Edible wedding favors

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Edible wedding favors are a proven favorite. You see, when it comes to wedding favors, many couples often worry. Favors are meant to serve as a reminder of the great time spent at your wedding. You want to give your guests, something to appreciate them. At the same time, you want whatever you give them to be something useful.

Now imagine a couple giving guests favors that they’ll leave on the reception tables. Some may even take them home out of courtesy and then never bring them out again. That would be a harrowing experience, and we’re sure you want to do your best to avoid that.

Edible wedding favors are the one set of favors that have been proven not to have those risks. When ordering your consumable wedding favors, it is usually best to order more than your official number of guests. You want to have extras available so that your guests can take home more than one if they so wish.

Here are 20 best edible wedding favors we think will endear you to your wedding guests.

1. Candy 

We’ve seen candy stations become a popular part of the wedding culture over the years. They’re a great throwback to our younger years and are fun to share. How about gifting your guests with candy as part of their wedding favor? Your guests would certainly enjoy these personalized wedding candies from M&M’s.

2. Boxed Wedding Cake

Boxed wedding cake favors
Wedding Cake

We love this idea because it prevents wastage, especially if you’re going for one of those massive cakes. You could ask your caterer to cut and place your wedding cake inside personalized boxes to give as wedding gifts for guests.

3. Cookies 

Cookies will always put a smile on your guest’s faces. We can just see them smiling home from your reception with these gorgeous wedding cookies favor from Cookies by Design

4. Marshmallows

Marshmallow favors

Marshmallows are perfect edible wedding favors for guests. Your loved ones can use them in their tea, coffee, or hot chocolate when they get back from your wedding. Pick a couple of flavors you and your partner like and hand them out at your reception.  

5. Lollipops

Lollipops wedding favors for guests

A favorite favor, also known to stir up fun childhood memories, lollipops would be a hit as wedding favors. Just think of the last time you got a chance to have one. 

6. Popcorn 

Freshly made popcorn can be an excellent wedding snack. This is because they can be served at any time of the day. An even better option is to have your guests go home with this delicious popcorn from My Wedding Favors. They’d be the perfect late-night treat

7. Mini Pies

Mini pies
Mini Pies

Does anyone ever grow out of liking pies? We know we didn’t! Ask your baker to create some lovely options for your guests to enjoy after your wedding.

8. Fried Almonds

Fried Almonds
Fried Almonds

Have you had almonds fried with thyme before? If your answer is no, it’s time to remedy that. Once you taste these, you’ll also understand why they’ll be a hit with your guests as edible wedding favors.

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9. Honey 

This sweet euphoria in a jar is healthy and a great choice to send your guests home with. We especially love this clover one that you can get personalized from My Wedding Favors. You can include your names and your wedding date.

10. Nougat

Ediible nougat

Nougats are a dessert option that will endear you to your wedding guests. They’re great to take home as wedding favors, and you can have them wrapped up in fancy paper. This wrapper can mirror your wedding colors. They’re perfect for a wedding with a rustic theme.

11. Fudge

Fudge wedding favors

You can make these from start or purchase your favorite brand. Whichever you choose, your guests will be grateful for this sweet dessert option. The jars can be sealed with a ribbon and a cute name tag.

12. Pretzels 

Beautiful chocolate pretzels like these from My Wedding Favors are a great way to appreciate your guests. They are a lovely chewy treat that will undoubtedly have your guests asking for more than one.

13. Fresh Fruits

Fruit are also great wedding favors

This is a great edible wedding favor idea for a rustic wedding. Send your guests home with tiny baskets of strawberries or grapes. This idea is also great for a garden-themed wedding.

14. Jam


You can go with sweet varieties like strawberry. You can also choose to go with savory options like tomato jam. Whichever, your guests can enjoy this fun, delicious wedding favor with toast.

15. Chocolate Bars 

Chocolate is a popular option when it comes to edible wedding favors. This is because a considerable number of people love and enjoy chocolate. So, send your guests home with these personalized Hershey chocolate bars from My Wedding Favors.

Drinking board game

16. Pickled Favors


For your pickling idea, you can brine just about anything. Some favorites we’ve seen are mushrooms and beets. You can package them in customized jars or make use of custom tags to personalize them. 

17. Maple Syrup 

A delicious bottle of maple syrup that guests can enjoy with their pancakes or waffles? Sign us up!

You can also get these from My Wedding Favors personalized with your names and wedding date.

18. Donuts


These tasty circle desserts will undoubtedly bring a smile to many faces. There are also many options, and you can have them packed up in pretty personalized boxes matching your wedding colors.

19. Hot Sauce

Hot sauce
Hot Sauce

This spicy edible wedding favor is a unique option to send your guests home with. Pick your favorite and have your vendor customize the tags with your initials. You can also include your names and wedding dates.  

20. French Macaron Favors

We’ve left one of the best for last, it would seem. Macarons are a popular favorite that you should certainly consider. The French Macaron Favors from My Wedding Favors are a pretty and tasty gift your guests will enjoy. 

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