and involved in the celebration. It’s a heartwarming way to include loved ones who can’t be there in person.

Wrapping Up with Love and Laughter

Conclude the baby shower on a high note by handing out prizes and party favors to thank guests for their participation. Take a group photo to capture the moment, creating a lasting memory of the special day.

Prizes and Party Favors

To ensure everyone leaves with a smile, consider giving your guests creative party favors. Some popular baby shower favors include personalized candles, mini succulents, bath bombs, and custom cookies.

Other options include mini bottles of champagne or sparkling cider, scented soaps, and small potted plants. Personalized keychains, bookmarks, little jars of honey or jam and photo frames are also popular choices.

Group Photo

A group photo is a must-have at any adorable baby shower, creating an everlasting snapshot of the special day. Gather guests for a picture that will capture laughter, joy, and the shared excitement for the baby’s arrival. This photo is a beautiful token that the parents-to-be can look back on fondly, remembering the love and support of friends and family.

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Easy baby shower games for large groups

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