Gender Reveal Party Gift Ideas

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A gender reveal party is a special moment. It’s a time for family and friends to come together and revel in the anticipation of discovering the gender of an upcoming bundle of joy!

If you have been invited to a gender reveal party, you may be wondering what kind of gift to give. To help, we’ve compiled a list of the best gender reveal party gift ideas that the expectant parents will sure love. Keep reading!

30 Best Gender Reveal Party Gift Ideas

The list below includes some of the best gender reveal party gifts that are sure to make the event extra special. Check them out!

1. Personalized Baby Blanket

Personalized Baby Blanket
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For a truly memorable gift, opt for a personalized baby blanket! These soft and cozy blankets can be designed with a special message or phrase to commemorate the gender reveal event.

Whether you want to choose their newborn’s initials or write, “It’s a boy/girl!” you’ll be sure to find something that is both unique and meaningful. A personalized baby blanket will warm the parents’ hearts and comfort the baby for years to come.

2. Baby Store Gift Card

Baby Store Gift Cards are perfect gender reveal party gift ideas
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If you’re unsure what the expectant parents need, a gift card to their favorite baby store can be a great way to show your support. Many vendors, like Amazon, Target, etc., offer gift cards specifically for baby products, so you can easily find something that fits their needs.

With a gift card in hand, they will be able to get precisely what they need when the time comes!

3. Mama and Baby Grooming Bundle

Mama and Baby Grooming Bundle
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A Mama and Baby grooming bundle is a perfect way to celebrate the new baby’s arrival! These bundles typically come with grooming and healthcare items for both. Some of them even come with a matching set of clothing, so the baby will always look their best and mom can feel extra special.

4. Pregnancy Pillow

Pregnancy Pillows are perfect gender reveal party gift ideas
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A pregnancy pillow is an excellent gift for expectant parents! This specially designed pillow is meant to provide extra support and comfort during the later stages of pregnancy.

It can make all the difference when it comes to getting quality sleep, something that pregnant mamas need more than ever. The mom-to-be will be grateful for such a thoughtful gesture!

5. Portable Diaper Changing Pad

Portable Diaper Changing Pad
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Whether it is a boy or girl, one thing is sure the baby will need a lot of diapers! If you’re looking for a practical gift, consider getting the expectant parents a portable diaper-changing pad.

This is an essential item they can take with them wherever they go to ensure their little one is always taken care of. This is such a gift that will make the parents feel prepared and ready for any eventuality!

6. Pregnancy Socks

Pregnancy Socks
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Pregnancy can bring many changes in the body, one of which is swollen feet! Gift the expecting mama a pair of comfortable, stylish pregnancy socks.

She will be able to slip them on during those long days and know that her feet will be well taken care of. It’s a small yet thoughtful gesture sure to be appreciated!

7. Personalized Mom and Dad Mugs

Personalized Mom and Dad Mugs
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A gender reveal party is a special occasion for both parents, so why not get both of them something to commemorate the event? Personalized mugs featuring Mom and Dad’s names are an excellent way to do this.

Not only will it be a great reminder of the day they found out their baby’s gender, but they can also use these mugs every day to start their morning with a little reminder of their love for each other and the baby.

8. Sonogram Keepsake Frame

Sonogram Keepsake Frame
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The moment the parents find out the gender of their baby is one that they are sure to remember forever. Make this memory even more special with a Sonogram Keepsake Frame!

This frame will showcase the first picture of their little bundle of joy and make for a beautiful decoration in any home. Every time they look at it, they will be reminded of the special day they found out their baby’s gender.

9. Baby Milestone Stickers

Baby Milestone Stickers
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Another great way to remember the gender reveal event is with baby milestone stickers. These cute and colorful stickers can be used to mark the baby’s month, making it even more fun for the parents.

10. Baby Handprint Kit

Baby Handprint Kit
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The best way to remember the precious moments spent with a newborn baby is to get a Baby Handprint Kit! This kit will allow the expectant parents to capture their little one’s tiny hands and feet.

Not only will it make for a beautiful keepsake, but it can also remind them how much they have grown over the years. If you are looking for a thoughtful and unique gift, this is the one!

12. Baby Keepsake Box

Baby Keepsake Box
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For parents looking for a special way to store all the memories of their little ones, consider gifting them a Baby Keepsake Box. This box can be used to store mementos such as baby clothes, sonograms, and other items they want to keep over time.

It’s an excellent way of cherishing the memories of their little one and will make for a beautiful addition to any nursery.

13. Mama To Be Necklace

Mama To Be Necklace
Mama To Be Necklace from

When it comes to expecting mamas, there’s nothing more special than a gift specifically for them. A Mama To Be necklace is the perfect way to show her that she is appreciated and admired.

She will be able to wear this beautiful piece of jewelry and feel proud knowing that she is about to become a mom! And, as a bonus, she can keep it and pass it on to her daughter one day.

14. Baby Milestone Blocks

Baby Milestone Blocks
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Wooden milestone cards are a great way to capture all the important moments as they grow up. From first steps, first words, and more, these cards will help keep track of all the milestones their little one has achieved in life.

It is a fun way to remember all those precious moments and makes for a beautiful decoration in any home. Different designs are available to choose from; make sure to find the perfect one that will be appreciated by the recipient.

15. Baby Wrap Carrier

Baby Wrap Carrier
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A baby wrap carrier is a great gift for parents who are always on the go. This will allow them to keep their little ones close while they are out and about.

It is also a great way to bond with their baby, as they will be able to feel the warmth of each other’s embrace while they explore the world together. Plus, it is comfortable and safe for both mom and baby!

16. Baby Memory Book

Baby Memory Book
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A Baby Memory Book is a great way to keep track of all the special moments that come with being a parent. It includes sections to store photos, sonograms, and other mementos.

As their child grows, they can use this book to look back on all the little things that made them fall in love with their baby over time. It makes for a beautiful keepsake and will make for an even more special memory for years to come.

17. Newborn Diapers

Newborn Diapers
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A package of diapers might not be the most exciting gift, but it is undoubtedly one of the most practical gender reveal party gift ideas for expectant parents.

Diapers are an essential item for any baby and can get quite expensive over time. This will be a great way to help them out and make sure their little ones stay cozy and comfy! The parents will thank you for it!


18. Baby Sound Machine

Baby Sound Machines are perfect gender reveal party gift ideas
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The baby sound machine is a great way to help soothe and comfort babies. With it, parents will be able to create a calming environment for their babies with a range of different sounds, such as white noise, ocean waves and more.

This will be a great addition to their nursery and will give them peace of mind knowing that their baby is getting the best rest possible.

20. Baby Monitor

Baby Monitors are perfect gender reveal party gift ideas
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A baby monitor is an essential item for any new parent and a great gift to give them on the big day. With this device, they will be able to watch over their little ones while they are sleeping or playing away from them.

They can also use it to keep an eye on the nursery while they are out and about. This thoughtful gift will be hugely appreciated by the expectant parents.

21. Big Brother/Sister T-Shirt

It is easy to forget that siblings often experience a significant transition when a new baby arrives. Make sure they are included in the celebration with this special Big Brother or Big Sister t-shirt!

Not only will this be an excellent way for them to join the festivities, but it will also give them something to wear and feel proud of on the arrival of their newest sibling.

22. Baby Bath Tub

Baby Bath Tubs are perfect gender reveal party gift ideas
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A baby bath tub is a great way to make bath time easier and more enjoyable for both parents and babies.

Plenty of options are available with features like padded headrests, stand-up support backs, and temperature gauges – all designed to make that special moment even more comfortable for everyone involved! This is sure to be a welcome gift that will be used often.

23. Baby Swing

A baby swing is a great way to help soothe and comfort babies while providing parents with a few moments of rest.

With their gentle rocking motion and calming audio, baby swings are designed to be incredibly soothing and can help little ones drift off into dreamland in no time at all! The expectant parents will surely appreciate such an innovative and practical gift.

24. Set of Baby Clothes

Set of Baby Clothes are perfect gender reveal party gift ideas
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A set of cute and cozy baby clothes is always a welcomed gift by any expecting parent. From onesies to sleepers, plenty of options are available for all seasons and occasions.

And if you want to make the gift extra special, consider picking out items with personalized messages or special designs that will make the little one stand out!

25. Baby Nursing Pillow

Baby Nursing Pillow
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This is a must-have item for any breastfeeding mom! A baby nursing pillow can help support both mother and baby during feeding time, making the experience more comfortable for everyone involved.

It’s a thoughtful and ideal gender reveal party gift to give expectant parents as they prepare for their little one’s arrival.

26. Baby PlayMat

Baby playmats are a great way to encourage development and discovery in babies. They provide a safe and comfortable environment for young ones to explore their surroundings, featuring bright colors and interactive toys.

This is one of the perfect gender reveal party gift ideas for any expectant parent looking to give their little one an early start at learning!

27. Baby Bottle Sterilizer

Baby Bottle Sterilizers are perfect gender reveal gift ideas
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This is another must-have item for any preparing parent! A baby bottle sterilizer helps keep bottles and pacifiers clean and germ-free – an essential step in the health and safety of their child.

It’s a practical gift that both parents can use to ensure the well-being of their little ones. The parents will surely be thankful for your thoughtfulness.

28. Baby Carrier

Baby Carrier
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Nothing beats the convenience of a baby carrier! This handy accessory helps parents keep their little ones close while providing them with the comfort and security they need.

From front and back carriers to wraps, there are plenty of options available to fit all shapes and sizes – making it a great gift for any expectant parent.

29. Baby Stroller

Baby Strollers are perfect gender reveal gift ideas
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For parents who love to explore the outdoors, a baby stroller is a great gift idea! From lightweight and compact models to all-terrain versions with advanced features, there are plenty of options available that can suit any lifestyle or budget. It’s sure to be one of the most appreciated gifts they receive!

30. Baby Grooming Kit

Baby Grooming Kits are perfect gender reveal party gift ideas
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Another great gift for expectant parents is a baby grooming kit. This convenient set contains all the essentials needed for taking care of their little one’s hygiene, from brush and comb sets to nail clippers and thermometers.

It’s the perfect present for any parent who wants to make sure their bundle of joy is getting the best care possible.

No matter what type of gift you decide to give, make sure it is something practical and special that the expecting parents can use. With so many options available, you’re sure to find something perfect for them! From baby clothes to strollers and everything in between, these gender reveal party gift ideas will show just how much the new parents mean to you.

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