Gifts for couples who postponed or canceled their wedding

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The coronavirus outbreak has led to the postponement or cancellation of many events including weddings. So many couples have had to postpone or cancel their weddings in compliance with social distancing rules.

If you are looking for ways to support couples who postponed or canceled their weddings this period, gifts are perfect for letting them know they are in your thoughts.

Here are gifts to give to couples who postponed or cancelled their wedding.

1. Watercolor World Map Canvas Print

This two hearts connected watercolor world map is a perfect gift to give to couples who postponed their wedding especially if they don’t live together.

2. Gourmet Food Gift Basket

As Francesco Petrarca said a little bit of sweetness can drown out a whole lot of bitterness and this gourmet food basket will sure make the couple happy. Send the couple this basket of sweet treats with a personalized message to let them know you are thinking of them.

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3. Potted Plant

Help beautify their home by sending them this beautiful Sansevieria potted plant from Nearly Natural.

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4. Cheese Board Set with Utensils

It’s not too early for the couple to start setting up their kitchen! This cheese board set will make a beautiful addition to their kitchen. The cheese board comes with utensils for cheese cutting and spreading. You can choose to personalize the gift to make it more special

5. Spa Gift Basket

We understand that these are trying times for everybody and can be even more trying for the couple who had to watch all the time, effort and resources they have put into planning the wedding going to naught.

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A spa gift basket would help the couple relax and ease off the stress of postponing the wedding and rescheduling a new one.

6. Funny Video

Laughter they say is the best medicine. Send a funny video to them and let them have a good laugh. You can record a funny video and send it to the couple or even get someone on Fiverr to record a funny video for them.

7. Heart Shaped Glass Vase

If you are looking for thoughtful yet inexpensive gifts for couples who postponed or canceled their weddings. This heart shaped glass vase is just the right gift. Personalized or not the couple will appreciate this gift.

8. Fun and Romantic Game Set for Couples

The fact that the couple are home doesn’t mean they have to stop having fun. Let them have fun and a good time with this fun and romantic game set. The game box comes with three different games – date night conversation starters, flirty games and dare games.

These are thoughtful gifts to give to couples who postponed their weddings. Go ahead and send one of these gifts to the couple. We are sure they would appreciate any of these gifts!

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