Wedding tasks to do Fiverr that will save you time and money

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Wedding planning can be stressful and very time consuming. As the wedding day draws closer your wedding to do list seems to get longer and you have no idea how to finish the tasks before the wedding day. You need not worry anymore as you can easily complete the wedding tasks with Fiverr!

Never heard of Fiverr? Fiverr is an online marketplace of freelancers who offer professional and creative services, with all services starting at just $5.

How does Fiverr help with wedding planning you might ask? The platform offers different kinds of wedding related services, from wedding websites, wedding invitation suites, wedding logo, virtual assistants and many more wedding tasks. 

The fact that most of these services start at $5 and the services can be delivered in 24 hours or less saving you both money and time makes Fiverr a great place for outsourcing your wedding tasks.

Here are some wedding tasks to do on Fiverr.

1. Wedding Logo/Monogram

The wedding logo or monogram is a way for you to personalize your wedding. The wedding logo or monogram is used on your website, banner, invitation cards, programs, thank you cards, napkins, cake toppers etc.

Fiverr has beautiful and creative wedding logos/monograms that will leave a lasting impression on guests.

2. Professional Wedding Website

We all know wedding websites are very important as the website is a great way for you to share all information about your upcoming wedding with guests and for guests to RSVP.

You’ve already got so much to do, from shopping for the wedding attire, planning the wedding songs, etc. that you don’t have time to build a professional wedding website.

Have someone on Fiverr build a professional wedding website for you. You even get a free hosting and domain name with this service.

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3. Creative Wedding Stationery

Tired of the regular rustic or floral wedding stationery. Have someone on Fiverr design a creative and unique illustrated wedding stationery using you and your spouse’s picture for you.

4. Wedding Vows

We get the fact that you want to express your love to the bride/groom through words but sometimes you can’t just seem to find the right words or a way to put the words together to say. Hire a professional from Fiverr to help you with the wedding vows and bring the words to life.

5. Illustration/Caricature of Yourself and Partner

Personalize your wedding by having someone from Fiverr draw an illustration of you and your spouse. Use this illustration in your wedding invitation, website, banner, favors or even have it framed.

6. Fitness Classes

Everybody wants to look great in their wedding dress. To have the body you desire and look fit for the wedding day you have to create a fitness regimen.

You can find professional fitness instructors on Fiverr who will create a fitness regimen tailored to your need at an affordable rate so you can have your dream body for the wedding and beyond.

7. Wedding Hashtags

Can’t come up with creative hashtags for the wedding use the service of a professional to come up with cute and funny hashtags.

8. Wedding Video Editing

Looking for professional video editors to edit the wedding clips on a budget. You can find professional video editors on Fiverr who will help with editing the wedding video clips. From color grading, editing, adding music or whatever the need may be.

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