How to Make a Small Room Look Bigger

How to Make a Small Room Look Bigger

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Are you looking for ways to make a small room look bigger? Keep reading to find out.

The key to making a small room look spacious is easier than you think. One needs to be smart enough to fool the eye into perceiving more space.

We have gathered some unique and clever design tips and tricks to make a small room look bigger.

Everything counts while fitting small spaces. Intelligent design choices, lighting and color schemes can make a small room look bigger.

Furniture adjustment, creative lighting, mirror placements and some color techniques can trick the eye and make the room much more spacious than it is.

Let’s dive right into the article and share the best ways to make a small room look bigger.

How to Make a Small Room look Bigger

1. Clear out the Clutter

Too much stuff in a small room makes it look more cramped than it already is. Try your best to clear out clutter.

You can store things under the table and behind doors. The space will look more orderly and open if things are arranged neatly.

Your walls, too, need to be as minimalized as possible. Do not put too many unnecessary stickers or paintings on the wall. One big painting is enough for a small room.

Clear the floor as well. Do not put large rugs or mats; otherwise, it will look smaller.

2. Don’t block the way

Unnecessary furniture and accessories make the room look congested and cramped as it blocks the view into the room.

You can make the room look bigger by moving furniture away from walkways.

Pick out short pieces of furniture such as a low table, an armless open chair, an ottoman, and place the tall pieces along the wall rather than out in the open.

The room will look bigger if you can see the floor.

3. Use light colors

Did you know that you could make a small room look bigger with intelligent color choices? Here comes the optical illusion.

An essential fact that one should know is that light paint colors can make a small room look bigger and even brighter.

Conversely, a room can look smaller if you use dark colors as dark colors absorb the light. Light shades seem more reflective and make the room feel airy and open.

Accent walls also help make the room seem bigger as it adds to the decorative space. You can pick soft tones of green, blue or white to make the room feel more inviting and brightened.

4. Open up the space with natural lightening

Any room can look bigger when natural lighting enters as it opens up the interior of any room.

You can bring natural light into your room through large windows as it will connect the room with the outdoors, and space will not seem limited.

To add more light, use sheer window coverings. Use lamps to brighten up the space even more.

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t have natural light. You can use lighting fixtures so you can add more creative effects. This small addition can make a big difference.

5. Use Mirrors

Did you know that mirrors can make a small room look bigger? You can choose a focal point and angle the mirror towards it, this gives the illusion of depth.

Mirrors reflect both artificial and natural light so that the room can look bigger and brighter during the day or night.

Using mirrors, cabinet doors, and mirrored walls can make the room feel more open and spacious.

Using mirrors on the floor can also make the room look even more significant.

6. Use furniture creatively

Choosing the right furniture is also another way to make smaller rooms look bigger.

Try using multifunctional furniture, such as a folding sofa which can also serve as a bed or a drawer chest that can be used as a coffee table.

Nesting tables, Folding tables, and expandable dining tables that can be easily tucked away when you don’t need them can also be a good choice.

Tall and bulky furniture can take up a lot of space in the room. Instead, pick chairs and a sofa with exposed legs and open arms.

The room can be airier as light filters under the furniture.

7. Go, White

White shades can make a room look light and airy.

Painting the ceiling and walls white gives a cloud-like effect and make the room feel more serene and calm. As your eye instantly travels up, the boundaries between ceilings and walls are blurred because of white shades.

White also works best in smaller rooms because it emphasizes the architect and simplifies the space as much as possible.

If you think white would feel cold, try pairing it with warm elements such as wood or textured elements.

8. Create a focal point

Establishing a focal point can make a room look bigger and more spacious. A focal point is one area of the room that you will like to instantly draw the eye’s attention.

In the bedroom, the focal point can be the bed. In the dining room, the focal point can be a table.

You should arrange furniture so the focus can be drawn to the focal point and limit the décor in the rest of the room.

10. Bigger furniture

Instead of using too many small pieces of furniture, try placing a few big pieces of furniture in the room.

It will not only make the room calm but also comfortable and organized. For example, try adding one big and simple sofa into the room that doesn’t take up too much space.

Make sure you are not blocking the pathways. If accessories and furniture block the view into the room, it might look cramped.

11. Light and Airy Fabrics

Light can pass through bed skirts, window treatments, and table covers through sheer fabrics. Try using soft floral lines or simple stripes in your smaller room other than plain colours.

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