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How to Host a Bridal Shower Brunch

How to host a bridal shower brunch

Do you want to host a bridal shower that will be the talk of town for months? A bridal shower brunch is the answer. Either having a sit-down feast at a restaurant or just an outdoor gathering this wedding shower theme is just perfect. From the perfect mid-day meal to the drinks you can never […]

How to Throw a Couple’s Shower

How to throw a couples shower

The bridal shower is a pre-wedding tradition that was born out of earlier dowry practices. The bridal shower was a way of showering bride-to-be’s with gifts for their future domestic duties as a wife. These days things are changing and modern brides are veering away from the classic girls only bridal showers and toward a […]

How to Plan the Perfect Bridal Shower

How to plan the perfect bridal shower

A bridal shower is an event every bride looks forward to as it is not only an event to celebrate the bride but it might also be the only chance she would get to see all her loved ones, friends and family inclusive gather together and mingle. So it’s always the duty of the person […]

7 Unique Bridal Shower Themes for Summer

7 unique bridal shower themes for summer

A bridal shower is a fun way of celebrating the bride before her big day. It’s a day to spend time together with her loved ones and also a day for loved ones to shower her with gifts. If the bridal shower is taking place during summer there is no better way to celebrate the […]

Free Printable He Said She Said Bridal Shower Game

Free He Said She Said Game

Bridal showers are all about celebrating the bride and having fun while at it, this free printable he said, she said bridal shower game will help throw a fun bridal shower/hen party for the bride-to-be. Download the free printable he said, she said bridal shower game here How to Play: Print out these free printable […]

How to Host a Bridal Shower on a Budget

How to host a bridal shower on budget

Bridal showers are meant to celebrate the bride-to-be and shower her with gifts but the expenses can add up quickly and drain the hostess’ purse. Bridal showers can still be fun without draining the hostess’ budget. If you are hosting a bridal shower, here’s how to host a bridal shower on budget. 1. Location Fancy […]

Bridal Shower Planning Checklist

Bridal shower checklist

Your gal is getting married and you are thinking of hosting a bridal shower for her. But you don’t know where to begin or even how to begin? No worries, we’ve got you covered. We’ve made bridal shower planning very easy with our step-by-step bridal shower checklist with timeline which breaks down all the steps […]