11 Best Podcast Hosting Platforms in 2021

Best Podcast Hosting Platforms

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Before you start a podcast, you need to figure out the best podcast hosting platform for you. A wrong podcast hosting service can destroy all your efforts, hard work, and progress. In comparison, a good podcast hosting site can help you grow your audience, optimize subscriber experience, promote your content, and easy file management.

Podcast hosting is quite different from traditional website hosting. Because you have to host your audio files. Further, it may cost you months or years to grow in podcasting. Therefore, you need massive storage and effective file management. Additionally, a podcast hosting service should also provide features like website hosting, embedded media player, and podcast analytics for users’ ease.

Podcasting is evolving very fast, and there are many platforms available today that hosts podcasts. It can be an overwhelming and time-consuming task for you to select a right forum for podcasting. Nevertheless, you have to choose wisely in any case, as one wrong decision can smash your entire podcasting career.

If you are a newbie to podcasting and are looking for the best podcast hosting platforms to start your career, this article is for you. In this post, we will see “What is a podcast?” and “How to start a podcast.” We will also let you know the 11 best places to host a podcast based on price, podcast-specific features, pros, and cons. So, keep reading to choose the best podcast hosting site for you now!

What is a Podcast?

In simple words, a podcast is an audio file that can be listened to on the internet or downloaded from the internet to listen to. It can be some sort of audio series focused on some specific topic or niche, or provide individuals and groups an opportunity to learn more on a particular theme out there, and build a community of similar people. 

It is incredibly flexible, and there is no restriction on audio length, format, production level, style, etc. Additionally, you can design your podcast seasonally such that you release an audio daily or weekly. A podcast hosting service manages and grants access to the files to people who want to listen to the podcasts and lets you grow your community.

How to Start a Podcast

You just need to follow the few easy steps listed below to start a podcast today.

  • Choose the domain/niche according to your interest.
  • Select an appropriate and descriptive name.
  • Find the best podcast hosting site for you.
  • Research the appropriate video length, style, and format for a successful podcast.
  • Get a microphone and record your audio.
  • Edit your podcast to add different effects and insert intro music.
  • Post the podcast, and boom! You are done.

 Best Podcast Hosting Platforms

Let’s move to the main topic for which you are here. Here is the list of the 11 best podcast platforms that we have shortlisted for you, analyzing all the latest features and pricing.

1.  Buzzsprout

Buzzsprout is one of the best podcast hosting platforms for beginners and professionals as well because it has a well-designed dashboard and easier to use interface. It is a highly trusted platform and has a vast community of 1 million+ podcasters worldwide. Therefore, it comes first on our list. Further, they offer magic mastering to make your sound perfect and affiliate marketing plugins to earn money for your Buzzsprout website.

● Video Soundbites:

Video Soundbites is a fantastic feature that lets you build a video trailer based on your audio. You can use different tools like Wavve or Headliner for this purpose, and the good news is that Buzzsprout includes these tools in the hosting package. 

● Advertisement and Affiliate Marketing:

Advertisement and affiliate marketing help you generate significant revenue on Buzzsprout. It provides dynamic ads features to include relevant ads at the beginning and the end of your audio. It also allows you to earn as an affiliate on your Buzzsprout website.

● Easy Content Publishing:

It only demands you to upload your audio file on Buzzsprout and lets it handle the rest. It will automatically submit your content on Apple, Google, and other platforms to make it accessible on any laptop or mobile. Further, it will also help you schedule your content.


Buzzsprout offers you different hosting options depending on the length of audio.

Free trial          2 hours storage each month

$12/month       3 hours storage each month

$18/month       6 hours storage each month

$24/month       12 hours storage each month


  • Free 90 days trial
  • High-quality audio (192k stereo)
  • Marketing plugins
  • Automatic Audio optimization


  • Bandwidth limit up to 250 GB per month

2.  Spreaker

Spreaker not only provides you with podcast hosting but also enables you to create impactful content effortlessly. It is one of the best options for starters because it is affordable and assists in content creation, monetization, and distribution. It grants a perfect balance between power and simplicity, and offers you advanced features like embedded players, insightful analytics, one-click distribution, and easy-to-transfer services at a very reasonable cost.

●  Spreaker Studio:

It allows you to record and edit files inside the app using Spreaker Studio. It also offers you live streaming services if you want to host an interview or engage the audience in a live session. You can also upload pre-recorded videos on Spreaker.

●  Social Media Integration:

Its collaboration with famous social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others helps you share your podcast on these platforms easily. This sharing option can help you to engage more audiences and increase your discoverability.

● Easy Podcast Hosting Transfer: 

RSS feed importer assists you in easy transfer to Spreaker from other podcast hosting services. It will migrate all your data on Spreaker in no time and support you in customizing playlists according to Spreaker features.


Free plan         5 hours audio storage each month

$6/month         100 hours audio storage each month

$18/month       500 hours audio storage each month

$45/month       1,500 hours audio storage each month


  • Intuitive interface
  • Advanced analytics option
  • Customizable RSS feed
  • Unlimited Free Version


  • Statistics are provided depending on the plan

3.  Transistor

Transistor is one of the best podcast hosting platforms that offers you unlimited plans depending on the hours of audio you want to upload. It also gives you analytic reports about each audio regardless of the hosting plan you wish to choose. Furthermore, your podcast will be available on iTunes, Spotify, Overcast, and other famous directories for more reach. 

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● Built-in Podcast Website:

If you don’t own a website, Transistor will give you a website to promote your podcast and attract organic traffic through SEO. You can create and customize subscribe, about page, and episode page on this free website. Besides, it provides a built-in audio player for the site to listen to content with one click.

● Multiple, Private, and Public Podcast:

It allows you to set up as many podcasts as you want in one membership. Besides, it empowers you to make public and private podcasts depending on your business needs. For example, if your podcast is for a private organization, you can utilize the private podcasting option for privacy.

Customer support:

Transistor is very easy to use and provides you best customer support in case of any difficulty. You can easily find an answer to any problem in FAQs and docs. However, if your issue is not discussed there, you can contact customer care via the in-app widget and get a solution in less than 30 minutes. 


$6/month         unlimited hours with 15,000 downloads each month

$18/month       unlimited hours with 75,000 downloads each month and five logins

$45/month       unlimited hours with 150,000 downloads each month and ten logins


  • Handle unlimited shows
  • Multiple logins
  • Analytics for everyone
  • Private podcasting option


  • Relatively expensive

4.  PodBean

PodBean is an excellent option for beginners as it offers many podcast templates and let you choose the layout for your podcast. Further, it presents multiple monetization options to generate good revenue at the end of the month. It also provides you with a video option if you buy an unlimited plus or business plan.

● Free Website Builder:

PodBean provides you with web builder support, keeping in view the importance of a website in any business and podcast promotion. So, if you are new to the podcast and don’t afford to buy a website, PodBean can be a trouble-free hosting for you.

● SEO Support:

PodBean permits the users to drive organic traffic to their podcast using search engine optimization (SEO). Therefore, it is a more helpful platform for podcasters to attract listeners and build a vast community.

● Monetization and Advertisement:

It assists you in generating considerable revenue using Ad monetization or by creating premium content. Additionally, it also allows you to embed dynamic ads that can help you earn forever compared to traditional ad services.


Free plan         5 hours storage each month

$9/month         unlimited storage and unmetered bandwidth

$29/month       unlimited storage with video uploading option

$99/month       unlimited storage with video support and live chat


  • Beginner-friendly
  • Powerful monetization option
  • Website Integration and SEO support
  • Unlimited free version


  • Limited refund period

5.  Simplecast

Simplecast is equally famous among beginners and experienced podcasters because of its advanced features at a very reasonable price. This platform has been ruling the podcast industry since 2014, and well-known brands like Kickstarter, Facebook, Nike, and HBO are using this platform for their podcasting activities.

● Unique Listener Feature:

1n 2019, Simplecast introduced a unique listener feature that will tell you the number of downloads from different devices. It will show you a more accurate picture of your audience and prevent you from false figures. 

● Multiple Web Players:

Simplecast provides you multiple web players to embed to your social media page or website to run audio with one click. You can also access this feature on your personal website and customize its color to attract visitors.

● Social Media Sharing:

It uses a tool called “Recast” that lets you share audio clips of the podcast on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Recast also permits you to add custom artworks, eye-catchy images, and coloring frames behind your audio track to attract more followers.


$15/month       unlimited storage with two team members’ seats

$35/month       unlimited storage with four team members’ seats

$85/month       unlimited storage with nine team members’ seats


  • Unlimited storage
  • Unique listener statistics
  • Engaging social media sharing
  • Multiple user access level


  • No free tier available

6.  Captivate

Captivate is a unique podcast hosting service that helps you grow your audience via lead generation and email marketing. Further, its collaboration with International Advertising Bureau (IAB) enables you to generate healthy revenue from your podcast. Its pricing is based on the number of downloads per month that saves a lot of your precious money.

● Call to Action Links:

Captivate provides a website to every user and embeds ready-made call-to-action links to encourage listeners to share and subscribe to your podcast channel. Moreover, these call-to-action links also force users to sign up for your mailing list.

● Email Retargeting:

It is one of the latest features of this platform that you can collect emails from the newsletter. Once you have all the emails, you can retarget these users via mail in the future for the promotion of your podcast.

● Unlimited Team Members:

If you are collaborating with other people for your podcast, Captivate is the best option for you as it allows you to add unlimited members to your account and assign them different roles. Furthermore, you can also create a bio of each member in Captivate.


$17/month       unlimited storage with 12,000 downloads each month

$44/month       unlimited storage with 60,000 downloads each month

$90/month       unlimited storage with 150,000 downloads each month


  • Public and private podcasting
  • Unlimited podcast
  • Email retargeting
  • Easy Collaboration options


  • Include stats for individual episodes only

7.  Castos

Castos is a well-designed plugin for WordPress that helps you build, grow and monetize your show on any WP website. Therefore, it is the best option for you if you already own a WordPress website. Further, it assists you in podcasting and arranges audio engineers and experts for consultation and help.

● Podcast Transcription:

Castos allow you to add transcription to your audio and expand your business through search engine optimization. This costs an additional 10 cents for each minute of audio.

● Multiple Podcasts:

It doesn’t require you to build a separate account for each podcast and permit you to manage multiple podcasts within a single account. This feature can be great for you if you are running many shows at a time. Further, it also offers a private podcast option for privacy.

● WordPress Integration:

Castos’ features are incomplete without WordPress. It has a plugin called “Seriously Simple Podcasting” that helps the podcasters control everything from the WordPress dashboard. This plugin is a great way to drive traffic to your website via podcasting.

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$190/year        unlimited podcasts and download limit

$490/year        unlimited podcasts with YouTube republishing option 

$990/year        unlimited podcasts with video file hosting


  • Unlimited podcasts and episodes
  • Audio transcription and SEO
  • Customizable Web player
  • Unlimited storage and bandwidth


  • Limited Customization

8.  Blubrry

Blubrry is an excellent hosting option for managing podcasts from the WordPress website and provides advanced social media sharing options to promote your content. All its plans offer unlimited bandwidth, optimized RSS feed, and insightful statistics. Moreover, it is very flexible and keeps you at peace even if you slightly exceed your storage limit.

● Podcast Production Service:

Blubrry has an exceptional podcast production service that enables you to focus on your content and let them handle the rest. They understand the tone people want to listen to and edit your sound in such a way to attract more listeners.

● Technical Support:

They aim to provide fantastic user support to the customers in case of any hosting or billing inquiries. Their support process is straightforward, and you can contact them on the phone, email, or documentation for your ease.

● PowerPress:

PowerPress is an awesome feature of this hosting that allows you to share your podcast to any WordPress website quickly. This robust plugin provides multiple RSS feeds and many other helpful tools to work efficiently.


$12/month       100 MB storage

$20/month       250 MB storage

$40/month       500 MB storage

$80/month       1,000 MB storage

Professional     Unlimited Storage


  • Private and public podcasting
  • Manageable through WordPress
  • Powerful insight option
  • 15 years of trust


  • No free tier available

9.  Libsyn

Libsyn is one of the oldest and trusted podcast hosting services with almost 18 Million+ users. They own a smartphone app for mobile phone users and gives you premium tools to build an eye-catchy and engaging web page. Further, its RSS feed is compatible with Apple iTunes that makes it superior among competitors.

● Your Personal Podcast App:

You will get your personal app with Libsyn that will be available on IOS and android app stores. All you need is to pay an additional $20 to create your app, and your content will be discoverable through an app on millions of mobile phones globally.

● Podcast Website Player:

It allows you to set a media player on your website so that users can access your content with one click. Its media player includes cover art and a subscribe button to attach followers to your content. Do not worry! If you don’t own a website. Libsyn will automatically set up a default webpage for you with an embedded media player.

● Sponsorship and Dynamic Ads:

Libsyn empower you to sponsor your podcast by approaching companies directly for their product advertisement. However, it also hooks you with different advertisers if your podcast gets more than 5000 downloads in a month. 


$5/month         100 MB storage

$15/month       250 MB storage

$20/month       400 MB storage

$40/month       800 MB storage


  • Personal IOS/Android App setup
  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Greater Audience Reach
  • RSS link Generation


  • Not 100% self-explanatory

10. SoundCloud

SoundCloud is not only a podcast hosting platform, it is also a popular streaming app with more than 175 Million Listeners. Therefore, it is one of the best hosting to start your podcast career and build your community. Further, its embedded audio player authorizes you to share your content on a personal website and social media platforms. It also allows listeners to attach comments to any part of the audio to feedback the podcaster.

● Streaming Audio platform:

SoundCloud is a streaming audio platform that is its most significant edge over other podcast hosting services. It is a great app to interact with users via albums, tracks, and audio episodes. Therefore, when it comes to podcasts and music both, it is the best host to start.

● Unlimited Free Tier:

You can upload your audios, podcasts, and music on SoundCloud free. However, there are several limitations with a free plan. Nevertheless, it is still the best platform to start if you lack budget initially.

● Dedicated App:

How do you show your podcast to the audience? In our opinion, streaming services and apps are the best option. SoundCloud owns both these features, and therefore, there is a massive opportunity for you to interact with an enormous audience worldwide via SoundCloud.


Free plan         3 hours upload time monthly

$30/year          6 hours upload time monthly

$90/year          unlimited upload time with monetization


  • Dedicated Community
  • App and Streaming edge
  • Embedded audio players
  • Unlimited Free tier


  • No monthly package

11. Anchor

Anchor is a mobile podcasting platform that is specially designed for mobile users. It provides you easy access to record, build, and publish an episode through mobile and make money as your audience grows. It will also do all your editing and hosting via the phone app. Therefore, you just need an idea, a microphone, and a mobile to start podcasting on this forum today.

● Automated Distribution:

It is the beauty of Anchor that it automatically distributes your content on all podcasting search engines. You just need to upload your audio in one place and let them do the rest of the work. Therefore, it is straightforward for the publishing and distribution of content.

● Audio Ad recording:

With Anchor, you can record Ads in your voice and adjust at an appropriate place in your podcast. You will be paid depending on the number of downloads. Although, its monetization pricing is low. It also provides an option for users to donate podcasters.

● In-built Recording Tools:

It allows you to capture audio from mobile, tablet, or laptop with a powerful in-built recording tool and synchronize them across all the devices. Simply record your podcast, arrange segments, and add transitions. Boom! Your podcast is done.


Anchor is 100% free for every user.


  • Recording and editing within the app
  • Simple stats
  • One-click distribution
  • Completely Free


  • Does not provide video hosting

Podcast hosting platform selection is a critical decision for your podcast career. Therefore, you should research to find the best podcast hosting platforms. Above are our 11 best platforms to host a podcast along with their features, pricing, pros, and cons so you can pick the right one for you today!

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