Artificial vs Real Flowers for Wedding

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 When it comes to weddings, I hear people say they can’t use artificial flowers for wedding because they look cheap. Gone are the days when artificial flowers looked cheap and fake, nowadays you can’t tell artificial flowers apart from fresh flowers.

If you have been trying to make a choice between using real flowers or artificial flowers for the wedding, here are reasons to choose artificial flowers over fresh flowers for your wedding.

1. Availability

With artificial flowers you don’t have to worry if your favorite flower will be available for the wedding. Faux flowers are always available all year round so this gives you the freedom to choose whatever flowers you want for the wedding without worrying about the flower’s seasonality or paying more for the flower because it’s not in season.

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 2. Colors

Who said baby’s breath can only be white, yellow or pink? With artificial flowers you can match your wedding bouquet to your wedding colors.

Unlike fresh flowers, faux flowers come in a variety of colors and shades which gives you the ability to match flower colors with your wedding color scheme and you can also mix different shades of the same flower together to give unique wedding flower arrangements.

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3. Durability

Unlike fresh flowers that will wilt and die almost immediately after the wedding except they are preserved(they can wilt before the end of the event and the preservation process starts especially in hot weather), artificial flowers last forever without any form of preservation.

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This makes it easy to keep your wedding bouquet as a memento. You can also use the bouquet and other artificial flower arrangements you used at the wedding as decorations in your home, gift to friends and family or store the flowers and use them for other events.

4. Allergen Free

If the bride, groom or any member of the bridal party is allergic to fresh flowers, then you should totally go for artificial flowers. This way you will still get to have beautiful flowers at the wedding without having to worry about your or their allergy acting up.

5. Easy to Transport for Destination Weddings

Artificial flowers are great for destination weddings especially if you are having your wedding at a destination where it’s scarce to find the wedding flowers you have chosen or you just can’t seem to find a florist you can work with.

Artificial flowers are pretty lightweight and do not require special conditions for storing them so you can easily box them and travel with them. You can unpack and have set it up for the wedding, then box them again after the wedding and have it ready for transportation back to your home.

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