8 Valentine Gifts for Him

valentine gift for him

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Are you planning on getting Valentine gifts for him but can’t decide? Worry No More! We’ve got the best valentines gifts that you can give your boyfriend.

We have picked a few DIY and awesome gifts that you can gift to your boyfriend on Valentines Day. Let’s jump right into the article and select the best gifts for your partner.

Valentines Gift for Boyfriend

1. Reason Jar

Valentine reason jar gift for boyfriend
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We tell our boyfriend that we love him but do we ever tell them why? Here is exactly how to do it with the reason Jar. This Gift is special and unique, made with lots of thoughts and minimal effort. You can easily decorate a small jar with hearts, ribbons, cardstock or paper and beads – also, it works as a decoration piece. The best thing about this Gift is that you can add personal messages into it about why you love him. You can write with colorful and glittery pens and decorate it nicely.


Get a small jar with a lid, wrap the jar with twine or decorate how you like, cut out heart shapes from the cardstock or paper. Write one reason why you love him on each paper, fold paper in the middle and then drop it in the Jar after folding. We are sure this gift will surely bring a smile to his face.

2. Homemade Chocolate Cake

Chocolate cake makes perfect valentine gift for boyfriend
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Giving chocolates on valentines day is too Cliché, why don’t you bake him a chocolate cake this time? If you like to bake you can bake him a chocolate cake. You can also make heart-shaped cupcakes by using heart shaped cups to bake.  Just add toppings and icing as he likes and make it a drool-worthy treat for him.

3. Sunglasses

Ray-ban sunglasses

This classy pair of Ray-Ban are must-have sunglasses that your boyfriend will love.  You can choose several colors to match his sophisticated look and unique style.

4. Gift Envelopes

If you cannot decide the perfect Gift for him and have many ideas, why not give several throughout the day? You can add little gifts, pack them up, and then present envelopes every 2 hours. Organize the gifts all day long and create a label to attach to each envelope. You can add small gift cards to his favorite restaurant, café, book store, romantic notes, photographs of the best moments the two of you together, or even chocolate and candles. Whatever works for you and the time of the day when the gift is meant to be presented.

5. Beard Grooming Kit

If your boyfriend keeps a beard why not pamper him with a beard grooming kit! This beard grooming kit comes with a face wash and shave gel, beard oil, and safety razor that is sure to strengthen and soften the beard, leaving it fresh and well groomed.

6. Briefcase

A briefcase is essential for men that work in the corporate world. Gift him a leather briefcase with a lot of space that is sure to last him a long time.

7. DIY Gin Making Kit

If your partner loves to try new food and drinks why not get them a DIY gin making kit for Valentine’s Day. The gin kit that allows them to invent their personal gin and cocktail character and taste.

8. Gaming Gear

For the game lovers, you can get them gaming gears. From gaming consoles, to keyboard, mouse, headphones and laptops there is a wild possibility of gaming gears they would appreciate.

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